Top 100 Hernando Beach, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Hernando Beach, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 170 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $337,500 in Hernando Beach.

Top 100 home sales in Hernando Beach for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Steven A. and Maureen Hebert4278 Newport Drive$1,075,000
Todd and Kathy Morrison4177 Orchid Drive$790,000
Herman and Frances A. Goh4146 Diaz Court$735,000
Hernando (life estate) (trust) and SB Trste Barton4097 Orchid Drive$683,000
Sarah Nunley3385 Gulfview Drive$640,000
George William Mattis and Cherie Rae Jorgensen3195 Gulf Winds Circle$634,000
Douglas J. and Amanda A. Curless3499 Casa Court$630,000
Ari L. Trste and Maja E. Trste Page and Manor Milgate (revocable trust)4265 Camelia Drive$620,000
Elena and Michael Anthony3200 Gulf Winds Circle$575,000
Joanie Davis McKittrick and Edward Haug III4063 Centavo Court$565,000
Edmond J. and Nina S. Isabell3271 Hibiscus Drive$560,000
Michael and Shauna Erickson3240 Gulfview Drive$557,500
Linda Tartaglione3459 Flamingo Blvd.$550,000
Barry and Lynn Gustafson3646 Flamingo Blvd.$550,000
Gabriel A. and Kathryn Ann Heinecke Boze4374 Eighth Isle Drive$550,000
Barrett and Shawnda Rivera4260 Columbus Drive$545,000
Thomas G. and Ann M. McCann4266 Columbus Drive$538,000
Aimee J Jones and Cathy Yates3442 Gulfview Drive$538,000
Bill Lee and Michelle Feliksiak3375 Bluefish Drive$537,000
Charles L. Wheeler Jr. and Robin A. Wheeler4178 Des Prez Court$525,000
Eugene Andrew Shaffer Jr. and Linda Shaffer3347 Mangrove Drive$512,400
David R. Trste Clark, Suzanne M Trste Leonard and Clark Real Estate (trust)3298 Flamingo Blvd.$508,000
Bruce P. and Angela M. Anderson3434 Gulfview Drive$500,000
Stephen E. Trste and Janell P. Trste Klesius and Stephen E. and Janell P. Klesius (revocable trust)3442 Gulfview Drive$499,900
Mark John and Shelley Marie Levis3405 Amberjack Drive$493,050
Michael B. and Ashley S. Davis4320 Paradise Circle$490,000
Donald R. and Gail Whiting3517 Flamingo Blvd.$485,500
Brian C Cronin3455 Bluefish Drive$485,000
Suzette Marie and James Patrick Evans3207 Hibiscus Drive$483,000
Timothy L. and Tammy M. Spurlock4060 Casa Court$482,000
Jonathan Lamar and Barbara Jane Crevasse3445 Eagle Nest Drive$475,000
Brett Harrison and Kylie Marie Horton4087 Gulf Coast Drive$475,000
Harvey Russell Ravenhorst3367 Flamingo Blvd.$465,000
Michael Louis Marino Jr.4472 Burmuda Drive$465,000
Joseph and Cindy R. McDonald3455 Triggerfish Drive$463,000
Hawks Nest Ventures LLC4297 Deleon Drive$460,000
Congeta and Michael Armstrong3227 Flamingo Blvd.$450,000
Donna D. Trste and Jerald L. Trste Markuson and Markuson (revocable trust)4049 Sheephead Drive$450,000
Scott and Jordan Novak4348 Paradise Circle$440,000
Katherine Goulet4396 Fifth Isle Drive$440,000
David J. and Sandra H. Day3343 Turks Cap Drive$437,000
Mack Todd Glen3424 Jewfish Drive$430,000
David Gregg and Laurie Cooper Tegreene3455 Amberjack Drive$430,000
Ernest A. Trste Brady Jr., Ernest A. Brady Jr (revocable trust), Carolyn W Trste Brady and W. Brady Carolyn (revocable trust)3186 Gulf Winds Circle$425,000
