Top 100 Galesburg, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Galesburg, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 566 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $66,000 in Galesburg.

Top 100 home sales in Galesburg for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Daniel and Laura Endthoff438 West Point Drive$435,000
William T. and Ann K. Church155 Angling Road$375,000
Benedict Developers LLC1167 Monmouth Blvd.$345,000
Jennifer Elise Schmidt502 Hillbrook Estate$340,500
Paul J. and Kristin N. Polillo1988 Patterson Drive$330,000
John H. and Judy R. Schlaf442 West Point Drive$300,000
Scott R. and Melany S. Baldwin8 Ottawa Trail$285,000
John P. Shea and Sharon J Louderman2172 Christopher Drive$255,000
Craig J. and Keena P. Wilson1591 Prairie St.$250,000
David Jeff Bryant II113 Losey St.$248,000
Sara L. Wood176 Seminole Drive$246,500
Andrea L Kalb138 Seminole Drive$242,000
Nicole Sopko1939 Lake Storey Road$238,000
Jonas J Etzel and Kelly D Adams2079 Knox Road$220,000
Jennifer R Rutledge and Julie A. Cooper3314 Lakeside Court$220,000
Micah L. and Sara Y. Witherell50 Hiawatha Lane$219,000
Nancy J. Hall and S. Hall and Nancy J. Hall Steven (declaration of trust)1032 West Shore Drive$215,000
Christopher C. Henry2698 Parkway Court$215,000
Arthur James Pitsonbarger Sr.1592 Broad St.$215,000
Luz A. Esquivel and Esquivel Felicia Ann Freedom171 Potawatomi Road$215,000
John C. and Pamela K. Lee2130 Christopher Drive$212,000
Josh and Ashley Seifert3108 Winchester Circle$206,000
Dustin A. and Ashley D. Evans297 Park Lane Drive$205,000
Tept (trust)3079 Whitehaven Circle$204,000
Martin K. McNamara1561 Prairie St.$200,000
Mark S. and Taylor J. Cratty3104 Whitehaven Circle$195,000
Anthony and Jovanie Wallace1088 Paradise Acres$193,000
Mary L. Kenney1691 Academy St.$193,000
Jamar Range1470 Cherry St.$188,500
Michael E. and Lillian A. Jordan398 Knollcrest Drive$187,500
Andrew W. and Tessa Pacheco2874 Lincoln Park Drive$185,000
Wade L. and Wendy H. Ellerman1611 Cherry St.$185,000
Karen L Cates1476 Prairie St.$179,000
Abby L. and Matthew James Wiles511 Cherry St.$177,500
Daniel Paul and Renae Lynn Earnhart1156 Russell Ave.$176,000
Juliuse and Simone Sargent418 Marmac Drive$175,000
Fred K. Andrews Sr. and Joyce E. Andrews481 Scotch Elm Lane$175,000
Mark R. Wilson3110 Whitehaven Circle$170,000
Diane L Jacobs1143 Canterbury Court$170,000
Jonathan Simkins1676 Broad St.$168,000
Ryan S. Roberts2016 Cornelia Court$167,500
David and Diana M. Jenkins2990 Parkway Court$165,000
Karen R. and William C. Robinson60 Hackberry Circle$165,000
Harley T. and Devin N. McGarry2096 Losey St.$163,000
Andrew M. Bauer and Valerie A. Deisinger486 Prairie St.$162,500
Jacqueline G McGruder367 Marmac Drive$162,000
Dylan H. and Demi L. Johnson34 Knox Highway$160,000
Maria E. Banderas and Martha I. Santoyo650 Kenwick Drive$160,000
Joseph M. and Brita Wilson515 Hackberry Road$160,000
Kenneth E. and Mariana K. Schrader1045 Mayberry Lane$160,000
Christopher A. and Abigail E. Ebener1902 Broad St.$159,000
Dillard L Crawford1126 Windcrest Acres$157,000
James W. and Jessica L. Brodt1130 Broad St.$157,000
Bonnie L. Riggins1122 Woodbine Circle$156,500
Ryan T. and Olesia A. Hubrich1715 Kellogg St.$154,500
Nathaniel A. and Carey A. Feltmeyer2197 Catherine St.$153,500
Don C Damitz483 Kings Canyon Blvd.$152,500
Seth E. and Natalie J. Clark1137 Windcrest Acres$150,000
William Dean Peterson II1720 Bluebird Drive$150,000
John B. and Sarah B. Shelly1521 Academy St.$150,000
Anita L Sells1231 Parkview Circle$150,000
Travis X. and Ashley R. Hanson1565 Redbud Lane$150,000
Margaret A. Riggens1026 Mayberry Lane$150,000
Alejandro A. Lozano and Victoria D. Varnold829 Jefferson St.$150,000
Steve J. and Tammy L. Hoenig755 Oak St.$150,000
Ryan J. Parkhurst and Brent L Norcross1009 Northwood Drive$149,000
Luke R. and Valerie K. Piarowski1118 Windcrest Acres$148,500
Katherine L. Redington1076 Cherry St.$148,000
Jeffrey L. and Nicole E. Gengenbach1045 Tamarind Drive$146,500
Robert C. and Cynthia A. Hanning1264 Pine Tree Lane$146,000
Tiera Lynn Stone and Douglas Andrew Hendricks431 Oakwood Drive$145,000
Nicholas E. and Corine M. Elliott1018 Woodbine Circle$145,000
Joseph S. and Megan E. McQueen537 Broad St.$145,000
Eric and Kristen Grear1691 Monroe St.$144,000
David G. Kisler1285 Prairie St.$144,000
John M. and Kimberley A. Diipla1566 Woodbine Circle$143,500
Blaine Mullhatten1060 Woodbine Circle$142,500
Jamie M Taylor900 Lawrence Ave.$142,000
Jonathan W. Bradburn and Betty A. Corder284 Westport Road$140,000
Russell R. and Stephanie D. Ruey949 Sunset View Drive$140,000
David L. and Robin K. Schmutz1484 Academy St.$140,000
John Haslem Jr.750 Academy St.$140,000
Sandra J Williamson1022 Woodbine Circle$139,000
Mythoa T Nguyen808 Lawrence Ave.$138,500
Lindsay M Jameson1010 Woodbine Circle$138,000
Jeffrey R. and Marissa E. Meyer471 Bandy Ave.$138,000
Kenneth R. and Donna M. Larson147 Sunnyview Drive$136,500
Robert W. and Stephanie R. Nixon458 Knollcrest Drive$135,000
Timothy R. and Susan B. Brown536 Dayton St.$135,000
Jacob A. Taylor1457 Bridge Ave.$134,000
Linda R Schulthes520 Dayton St.$133,000
Danielle and David Blackett1694 Bluebird Drive$132,500
James L. and Jennifer S. Nelson1062 Paradise Acres$130,500
Jospeh A. and Meagan E. Deblieck80 Circle Drive$130,000
Richard and Vickie Darmer30 Circle Drive$130,000
Christopher R. and Sara Houk and Marcella K Shaner1546 Redbud Lane$130,000
Tom E. and Linda J. Mooty523 Kings Canyon Blvd.$130,000
Steven G. and Melanie L. Hevland1662 Hula Drive$130,000
Danny G Scott19 Circle Drive$129,000
Fnu Tudandawa and Chunrong Zhao1271 Broad St.$129,000

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