Top 100 Tarpon Springs, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Tarpon Springs, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 174 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $270,000 in Tarpon Springs.

Top 100 home sales in Tarpon Springs for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Joan E Breaux and Antonio T Rem Hayes613 North Ave.$1,150,000
John Youssef Sayah and Terry Ann Morgan908 FL Ave.$997,000
David M. and Heather M. Montgomery1589 Mary Lane$925,000
George Shehata and Sara Rizkalla Kamel3030 Wentworth Way$875,000
Thomas Michael Singleton725 Ranch Road$850,000
Michael J. and Kathryn Germuska108 Waterberry Drive$800,000
Robert B. Picton (trustee)2967 Wentworth Way$735,000
Ross Puzzitiello (trustee) and Katherine M. Puzzitiello (trustee)1810 Mariner Drive 405 & 406$730,000
Nicole and Derek Lindeman124 Waterberry Drive$724,900
Douglas R. and Kimberly J. Whitford2972 Kensington Trace$686,000
James Scott Alexander and Delores F Johnson275 Westgate Road$642,000
Isabelle Bouchenot (trustee) and M. Isabelle Bouchenot (living trust)321 Tall Oak Trail$623,000
Fredric M. and Colleen L. Scali883 Cypress Trail Drive$617,000
Brandon E. and Sarah K. Rich1041 Royal Birkdale Drive$590,000
Jeffrey Hubbard430 Doric Court$550,000
Jake Geigle1001 Royal Birkdale Drive$545,000
Thomas E. Warren Sr. and Barbara Warren325 Westgate Road$542,800
Wolfgang C. and Kathleen Reichel1258 Berkshire Lane$535,000
Christy Arnold and Winifred Daine Bradshaw901 Riverside Ridge Road$530,000
Charles and Marketa Stehno2116 Harbour Watch Drive$530,000
Jean Marie Bastien2871 Grey Oaks Blvd.$525,000
Randy Jason and Tanya Michelle Coldiron3002 Northfield Drive$525,000
Brian K Johnson and Lauren A. Boone-Johnson1001 Lake Road$510,000
Jason E. and Rene M. Ohman2972 Northfield Drive$505,000
Kevin S. and Melissa H. Sullivan1011 Riverside Ridge Road$499,000
Vanessa Veve3683 Welmore Court$490,000
William Roy Pitt Jr. and William R. Pitt Jr.221 Martin Luther King Jr Drive$480,000
Whitney MacOmber and Ryan Christopher Kenna1705 Mariner Way$467,500
John T. Racicot1083 Misty Hollow Lane$465,000
Mikelay Properties & Investments I LLC778 Cypress Trail Drive$462,000
Angela Solo Clark (trust)1210 Berkshire Lane$460,000
Roberto J Mota387 Bridle Path Way$451,500
William Clyde Weldon723 Waterside Court$445,000
Jessica and Pasquale Didiana549 Centerwood Drive$445,000
Michael Andrew and Jaynee Lee Fuller965 Oakview Road$439,000
Edward and Carole D. Adamonis3135 Charter Club Drive B$432,500
Patrick and Laura McCreery408 Liam Ave.$420,000
Tiffany Anne and Jonathan Patrick Stokes3730 Keystone Road$418,000
Darrin Z. and Linda I. Karuzas425 Waterford Circle$416,500
Vantuil Cabral and Ana Carolina Garcia462 Carriage House Lane$409,000
James and Judy Houser574 Whispering Lakes Blvd.$405,000
Joseph M Brandow and Sheri G Morris3335 Jadewood Circle$400,000
Ann Hagen544 Village Drive$400,000
Heather Raines461 Briland St.$399,900
Sergii and Viktoriia Kotsiuba3337 Hickorywood Way$399,000
David Alan and Susan Frampton515 Bridle Path Way$392,000
Elisa P. and Todd Dunkle1003 Osprey Court$388,000
