Top 50 Tremont, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Tremont, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 57 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $173,000 in Tremont.

Top 50 home sales in Tremont for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Delta Charlie LLC109 West St.$350,000
MacKinaw River Property LLC26416 Townline Road$350,000
Joshua T. and Nicole G. Bolliger506 Lincoln St.$335,000
Micah D. and Suzanne J. Manningham25525 Iron Mountain Road$310,000
Carly N. and Joseph E. Stokes10061 Dillon Road$305,000
Michael W. and Stacey L. Thyne13336 Lakeview Court$299,900
Kyle A. Mettelmann and Sarah A. Mettemann2676 Ashley Court$295,000
Leann M. and William Dexter109 Margarete St.$280,000
Maxwell D. and Tressa Schneider22021 Allentown Road$252,500
Christopher L. and Jennifer K. Snider1465 Windermere Drive$250,000
Andy Field and Debra Kay Ledeboer200 Chestnut St.$225,000
Gina R,, and Eisfelder Matthew M Eisfelder13846 Timberlea$219,900
Frank Rebecca Dembowski and Timothy M Frank400 Jefferson St.$215,000
Cassidy and Riley Litwiller313 Harris St.$207,900
Jacob and Rachel Hodgson405 Jefferson St.$205,000
Ashley S. and Timothy S. Chambliss9328 Dillon Road$205,000
Nancy L. Phillips and Devon P Sauder25750 East Point Road$204,900
Danielle L. and Tyler R. Risinger10302 Point Road$200,000
David J. and Megan Kober700 West St.$196,500
Julie Morgan and Nathan Russell Litwiller329 Harris St.$190,000
Jason G Jura10118 Hickory Road$186,000
Dana Peifer13499 Antioch Road$185,500
Jeremiah J. and Melissa A. Alwerdt21875 Woodland Meadows Lane$185,000
Dennis C. Pond (living trust) and Cheryl Vanoppen10237 Arrow Road$185,000
Rodney G. and Sandra D. Sparks25488 Hickory Court$184,500
Brittany B Price420 Chestnut St.$183,500
Joshua Jon Chambliss Dubois700 Ivy Lane$175,000
Cory A. and Kara Swearingen517 Greenfield St.$174,900
Andrew and Kaitlyn Koch604 Ivy Lane$173,000
Aaron M. Hintz and Jessica R. Vance21063 Townline Road$170,000
Collin Patrick and Traci Lynn Wilson21649 Allentown Road$165,500
Kacie and Kyle Stout605 Locust St.$165,000
Travis N Culp312 Jefferson St.$165,000
Christian and Leah Heagy208 Elm St.$164,900
Jade E Holmes and Douglas P. Springer404 Washington St.$162,000
David W. and Jenna Baer26705 IL Route 9$159,900
Adam C. and Meagan M. Craven101 Tazewell St.$155,000
Matthew A. Monroe25778 Townline Road$155,000
Douglas D. Berkley22029 Allentown Road$150,000
Gary R Bontemps25128 Sauder Road$150,000
Debra L Braker401 Harris St.$145,500
Donald G. Oswald Jr. and Marcelle A. Oswald301 Warren St.$145,000
Arlene L Unsicker200 Elm St.$135,000
David and Krissa Nystrom404 Chestnut St.$134,900
Amber D Wildermuth309 Franklin St.$127,500
Michael E. and Susan L. Flynn509 Pearl St.$125,000
Gregory and Susan Litwiller513 Greenfield St.$122,100
Collin S Vonderheide424 Locust St.$116,000
Britney Stedman516 Greenfield St.$115,000
Reyann N Laurent201 West St.$107,590

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