Top 100 Poquoson, Virginia home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Poquoson, Virginia in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 224 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $313,000 in Poquoson.

Top 100 home sales in Poquoson for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Stephen R. and Debra A. Belin18 Twin Creek Road$850,000
David C. III and Courtney W. Spence121 White House Drive$825,000
Bruce W Schwenneker and ; Cynthia A. Amp (trustees)3 Lyons Creek Drive$750,000
In Suk Fondacaro11 Merritt Drive$662,000
Beana V Insley106 Merritt Drive$662,000
Joseph G. Cofer (and wife)8 Evans Circle$650,000
Ignacio T. and Barbara S. Cruz103 Merritt Drive$650,000
Andrew J. Verderame (and wife)9 Weston Drive$620,000
Richard L. and Jennifer K. Darnell127 Laydon Way$612,000
Kevin and Shelby Mingee34 Ferguson St.$605,000
Joshua and Ashley Palochak216 Darden Drive$599,900
Arturo R Medina Jr. and Janet L Medina60 Browns Neck Road$569,900
Daniel K. and Katherine L. Litton12 Canal Drive$565,000
Michael G. Rider (and wife)236 Beach Road$564,900
Barry Lewis Simon (and wife)204 Darden Drive$560,000
Robert M. Clark3 Weston Drive$560,000
Robert J. Gorton (and wife)247 Hunts Neck Road$559,000
Diane Austin and Tiffany A. Cox119 Laydon Way$545,000
Daphney L. and MacEy Manor1 Liddle Lane$540,000
Stephen Scott Cooper256 Cedar Road$538,500
Brandon A. Zuercher (and wife)198 Odd Road$535,000
David F. Chappell (and wife)154 Pasture Road$525,000
Frances E. O'Donohue120 Freemoor Drive$519,900
Donna A. McCulloch and Edward Shahin1 Rogers Lane$517,000
Robert Fowler (and wife)2 Insley Circle$510,000
James S. Merchant (and wife)3 Watkins Circle$502,500
Dana M Bowen103 Sir Ralph Lane$500,000
Christin M. and Chad E. Kizer12 Willis Court$500,000
Charles F. Kimsey and ;Patricia E. Amp (trustees)16 Lakeview Drive$500,000
Way Hubert A. (and wife)14 Merritt Drive$494,400
Morgan B. Sullins86 Forrest Road$492,500
Michael H. Troutman (and wife)23 Ferguson St.$483,000
Jerry Hall275 Hunts Neck Road$474,500
John P. Ranellone and ; Kathryn A. Amp (trustees)8 Merritt Drive$474,000
Kenneth and Lisa Drefke42 Wornom Farm Road$471,000
Audrey and Craig Hammond40 Browns Neck Road$470,000
Wallace L. Nolker and ; Tonita J. Amp (trustees)10 Wornom Farm Road$470,000
David C. Spence III (and wife)24 Woodland Road$470,000
Allen R. Graham (and wife)2 Thomas Drive$470,000
Erin Nance Kyer (and others)111 Laydon Way$455,000
Maria Alejanda and Geoffery Goretskie5 Trotters Bridge Drive$454,900
Carey L Freeman and J Dunham Dana27 Riverview Drive$450,000
Christopher C. and Bridget C. Johnson11 Cherokee Drive$449,900
Edward Goodwin Wilson Jr.788 Yorktown Road$445,000
Katherine M. and Trent C. Amerson2 Hollingsworth Way$444,000
Danny K. and Jessica A. Ingram2 High Cedar Way$441,000
Blake and Brittany Engleka3 Lakeview Drive$440,000
Louis E. III and Kinsely A. Kervella251 Cedar Road$439,900
Medina Carlos Jose Torres-87 Browns Neck Road$439,000
Neal A. and Susan A. Lineberry101 Court Deayllon$435,000
Chow D. Wong (and others)3 Sandy Point Road$430,000
Matthew J. Hermansky (and others)1 Volunteer Trail$425,000
Roy M. Ingram1089 Poquoson Ave.$425,000
James D. Sorrell and Dale L G.7 Canal Drive$424,900
Jay B. Kawalkiewicz (trustee)29 Woodland Road$421,500
Alexandre V. and Teresa M. Miakinine28 Trottwood Drive$419,900
Matthew Lancour April Joy Lancour3 Curson Court$419,000
Stanley J. and Sandra M. Davoy192 Odd Road$415,000
William T. Jones25 Carriage Hill Drive$410,000
Joshua Lee (and wife)8 Gay Lynn D$410,000
Randy Bliss90 Hudgins Road$410,000
Dana J. Dunham (trustee)10 Lakeview Drive$410,000
Albert S. Banton Jr. and Katherine B. Banton6 Oakmoore Drive$395,000
Bryan D Cole155 Odd Road$395,000
Christina L Haymes16 Hunts Neck Road$393,000
John S. Forrest Jr. and Christina W Forrest20 Windy Point Drive$390,000
June M Manning1085 Poquoson Ave.$387,000
Chase D. and Karen Whaley6 Curson Court$385,000
James R. Scott219 Little Florida Road$381,000
Lucas P. Appleby (and wife)18 Sandy Point Road$380,000
Duane J. Hawley (trustee)195 Little Florida Road$375,000
Lorraine M. Medows (trustees)26 Robert Bruce Road$370,000
Kyle O. Davis (and wife)18 Thomas Drive$368,000
Glenn Shaw (and others)4 Lyons Creek Drive$365,000
Herbert Benjamin and Herbert Megan5 Forrest Road$365,000
Thomas R. Jami B. Diggs III and Beverly Pressley4 Deveron Drive$365,000
Nathan Magnusen (and wife)66 Rens Road$362,500
Kristy and Robert A. Ehrlich10 Rue Del. Grasse$360,000
Victor E Snyder10 Saunders Drive$360,000
Ryan Stuart Boone Kirsten Claiborne Boone1 Emory Place$360,000
Judith L Buffington722 Yorktown Road$360,000
Robert L. Ruehl Jr. (trustees)193 Little Florida Road$360,000
Christopher J. Millette Kimberly R. Millette320 Powhatan Drive$357,970
Michael C. Territo36 Pasture Road$355,000
James Howser Crystal Greene6 Willis Court$355,000
Robert B. and Aimee B. Halpin17 Floyd Ave.$355,000
Jeffery and Hannah K. Boettner12 Floyd Ave.$353,000
Federal National Mortgage Association12 Hunt Wood Drive$346,490
Tyson W Aukamp Leann F Aukamp18 Hunts Neck Road$345,000
Mark Jennifer Lee (and husband)26 Thomas Drive$345,000
Robert L. Calloway (and others)1127 Poquoson Ave.$345,000
Eric and Rachel Strum11 Hunt Wood Drive$342,500
Gary K. Libby (and wife)1102 Poquoson Ave.$340,000
David R. and Mayra Dyke1258 Poquoson Ave.$340,000
Judith G Stewart6 Twin Creek Road$335,000
Sally R. Eilerman34 Bayview Drive$335,000
Daniel John Jennings and Laura Leigh31 Pasture Road$331,000
Michael W. and Georgie A. Burton1 Ruth Drive$330,000
Colby and Brooke Hobgood90 Lodge Road$329,000
Amy B. Corbett116 Darden Drive$326,000

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