Top 50 Dade City, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Dade City, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 94 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $140,000 in Dade City.

Top 50 home sales in Dade City for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
William G. Holmes and Jeffery Dale Williams35247 Reynolds St.$425,000
Michelle Young3384 McKethan Road$350,000
Marilyn A. Yates and Elmer Ray Yates Jr.32424 Marchmont Circle$349,500
Donald and Monica Smith5005 Pikeview Road$325,000
Dennis H. and Solla R. Brown34009 Ridge Manor Blvd.$295,000
Kathleen Elizabeth Schoettle32304 Marchmont Circle$292,300
Robert Chase0$280,000
Boris Rybak and Igor Padure5168 Cyril Drive$249,920
Dominic C Tecce and Jennifer Teece5583 Fairway Drive$241,000
Sean Scott and Chelsea Lankford Boyett Fuller0$240,000
Meaghan Kathleen Cooper32348 Marchmont Circle$235,000
Torey Dean and Shelbi Keller33088 Cassandra Way$235,000
Barry and Yelena H. Moon34342 Whispering Oaks Blvd.$229,000
David Michael Joaquin34467 Orchid Parkway$220,001
Nicole Baker and James Rabner6062 Beechwood Drive$220,000
William R. and Linda F. Richards34318 Whispering Oaks Blvd.$220,000
Lowell S. and Cheryl C. Harris5575 Fairway Drive$215,000
Christopher Alan and Donna Sue Summers5495 Emerald Drive$212,500
Marlene Farrow35047 Smoketree Lane$210,000
Austin Larkin and Kelsey Tomb33175 Patrice Road$204,000
Juliana A. Mitchell34788 Gardenia Way$192,900
Ashley Lyn Rash and Dennis Dale Rash Jr.34420 Sunridge Drive$190,000
Keily Rosendo Martinez33388 Ridge Manor Blvd.$190,000
Roberto Cervantes and Carolina Olascoaga Rodriguez33324 Ohio Ave.$185,000
Saulo Soriano and Jeannie Castano34523 Cedarfield Drive$182,000
Ivan Alfonso Acosta and Selena Ruby Ramirez Cuevas33242 Pennsylvania Ave.$180,000
Lindsey Nicole Olsen and Justin Daniel Ellis34752 Orchid Parkway$180,000
Emily J. Kryter34102 Ringwalt Drive$180,000
Heidi Heath33278 Ridge Manor Blvd.$179,000
Tristin Douglas Zimmer33535 Westwood Drive$179,000
Adrian Donnell Jenkins Jr. and Dayna Jenkins34665 Dogwood Drive$176,500
Susan Marie Smith6199 Fairway Drive$175,000
Cathy Janell Lane6087 Fairway Drive$175,000
Rosalind G Marrion and Natacha G White4920 Mockingbird Drive$174,100
Andrew Johnson4990 Flamingo Lane$174,000
Miranda Williams6088 Fairway Drive$172,000
Curtis W. Pendergrass II5486 Cyril Drive$169,900
Ricardo Ayala and Jennifer Cass34050 Madison Ave.$167,000
6691 Eastview Dr LLC5054 Westlake Blvd.$165,000
Justin and Tammy Hodge33128 Odell Road$165,000
Summer and William Sponheim5469 Tower St.$157,500
Ashley L. Gleaton3276 Riverdale Drive$157,000
Anthony Wayne Holmes and Samantha K. Ganton5143 Azalea Circle$155,400
Anchor of Our Soul Ministries Inc.5243 Emerald Drive$150,000
VIL Ellen Saint5527 Fairway Drive$143,000
Emily Hanson33100 Patrice Road$142,500
Casey A. Gabelli5071 Lakewood Drive$140,000
Chase Tyler and Candace Nightlinger34796 Gardenia Way$140,000
David Albert Johnson Jr. and Joann Johnson32218 Marchmont Circle$135,500
John Sarvis32484 Ranch Road$135,000

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