Top 100 Pekin, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Pekin, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 611 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $95,000 in Pekin.

Top 100 home sales in Pekin for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Kari and Nicholas Leitze15836 Red Shale Hill Road$509,000
Anitra J. and Steven E. Runyon16410 Furrow Road$459,824
Andrew and Melissa Joesting1808 Winged Foot Drive$409,900
Jeffery E. and Leslie E. Norman3644 Eagle Bend$397,000
Corey W. and Kari M. Schaer1716 Winged Foot Drive$386,000
Trevor Fennell and Fennell Bridget J Peterson1905 Alameda Court$384,000
Peter H. Bacon1800 Gingoteague Way$374,900
Vashawn Young150 California Road$370,000
Kristina M. and Michael G. Carlson1704 Winged Foot Drive$364,000
Melanie D. and Trey M. Tennell17350 Red Shale Hill Road$363,000
Rosanna Paiz1624 Nighthawk Court$360,000
Amanda and Joshua Geltz18161 Red Shale Hill Road$350,000
James A. and Kathryn J. Bynum3724 Grandview Court$338,900
Amy R. and Anthony D. Martin3113 Kacy Drive$322,500
Karen and William Clementz208 Dogwood Lane$315,000
Brenda H. and Gerald A. Davis1324 Velde Drive$297,400
Deborah L. and Rex A. Montgomery and Roland F. Reed2815 Black Oak Drive$290,000
Kyle and Nicole Gorden2109 Mariana Drive$285,000
Roy Beckham and Melissa Lard509 Buckhaven St.$280,000
Laverne A. Cochran (trust)3507 Cattail Cove$280,000
Mike Schlitt209 Ironwood Drive$275,000
Ashley A. and Barry M. Neal1808 Gingoteague Way$275,000
Kjhs Family Trust and Karen Jill Seime2200 Sheridan Road$274,900
Mark S. Denning and Penny E Underhill1716 Fawnridge Lane$269,000
Benjamin and Manda Brown1435 California Road$265,500
Richard W. and Tammy Smith9 Country Club Court A$265,000
Ashley M. Wiand2769 Fifth St.$265,000
Joey and Kristina Nizzia2 Osprey Court$262,000
Bryan and Megan Steger8 Prestwick Drive$262,000
Gina M. and Jeffery G. Perry1501 Hardt Court$258,000
Todd Uhlman27 Cape Court$256,900
Jennifer J Meyer and William R. Meyer Jr.17450 Red Shale Hill Road$250,000
Deborah and Richard Simon1715 Vista Grande Drive$249,000
Brandi and John Cordova2001 Highwood Ave.$247,500
Michelle and Steven Haulk1109 Audubon Drive$244,900
Bgrs Relocation Inc.1709 Whitetail Lane$241,000
Sara J. and Winfred Ray Richardson3 Winged Foot Drive$240,000
John and Mary Jo Sarff1712 Whitetail Lane$239,900
Nicholas D. Copeland1819 Meadow Lane$239,000
Kevin Hayes1912 Dane Kelsey Drive$238,000
Falynn M. and Joshua C. Bailliez16506 Springfield Road$237,500
Cathy L Speerly14 Cypress Point$237,500
Cynthia and Franklin Thousand2410 Montecello Road$233,500
Kyle A. and Stephanie M. Rindfleisch2409 Montecello Court$233,000
Dale and Sara Jane Golden1709 Whitetail Lane$232,000
Jonathan Rdzak and Andrea Whitton715 Arlann Drive$230,000
Angie and Nick Berry1825 Valencia Place$230,000
Andrew and Lacey Hunt12 Marion Point$230,000
Jerry D. and Tracy L. Stoneburner1013 Buff St.$225,000
Andrew Douglas Radovich2207 Granada Drive$225,000
Wendy C. and Gregory L. McDonald1832 White Tail Lane$225,000
Michael Wilson13 Marion Point$225,000
Joshua C. Beautow and Misty L Beutow3531 Allentown Road$225,000
Amy and Natalie Wheeler1202 18th St.$223,000
Susan J. Netter2705 Black Oak Drive$220,000
Martha and Robert Allsup1809 Meadow Lane$218,000
Jennifer L. and Paul E. Nash2029 Highwood Ave.$215,000
Ellen M. and Donald W. Ekvall2001 Dane Kelsey Drive$214,000
Georgia A. and Stephen C. Mills2726 Vista Grande Court$212,000
Kyle Howard2108 Granada Drive$210,000
Ashlyn Noelle and David Thomas Smith2105 Maryland Court$210,000
Dennis P. and Rebecca S. Johanson413 Country Club Drive$210,000
Cartus Financial Corp.2608 Arlington Circle$208,000
James Michael Hart Jr. and Mendy Sue Hart1825 Parkfield Drive$207,500
Maxwell J Patterson1713 Whitetail Lane$207,500
Debra K. and Dennis R. Zimmerman2608 Arlington Circle$206,000
Brian Damm1600 Vista Grande Drive$206,000
Aaron J. and Courtney S. Miller1804 Meadow Lane$205,000
Jean A. and Walter J. Elam1812 Meadow Lane$205,000
Jinyan Chen and Baole Shi1831 Fawnridge Lane$205,000
Alex William Harmening and Leigh Erin Tucker508 Country Club Drive$205,000
Nick Carlton and Natalie Heinhorst1806 Valle Vista Blvd.$205,000
Danielle N Kirgan and Jordan D. Meier1708 Hunters Trace$205,000
John Land Investments LLC13383 Egg Ranch Road$203,798
Craig and Erin Heilman2102 Mariana Drive$202,500
Bgrs Relcation Inc.1706 Jessica Court$200,000
Jacob David K. and Jacob Nancy J.1706 Jessica Court$200,000
Jennifer L. and Nicholas W. Sandifar3855 Sunset Drive$195,000
Alan and Allison Wilson2243 Autumn Drive$195,000
Donna K. Fuelberth (trust)11 Valley High Estates$195,000
Don Durant1974 Tanglewood Drive$195,000
Alecia Hiatt and Brian Shreffler1914 Highwood Ave.$194,900
Anthony M Stewart22 Oak Hill Court$194,500
Cody A. Herbst and Kaleigh A. McAllister721 Audubon Drive$194,250
Otto Dale Ripper2021 Alameda Court$194,000
Cherie Anne and Eddy Eddyto1821 Oakwood Drive$194,000
Gregory and Jennifer Freson1811 Oakwood Drive$193,000
Monica Jarboe and Matthew Zyskowski906 Washington St.$190,500
Lisa M Lynch1212 Hawthorne Ave.$189,900
George L. Andrae202 Parkway Drive$186,000
George L. and Tammi Andrae206 Parkway Drive$185,000
John Jeffery Krog17339 Red Shale Hill Road$185,000
Kari Michele Dorigatti1903 Vicksburg Court$185,000
John P. and Nobuko Karr11945 14th St.$185,000
Timothy J Carney and Tiffany A. Steele1611 Summit Drive$185,000
Cari A. and Daniel Nystrom17972 Red Shale Hill Road$183,900
Benjamin and Sarah Mooney3320 Sheridan Road$182,500
Dreeyan and Ryan Hughes13645 Glenmar Drive$180,000
Dennis C. Spradley Jr.3141 Edgewater Drive$180,000
Joseph and Lynette Wolfe2206 Crestview Drive$179,000

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