Clermont, Florida had a median home sale price of $265,000 of 859 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Clermont, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 859 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $265,000 in Clermont.

Top 100 home sales in Clermont for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
James Anthony Callahan and Carmen Figueroa12151 Cypress Landing Ave.$1,588,000
Kayle Washington Bryant LLC777 Roane Road$1,500,000
Gratiam Dei Per (trust)12108 Outlook Drive$1,150,000
Eufracia Amurao and Perry Doan Sweatman9929 Reds Lane$1,100,000
Cpi Amherst Sfr Program Owner LLC10638 Lake Ralph Drive$1,083,326
Robert T. and Wendy O. Lewis1954 Brantley Circle$995,000
747 797 Land Trust and Kayle Washington Bryant (trustee)777 Roane Road$910,000
Britni and Travis Webster12220 Lakeshore Drive$900,000
Robert E. and Tana L. Hamilton2295 Lakeshore Drive$785,000
David A. and Elyse M. Dorr15822 Tower View Drive$730,000
Jamie R. and Thomas R. Pascale11300 Lake Montgomery Blvd.$645,000
Lydia Scusa and Paul W. Scusa Jr.20693 Sugarloaf Mountain Road$640,000
Jark Group LLC653 Osceola St.$639,900
Jarrett Ray Townsend10805 Crescent Lane$618,000
Deborah M. and Kim A. Williams19152 Bridges Glen Lane$610,000
Provident Housing Solutions Inc.13625 Jacks Lake Road$599,000
David W. and Kitty R. Branch11001 Bronson Road$586,500
Kristen and Mark Nickel7737 Swiss Fairways Ave.$579,000
John Baird and Katherine Patellana1781 Bella Lago Drive$569,900
Anthony Vincent II and Cathy Lynn Savine12543 Crown Pointe Circle$560,000
Martha Sue and Myrna S. Jones18900 Libby Road$550,000
Brian Francis Lea and Alexandra April Sargeant10740 High Crest Court$544,900
Danny C Garrett Jr. and Lindsey B Garrett18241 Sky Top Lane$534,900
Brandon and Christine Vaughn1729 Harbor Lane$520,000
Simply Sold Orlando LLC653 Osceola St.$510,000
Angela Jo and Mark Kristian Halvorsen21341 Marsh View Court$510,000
Bruce M. and Rachel Sue Gillard14629 Johns Lake Road$500,000
Grace E. Rabano Revocable Agreement of (trust), Grace Rabano (trustee), William Schmidt (trustee) and William Schmidt Revocable Agreement of (trust)10406 Paradise Bay Court$495,000
Betty E. Greene (trustee), Greene Family (revocable living trust) and James A. Greene (trustee)10701 Belo Horizonte Ave.$492,000
Jesus M Aviles and Aida L De Leon De Aviles1662 Orangethorpe Lane$490,000
Aimee and Anthony S. Desantis3934 Derby Glen Drive$489,000
Francisco D. and Terri R. Frangione8701 Bradley Circle$485,000
George Michael and Jane M. Malcom10125 Tween Waters St.$485,000
Tracy Austin and Cheryl Dunlap15050 Winding Ridge Lane$480,000
Rick Lindsey15942 Tower View Drive$480,000
Michael Scott and Rebecca Ann Nolder9807$475,000
Drupattie Basdeosingh, Nayeem and Shazaamaa Khan and Zaman Mohamed14712 Lost Lake Road$470,000
Vanessa G Denmark11150 Elderberry Court$465,000
Annie Lee and Stephen Reed Allendorf7915 Beaches Drive$464,000
Amy and Thomas Pfeiffer5636 County Road 561$460,000
Elizabeth and Jeb Sykes4084 Greystone Drive$459,000
Robert J. McRoy Sr. and Tina A. McRoy11540 Osprey Pointe Blvd.$455,000
Matthew Alan and Tammie J. Schmidt1315 Legendary Blvd.$450,000
Edward IV and Lauren Emrick3831 Breckinridge Lane$450,000
Oleg and Tatiana Alexandrov19301 Windjammer Road$449,500
