Top 100 Roscoe, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Roscoe, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 207 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $181,000 in Roscoe.

Top 100 home sales in Roscoe for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Andrew D. and Kayla L. Scheffer8251 Prairie Hill Road$600,000
Christopher C. and Sarah Childs15215 Levi Run$548,000
Jamie and Jessica Frantz7364 Winding Way$479,000
Andrew R. and Traci L. Kline7328 Timber Ridge Road$448,000
Marcia S. Blaylock (trustee) and Marcia S. Blaylock (trust)13043 Promontory Trail$445,600
Jeremy M. and Deborah W. Peterson12375 Dunham Drive$428,000
Michael J. and Mary L. Fenger8177 Cheri Drive$415,000
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc.9611 Brenda Drive$415,000
Brent O Ewing9611 Brenda Drive$415,000
Matthew and Natalie Armstrong7244 Cody Run$400,000
Ryan and Nichole Dickerson7360 Big Stone Circle$396,000
Hideyuki and Lisa D. Hague14853 Prairie Way Way$390,000
Brian K. and Elizabeth A. Barnes10906 Hamborg Road$390,000
Sunil Krishna and Mary Augustian13022 Red Rose Trail$385,000
Nicholas Peter and Jessica Johnson7505 Kinnikinnick Drive$385,000
Joshua Montoya8737 Grandview Drive$379,900
Mark and Renee Forberg9503 Brenda Drive$377,000
Michael and Brandi McLeod7674 Shane Lane$375,000
Steven C Behling and Andrea E Schier7330 Big Stone Circle$367,000
Ian Parsonage12197 Carberry Lane$364,000
Kevin P. and Terrill L. Smith7356 Winding Way$360,000
Brandon and Audrey Zweifel13343 Promontory Trail$355,000
John J. and Tina M. Cacciatore9208 Sheringham Drive$354,000
Charles E. and Sharon L. Stickney7443 Timber Ridge Road$345,000
Steven J. and Nicole J. Johnson10878 Kristi Hills Drive$330,000
Dennis and Phaedra Lecher6214 Dorothy Lane$325,000
Jason N. and Carrie A. Rossi7184 Kinnikinnick Drive$320,000
Lajeana R. and Matthew K. Johnson12119 Floyd Drive$311,000
Jennifer Ciceri12422 Chuckanut Drive$310,000
Laura Kuznyetsov11463 Ridgecrest Drive$305,550
Timothy R. and Allison R. Judd8236 Killarney Aire Road$290,000
Alan and Sandra Franzen6827 Westgate Road$290,000
Austin and Roxanne Waliullah14893 Dereck Drive$277,000
Mark R. and Duanne M. Mecca14876 Dereck Drive$273,000
John E. and Karen Radtke9278 Forest Ridge Drive$269,500
Chad M Naber9171 Forest Ridge Drive$268,400
Mario and Keli Griseta11965 Warblers Way$265,000
Jeffrey Randall Rauber6607 Erin Way$264,900
David Michael and Nicole Riley6816 Westgate Road$260,000
Donna Casey9263 Corriedale Run$260,000
Laura J. Smith11855 Bowen Parkway$259,900
Jesus and Amy Lorraine Posadas11098 Corrigan Road$258,500
Amanda M. Stewart7074 Morning Dove Way$254,000
Owen and Brittany Stiffler11847 Vireo Vale$250,000
Jason Thomas and Natasha Mae Downing10995 Pheasant Run Lane$249,000
Drake M. and Jessica L. Bolin12014 Waxwing Court$247,000
Tyler and Christine King11118 Prairie Wind Place$245,000
Sherri L Shulz725 Elberon Way$245,000
Peggy Kolb10874 Hamborg Road$243,500
David W. and Jessica M. Pomponio7937 Windspoint Road$242,500
Theresa L. Monson10679 Harrison Court$240,000
Darryl Lofton6895 Prairie Flower$239,900
Sara Marie and Ryan Patrick Rodgers972 Thickett Trail$235,500
Fernando Pires9415 Corriedale Run$235,000
Ryan A. and Ashley Benton6679 Queenanns Way$231,000
Hey Dean A. and Hey Christina L. Van De7622 Chantelle Lane$230,000
Lamarr Wooden11009 Lemon Grass Lane$230,000
Brittney M Dover11097 Chicory Ridge Way$229,900
Corey and Wendy Palumino4588 Woodcrest Lane$227,000
Nicholas R. and Kayla Helm10317 Pinesap Place$226,900
Dennis P. and Tricia A. Carlson10886 Meadowsweet Lane$226,000
Robert Zoeller and Zoeller Nancy Sherwood11003 Chicory Ridge Way$225,000
Jay G Boyle11528 Tanawingo Trail$223,940
Soto722 Rosemare Drive$220,000
Jarred A. and Erin M. Logan10093 Hawks Pointe Drive$219,900
Maria Fedoseva and Nicolai Fedoseev6821 Prairienook$219,000
Frank and Ashley A. Negri12504 Charnwood Drive$218,000
Hannah J. Gough and Christopher G. Martensen II12784 Bridgeport Lane$215,000
Matthew S. Rosinski10617 Chicory Ridge Way$215,000
James Cox11127 Prairie Wind Place$215,000
Vincent Matthew and Jennifer Jean Zalapi685 Ashleigh Lane$213,000
David W. and Andrea L. McDevitt658 Bergamot Way$211,400
Richard Cooper and Corinne Lombardo5608 Karakul Terrace$211,000
James C. and Heather A. Perkins11107 Jasmine Drive$210,000
Kyle M. and Allison Hansgen6609 Tipperary Trail$210,000
Tyler and Michelle Noto658 Ballymore Road$210,000
Brandon Bradbury10868 Branding Iron Lane$209,000
Nicola Paul A. Di7233 Club Court$205,000
Robert P. and Suzanne M. Elmore11246 Meadowsweet Lane$200,000
Justin Keith Irwin706 Rosemare Drive$200,000
Justin G. and Carmen Sawalski9370 Old Towne Court$200,000
Leopoldo and Tammy L. Arteaga5810 Belden Drive$199,900
Rolando and Rose K. Fuentes7821 Windspoint Road$196,500
Jacob Ortberg and Shelly Renton759 Overture Way$195,500
Chicago Title Land Trust Co. 80023823169306 Prairie View Court$195,500
Bruce Eric Morhardt798 Calenoula St.$195,000
Angela and Angela Paige Woolbright and Jacob G. Standiford853 Goosedown Drive$195,000
John J. Tuzinkiewicz7973 Windspoint Road$191,500
Brett T Granath and Emily A. Whittaker10361 Hawks Pointe Trail$191,000
Michael A. and Margaret R. Marro11837 Love Road$190,000
Tyler J. and Nichole L. Pryor11027 Jasmine Drive$190,000
Nicholas T. Silletti11120 Valentine Court$190,000
Brian and Tamara Cain706 Ballymore Road$189,900
Michael Yeager11039 Linden Blossom Lane$187,500
Susan J. and Anthony C. Mincolla14904 Palmer Road$187,000
Timonty Weis11338 Dwyer Lane$187,000
Selena Reyna and Dylan A. Barber497 Merilot Drive$186,000
Zachary W. and Karley Davidson886 Brandy Bend Road$185,000
Joshua P. Kenyon9353 Romeldale Lane$183,800
Nicole Rausch Stokes and Cassandra Nelson582 Bergamot Way$183,000

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