Top 50 Cherry Valley, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Cherry Valley, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 96 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $149,000 in Cherry Valley.

Top 50 home sales in Cherry Valley for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Ahmed Alattar and Zaya Alqaisi4238 Barley Ridge Trail$275,000
Karl L Erickson and Mack Walter J.6771 Hartwig Drive$262,500
Christopher J. Felde4815 Lindbloom Lane$261,500
Jillian Torre and Mitchell Lee Myers6549 Penguin Circle$250,000
Alan J. and Laura M. Rittgarn3275 Old Nursery Way$247,500
Britny Stepp1265 Griggs Road$240,000
Cheri Smith4661 Chandan Woods Drive$232,000
Nicholas E. and Morgan H. Bauch7086 Moss Canyon Road$230,000
Christopher B. Plummer3422 Lauren Lane$225,000
Stephen D. and Kay M. Renner Ehlers6734 Hedgewood Road$220,000
Ilyas and Arjumand Nomani1119 Ingram Road$218,000
Daniel J. Monaco8890 Putter Place$215,000
Carl M. and Kristine R. Adrignola4702 Lindbloom Lane$210,000
Carlos and Katelin Serna5596 Heatherwood Lane$209,000
Matthew D. and Emily K. Potocki8817 Birdie Bend$200,000
Susan J. McKnight (trust) and Susan J. McKnight (trustee)7369 Moss Canyon Road$199,900
Karen and Michael Kiesling3360 Twin Ridge Lane$199,900
Adel S Ahmed4711 Appell Lane$195,000
Jeffrey B Cortese413 Genoa St.$194,000
Paul Lauff8892 Birdie Bend$188,000
David B. and Claudia M. Van Delinder7167 Rye Ridge Trail$187,000
Haron Marquez2156 Ivanelle Road$185,000
Gregory Basil Umhoefer, Umhoefer Angela Marie McKee and Angela Marie MC KEE Umhoefer3843 Swordfish Drive$185,000
Gregory M Kohlman3708 Mill Road$185,000
Toni Holmes7190 Moss Canyon Road$185,000
Alex Rodarte3711 Golden Prairie Ave.$183,500
Moreno Maria Guadalupe and Salvador Garcia3011 Swanson Parkway$178,000
Randall P. and Gae Bauer7273 Cornflower Road$176,000
Kasim Ahmed2922 Swanson Parkway$175,500
Luke T. Appell313 Genoa St.$175,000
John E. and Laurie A. Rich3721 Cutty Sark Road$175,000
Kabria Oneis Jefferson2820 Panorama Drive$175,000
Garcia Ramiro Sanchez and Jasmine Melin Rose3374 Shelburne Drive$175,000
Dylan Nimmer4647 Dellview Drive$175,000
Yessica Pita2863 Swanson Parkway$169,900
Roger G. and Rebecca A. Lichty2801 Kentwood Parkway$168,000
Marcy N Ferone3568 Golden Prairie Ave.$168,000
MacIas Jose Martinez and Jose Martinez MacIas3371 Shelburne Drive$167,500
Ricardo Patino6122 Conner Lane$167,000
Juan and Jeanette Villanueva2424 Lund Ave.$166,000
Saul Ostiguin3459 Valley Woods Drive$159,900
Ann Skurkis4274 Antelope Drive$159,900
Jamie K Benson5789 Heidi Drive$158,000
Calvin L. Malone6749 Hedgewood Road$157,500
Miguel Bahena and Colleen Zambello6370 42nd St.$157,000
Cheryl Danielle Bell6211 Penguin Drive$154,900
Dalton E Herbig3281 Cavendish Drive$152,000
Jose A. Rodriguez Galvez3768 Capron Drive$150,000
Jean L. Moore7346 Farmhome Lane$148,000
Timina and Joseph Mott7339 Gloria Court$147,000

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