Gary D. and Lisa A. Cloutier921 Oakview Road$380,000
Judith Patton and John E. Skaneski502 FL Ave. 145$380,000
Kristen A. and Andrew R. Cox3374 Misty Pond Court$378,000
Steven D. King (trustee) and Sherry L. Smoak (trustee)1017 Blue Heron Way$371,000
Melissa Jean Rogers467 Denise St.$370,000
Richard Edward and Carol Jean Dupuy502 FL Ave. 112$370,000
Daniel R. and Christine Kelly1424 Red Oak Drive$367,000
Brian P Hayes1242 Berkshire Lane$365,000
John Anderson and Diana Kay Booth1309 Hillside Drive$362,500
James A. and Cristina Gasparino1120 Dartford Drive$352,000
Francis G. and Melissa A. Arena1179 Dartford Drive$349,900
Mason and Sarah K. Simmons3322 Greymoss Court$345,000
Jessica and Jeanne Marino432 Orange St.$345,000
Jacob and Carrie Karr1204 FL Ave.$342,500
Daniel L. Stefanelli and Andrea S Passamonte3610 Old Keystone Road$340,000
Samuel J. and Marcia L. Talarico1761 Harbor Oaks Drive$340,000
Eugene Schwartzman and Svetlana Gutkovich (trustee)1127 Pointe Alexis Drive$335,000
Nicholas and Cynthia Paganini921 Lynnlea Lane$334,000
Connie Kerrigan and Gerald E. Elliott1005 Pointe Alexis Drive$333,000
Dawn S. and Darrin L. Demers621 Salt Lake Drive$330,000
Stacy S. and Kristine Andrea Signorini1024 Dartford Drive$330,000
Leslie George Raymond and Leslie Margaret Marie212 Hollow Oak Court$325,000
Teddy B Cruise1114 Blackrush Drive$324,900
Terry and Tina Shaw1261 Blackrush Drive$323,000
Marc R. and Andrea S. Flocken1537 Grandview Drive$320,500
Amber and Valerie Crane1450 Highland Ave.$315,000
Steven P. and Judith L. Denunzio1440 Watermill Circle$309,900
Michael and Allison Webb1662 Autumnwood St.$307,500
Robert and Kelli Brzak1115 Blackrush Drive$305,000
Andrew Papamichael and Chloe Withall-Dotson3342 Laurelwood Court$299,500
Dhana Kaye Jones1664 Countrywood St.$295,000
Leon and Alla Kitsio1744 Hunter Lane$295,000
Samantha Rose Gutmann and Heather Lea Merritt18 Mill St.$290,000
Ellen Balaban and Brian Brill1804 Mariner Drive 37$285,900
Kathleen D. Young729 Lighthouse Drive$285,000
Monica Jill Lukasik and Henry Joseph Lukasik Jr.1780 Wood Bend St.$283,000
Joan Regan and Neil Sapp916 Hunter Lane$282,000
Patricia A. and Timothy A. Johnson1008 Greenleaf Way$280,000
Edward W. and Nancy Munn769 Lighthouse Drive$274,900
Steven M Reese Sr. and Annette L Reese1009 Connecticut Road$270,000
Svetlana Zarubina309 Wood Dove Ave.$270,000
Brian and Madilynn Douglas98 Highland Ave. 501$270,000
Paul D. and Kerri D. Berman1005 Jamaica Way$264,000
Nicholas Parkes98 Highland Ave. 1402$261,000
Victoria L. Kearney and Janet R Bridges705 Bayshore Drive$260,000
Deena M Gustafson1278 Lagoon Road$260,000
Caleb and Lindsey Daniel614 Cypress Park Ave.$259,900
Betty L. Wells1796 Englewood Ave.$250,000
James Dowell and Abbi Coulter31 Park Ave.$250,000
Jack M Miller and Stephen E. Graff980 Sunrise Drive$250,000
Shirley M Herberger1714 Cromwell Drive$249,000
Natalie Fyffe Nickerson and Adam Joshua Hartshorn915 Toddsmill Trace$245,000
Rogelio Charrez Rafael and Yazmin Charrez530 Oakwood St.$244,000

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