Leesburg, Florida had a median home sale price of $184,000 of 643 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Leesburg, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to BlockShopper.com.

In 2020, there were 643 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $184,000 in Leesburg.

Top 100 home sales in Leesburg for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Audra Josephine and Nelson Anthony Liberti II5513 River Bed Road$1,180,000
V. Grace Frank (revocable trust) and Carol Lee Lukeman815 Lake Shore Drive$912,000
R E Investment Source Hallandale LLC33305 Ryan Drive$884,000
Brian E. and Magda L. Mitchell19503 Eagle Run$715,000
Denise G. and Jeffrey W. Sleete4345 Corley Island Road$685,000
Luis Fernando Chocho Caballero and Laura Raquel Moreno Garcia19333 Eagle Run$530,000
Tamera A. Hoffman1401 Ninth St.$530,000
Jessica and Matthew Thompson5531 Moon Lake Road$510,000
Michael A. and Rebecca A. Randolph12283 Virginia Drive$497,000
Amy Jo and Jason Lance Kirkland32502 Crystal Breeze Lane$475,000
Kristine and Michael Polfer1516 Park Drive$475,000
Christopher J. and Johanna C. Hinckley7906 Sunnyside Drive$470,500
Laura J. Jensen and Norman E. Jensen Jr.7140 Treasure Island Road$425,000
Bambi Carol Campbell6459 Sunnyside Drive$425,000
Osvaldo L. and Sandra I. Ortega39837 County Road 452$420,000
David C. Zani4430 Lake St.$407,703
Michelle Matura and Robert Gregory Rimes9171 Silver Lake Drive$399,000
Brian K., Brooke, Debra L. and Phillip K. Cooper33107 Lake Bend Circle$393,900
Patricia Sue Gordon34105 Park Lane$392,000
Dexter R. and Lisa Costin30017 Johnsons Point Road$377,500
Nashelia Bradbery and Marcia Morris5551 Windsong Oak Drive$376,000
Fenecia P. and Roy D. Williams35124 Radio Road$370,000
Mary Ruof Van Pelt4719 Heritage Trail$368,000
Scott T. and Tami F. Hindman129 Lake Shore Drive$365,500
Sally S. Parker26709$365,000
Christine and George J. Harris11128 Martin Drive$360,000
Joan A. and Jon T. Grejdus35004 Golden Tree Drive$355,000
Peace Barbara Jane and Joseph Anthony Pimental6444$355,000
Christine M. and Milton F. Conley27602 Country Stone Court$344,900
Lois K. and Mark A. Lavoie4838 Sawgrass Lake Circle$340,950
Tammy Lynn Felser33835 Overton Drive$340,000
David R. and Joyce C. Peach4846 Sable Ridge Court$340,000
Stone Financing LLC305 Crestrun Loop$334,000
Milagros Ruth Burgos and Victor Manuel Burgos Jr.305 Crestrun Loop$334,000
John J. and Tina C. Litjens35642 Cedar Lane$329,000
Josephus Benjamin and Roxanne Raye Gore12649 Pine Island Drive$325,000
Charles A. Prescott Sr. and Donna F Prescott12610 Blue Heron Way$325,000
David C. and Patricia J. Winkle25649 Laurel Valley Road$325,000
Brenda and David Rose5224 Chanticleer Drive$324,000
Kasey S. and Robert J. Brown34225 Shadewood Circle$322,500
Robert T. J. Bond (revocable living trust)5328 Tidewater St.$320,000
Douglas Lee and Shari Wolfe Knott and Jeffrey Wayne Schildtknecht12310 Putney Court$319,000
Lyn D. and Richard L. Mills25241 Laurel Valley Road$319,000
Joseph L. and Tammy S. Walters4416 Antietam Creek Trail$315,000
Cheryl and Jonathan Krug24121 Peekskill St.$315,000
Pamela J. and Timothy J. Stumpp3624 Belle Rose Drive$310,000
Geoffrey Allan and Laura Ann Hannam27203 Jade Isle Court$305,000
Joan H. and Kenneth Gillam4939 Glenn Coe St.$305,000
Donald Willard Lake Jr. and Patricia Anne Lake4450 Antietam Creek Trail$305,000