Michael Charles and Rosemary Denise Hartzner4014 Casa Court$424,900
Suzanne Bussiere and Roger Bilodeau3476 Crape Myrtle Drive$423,000
Stephen E. Trste and Janell P. Trste Klesius and Stephen E. and Janell P. Klesius (trust)3229 Gulf Winds Circle$420,000
Johannes F. and Paula C. Verhees4366 Eighth Isle Drive$415,000
James R. and Lori S. Featherby Whitaker3383 Palometa Drive$415,000
Stephen E. and Jacqueline Klesius3260 Gulf Winds Circle$410,000
Michael J. and Vanessa L. Lupori3448 Bluefish Drive$410,000
Greg A. and Gregory A. Parker4028 Gulfview Drive$406,000
Frank C. Zito Jr. and Michelle A. Zito4385 Fourth Isle Drive$404,000
Bradley L. and Rita D. Zeigler3325 Scarlet Sage Drive$400,000
Joseph John III and Jennifer Torraco4083 Orient Drive$399,900
William J. Tinsley Jr. and Hope Tinsley4452 Gulfstream Drive$396,500
Stephen Murphy4075 Flamingo Blvd.$396,000
Richard and Decoma Cocozza4040 Orient Drive$394,000
Amy J. and Raymond Genrich4034 Cobia Drive$389,500
Robert Gomez4287 Tahiti Drive$385,000
Richard M. Grega4042 Sheephead Drive$385,000
Susan and James Lanning4065 Jewfish Drive$385,000
Jason M. and Jessica M. Katz4503 Jacona Drive$380,000
Rodney L. and Tracie B. Ketchum3200 Hibiscus Drive$380,000
Nelson Holt and Brenda Dattoli4294 Paradise Circle$375,000
Tommy R. and Blythe K. Tomilson4169 Tampico Trail$375,000
Maurits Rolf Burer3295 Hibiscus Drive$375,000
Donald Gene and Regina Sue Temple4021 Casa Court$372,000
Michael John Herman3283 Azalea Drive$370,000
Joseph Angello Americo0 Third Isle Drive$369,375
Scott A. and Kimberly C. Owens4024 Bluefish Drive$368,000
Michael Sakellaris and Susan Larkin3480 Croaker Drive$364,000
Richard and Pauline Goh3380 Poinsettia Drive$360,000
Mark D. and Mary P. Cullinan0 Rose Arbor Drive$359,000
Rick and Cindy Richardson3204 Gardenia Drive$358,000
Patricia Ayala3215 Rose Arbor Drive$357,500
Mack William and Debra Ann Nowlin3289 Spanish Bayonet Drive$355,000
James S. Lane3512 Croaker Drive$350,000
Judy Lynn and Ronald Lloyd Forster II3383 Oleander Drive$349,000
Leanne Wilmeth Campbell4139 Diaz Court$345,000
Nick J. and Jennifer A. Delgrosso4128 Diaz Court$345,000
Dirk and Teresa L. Oswald3365 Gulf Coast Drive$344,000
Jan Barrett Quintero3620 Eagle Nest Drive$340,000
Charlene Heinecke3393 Flamingo Blvd.$340,000
Daniel R. and Paige A. Oberry3209 Rose Arbor Drive$340,000
Chad and Katherine Marie Buxbaum4289 Flexer Drive$335,000
James Lawson3263 Sea Grape Drive$335,000
Teresa and Seton R. McNulty4018 Cobia Drive$335,000
Julie Anne and Michael Patrick Mossing4367 Tahiti Drive$329,900
John and Lisa Sewell4137 Des Prez Court$329,000
Nancy Richardson4340 Paradise Circle$328,000
Thomas Everett Crowley4092 Flamingo Blvd.$326,000
Sammie and Jocelyn Kennedy3079 Gulf Winds Circle$325,000
Donna Nassor0 Flamingo Blvd.$325,000
Crispens (living trust)4077 Gulfview Drive$325,000
Gary D. and Joan D. Puls Kirchner4155 Tampico Trail$322,000
Christopher Morrissey and Jeffrey L Pevler4020 Gulfview Drive$319,900
James Carlton Wagner and Lynda Jene Black4036 Gulf Coast Drive$317,500
Scott and Jodie Pederson3243 Azalea Drive$315,000
Peggy S. and Franklin D. Miller4168 Camelia Drive$310,000

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