Top 50 Knoxville, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Knoxville, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 61 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $90,000 in Knoxville.

Top 50 home sales in Knoxville for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Ryne K. and Bethany L. Sage201 Galesburg Road$190,000
Brock L. and Jessica Pease102 Bayard Ave.$180,000
Paul E. and Sue Rose McClain and McClain Sue Rose112 Broad Ave.$161,500
Hilary D Davidson704 Walnut St.$140,000
Dean and Laura Lane609 Broad St.$138,000
Jacob B. Riggs510 Market St.$130,000
Tanner J Barker65 Lincoln St.$130,000
Ashlie R Lopez226 Sunnyview Ave.$130,000
Brenda M. and Joshua R. Secrist781 Market St.$130,000
Eric D. and Ashley A. Logan793 Broad St.$130,000
Travis P Thomas109 Henderson Road$128,000
Jonathan P. and Corrina Burrell112 Broad St.$127,000
Dawn R Brown104 Sanburn St.$125,000
Gregory K. and Donna L. Powers604 Prairie St.$125,000
Brenda L Greenawalt244 Westview Drive$125,000
Brady A. Ralston108 Depot St.$123,500
Katie L. Hennenfent502 Line St.$121,000
Joseph E Juergens and Hannah E. Bryan516 South St.$119,000
Ty Michael Howard755 Prairieview Road$118,000
Cartus Financial Corp.713 Pleasant Drive$112,500
Candice Conley713 Pleasant Drive$112,500
Randall H. and Dana L. Johnson203 Main St.$110,000
Alexis R. Staples and Alex Satunas523 South St.$110,000
Kenneth J. and Debra A. Walker505 Main St.$107,500
Nathaniel D. Reed776 Prairieview Road$107,500
Jane E. Herring114 Prairie Court$106,000
Jeffrey R Flater218 Westview Drive$105,000
Melissa J Young521 Mill St.$97,000
Ricky Delacruz and Kelly Brooks169 Westview Drive$92,000
Alex M. Orten and Kali A. White723 Ann St.$90,000
Trevor J Myers116 Northview Drive$90,000
Morgan E. Gerstenberger769 U.S. Highway$88,500
Taci Jean Kinne514 South St.$86,000
Gary G Anderson III800 Market St.$86,000
Mason M Norris and Cheryl S Wells104 Mill St.$82,000
Dori Finley and Patrick Sundquist607 Glenway Ave.$80,000
Zachary William Hull614 Market St.$79,000
L. Gerstenberger Steven (trust)769 U.S. Highway$78,500
Sebastian M Schwabe211 Market St.$78,000
Jagger Johnson517 Newman St.$78,000
Michelle L Trembly798 Broad St.$77,500
Rick E. and Lisa A. Reed709 North St.$76,000
Troy R Bird305 Walnut St.$69,000
Caleb Erik Cruise910 North St.$65,000
Clinton W. and Kaily Rene Hensley101 Pleasant St.$65,000
Chad E Clevenger203 Market St.$63,000
Donald M. Bybee100 Line St.$60,000
Jennifer R Oliveros280 Ontario St.$58,000
Ronald Martin Earp516 South St.$53,500
Eric C Liniger1001 Main St.$47,000

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