Nathan and Patricia Dickerson11548 Osprey Pointe Blvd.$449,000
Maria Dannenberg11101 Crooked River Court$447,000
Carl Jones Jr. and Jaime Jones1568 Sherbrook Drive$444,000
Maryn and Prentiss Peterson8421 Bailey Drive$440,000
Michael J. Burton1319 Legendary Blvd.$430,000
Michael E. and Yarisol Siriotis8708 Laws Road$430,000
Chevelle Marie and Joshua Brandon Durfey12516$428,500
Linda Robusky Lewis, Roland Lewis Jr. and Nicole Lewis and Schirra Brandon McDaniel17805 Apshawa Road$425,000
Christopher Lazzari4002 Greystone Drive$425,000
Marci Melane and William Eugene Smith10635 Parkway Drive$424,900
Gillian Claire Crumpton and Andrew Newman10822 Arrowtree Blvd.$420,000
Angela and Errol Earlington1345 Bridge Hill Lane$420,000
Robert D. and Stephanie S. Drake1379 Legendary Blvd.$420,000
Cole Franklin and Cora Lopez12103 Shiloh Acres Drive$420,000
Jasmine G. and Ruthven T. Roper2761 Shearwater St.$420,000
Andrew Earl Weed Jr. and Madelyn Therese Weed4011 Greystone Drive$418,000
Daniel and Lori Seidler1389 Lattimore Drive$415,000
Marian and Paul Johansen1352 Lattimore Drive$412,000
Jerome Janime and Jerome Serge Pierre1239 Lattimore Drive$410,000
Ann Pimentel and Richard A. Kerr804 Everest St.$410,000
Anneka and Stephen Ewing9823 Royal Vista Ave.$409,000
Dowlatshahi Naudere Michael Ghajar and Jacqueline Touchton1875 Johnson Drive$399,900
Kristyn V Oramas and Jorge E Pallisso Jr.4493 Powderhorn Place Drive$399,000
Carole M. and Robert A. Childs1674 Bowman St.$399,000
Adenike O. and Lanrewaju Christopher Aderanti1373 Lattimore Drive$399,000
Kathryn G. and Shawn C. Massengill14251 Pine Cone Trail$398,000
Cory S. and Nicole F. Snyder2652 Valiant Drive$398,000
Harry A. and Kathleen S. Spaight4232 Fawn Meadows Circle$396,000
Shane Robert and Tara Karlson12009 Eatmon Lane$395,500
Jason A. and Tammy L. Dean4402 Olympia Court$395,000
Anthony Joseph and Heather Marie Butler196 Nautica Mile Drive$395,000
Dustin R. and Emma T. Jones16134 Egret Hill St.$395,000
Marshall and Vicki L. Rhodes11133$392,000
Keir Chase and Kelly Sexton Chase12524 Hammock Pointe Circle$392,000
Randy D. and Viktoryia Albertovna Jones2789 Valiant Drive$390,000
Scott T. and Shawna L. Farrar10702 Sandy Ridge Ave.$390,000
John Harold Pylant Jr.228 Nautica Mile Drive$390,000
Gilbert and Sandra Ghinis13740 Calle Del. ORA Court$390,000
Robert and Tyrean Kirkpatrick2524 Squaw Creek St.$389,900
Heather A. and Thomas A. Gatton11716 Lake Ridge Circle$389,000
Lorenza M Denby11437 Nellie Oaks Bend$385,000
Idola Albrecht12033 Willow Grove Lane$385,000
Debra Carol and Harrison Freeman Hanzlik II14618 Pine Lake St.$385,000
Donald B. and Erin F. Lucas1214 Shorecrest Circle$385,000
Brian K. and Nanette D. Whitehead2887 Southern Pines Loop$385,000
Jeremy and Jessica Meyer2979 Majestic Isle Drive$385,000
Linda L. and Paul K. Kaiser2792 Falcon Ridge$385,000
Beverly Andrea and Nicole Alexis Kirby3962 Derby Glen$385,000
Tambi Gray Durham and Bobbi R Gray11632$384,900
Elizabeth Torres Rich12135 Sapphire Drive$382,000
Rickey Alan Leu and Chester Warren3946 Derby Glen$380,000
Anna and Jayson Scarbriel10506 Viaduct Lugano Court$380,000
Elizabeth E. and Richard E. Taylor12813 County Road 561A$380,000
Carla J. and Charles E. Poindexter12903 Hyland Lane$377,000
Earl R. and Elaine D. Davis9708$375,108

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