Timothy Eugene Lowe5545 Windsong Oak Drive$303,000
Melanie Harmon C. (trust) and C. Melanie Harmon (trustee)27524 Pine Straw Road$300,000
Jodi M. and Kevin M. Beebe301 Crestrun Loop$300,000
Rodney and Tracey Lynne Brown25301 Laurel Valley Road$300,000
Fatima and Gary Kenworthy7930$300,000
Audrey and Sean Christopher Rinehart5944$297,000
Elizabeth E. and Justin E. Rose34938 Learn Road$295,000
Ericka Masoline751 Oaks Shores Road$295,000
Brandon Wilfred Lessard and Myoung Hee Yoon5020 Sawgrass Lake Circle$295,000
Cathy C. McClellan (trustee) and McClellan Family Trust4510 Nottoway Drive$292,000
Alejandro Illera and Lina Maria Lagos12605 Blue Heron Way$290,000
Daniel P. and Julie F. Stanley21840 Tartan St.$290,000
Linda J Carrier and House John D III22124 Draw Bridge Drive$290,000
Linda R Blake and Travis E Blake Jr.26808 River Watch Court$290,000
Sam and Jackie Williams Joint (trust), Jackie J. Williams (trustee) and Samuel W. Williams (trustee)814 Palm Harbor Court$290,000
Darren and Joyce M. Cavanagh5204 Scotland Court$288,000
James L. Mahoney and Janet R White5539 Sir Churchill Drive$287,800
Timothy R Brock and Maura Brown11506 Lake Drive$285,000
Cheryl M. and Gary L. Bunch5612 Aurora Drive$285,000
Kolbe Family Trust, Michelle R. Kolbe (trustee) and William T. Kolbe (trustee)4822 Sable Ridge Court$285,000
Alvin L. and Margaret E. Savoy33320 Somerset Drive$284,950
Gerald L. Life Brown (estate) and Pamela L. and Robert L. Brown10130 Rockdale Drive$280,300
Brandon V. and Patsy J. Larsen35043 Silver Oak Drive$280,000
Kenneth R. and Mary J. McMillin35525 Calla Court$280,000
Jerry and Pamela Lynne King5841 Celebration Way$280,000
Pamela J Arteman5920 Bagpipe Place$280,000
25501 Maurepas (trust) and Lisa A. Brass (trustee)25501 Maurepas Lane$280,000
Rebeccah Leigh Hempel and Gregory Michael Wilkinson1714 Youngs Road$280,000
Carol J. and William A. McMahan21327 Royal St. Georges Lane$279,900
Mildred M. and Paul R. Ludolph4423 Nottoway Drive$279,900
Peter Burke12229 Helena Court$279,250
Edward A. and Geraldine R. Rochette5527 Belle Terrace Drive$278,800
Janet E. and Richard A. Carpenter3634 Mulberry Grove Loop$278,500
John Wesley and Susan Elaine Carpenter20948 Royal St. Georges Lane$278,000
Caleb and Jessica and Kenneth Scott Decker34140 Park Lane$275,000
Damien Garcia and Julie Ann Vore10210 Sago Court$275,000
Narayana Duriseti and Anantha Panyala27502 Discover Court$275,000
Kenneth Tierney802 Shore Drive$275,000
Joyce M. and Melvin L. Warren4912 Longmeadow Drive$275,000
Frederick W. Detar2910 Cocovia Way$274,900
Debra D. and Michael F. Maynard21832 Tartan St.$272,000
Alvin Ricky Tyronne Smith Jr. and Chelia Latice Smith26019 Meadow Breeze Lane$272,000
Cynthia J. and Dirk A. Cox5110 River Edge Lane$270,000
Rodetta L. and Ronald D. Cook5454 Aurora Drive$270,000
Ashley Bullard and Willie Bullard Jr.5747 Windsong Oak Drive$269,900
Jeanette and Malcolm McClintick21841 King Edward Court$269,500
Edward E. Brien21818 Tartan St.$269,000
Elizabeth and William Hidalgo25322 Felicity Court$267,000
Alan Lee and Karen Elizabeth Cochran7215 Treasure Island Road$265,000
Kimberly S Quinn and Thomas J. Quinn Jr.5358 Aurora Drive$265,000
Bruce L. and Marianne M. Trennepohl5707 Illumination Lane$265,000

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