Top 100 St Petersburg, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for St Petersburg, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 1,477 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $230,000 in St Petersburg.

Top 100 home sales in St Petersburg for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Northridge Sp LLC6522 54th Ave.$21,000,000
William Mahaffey831 Brightwaters Blvd.$3,760,000
Stephen N. and Trudi L. Weber0$3,700,000
Old Se Four LLC1101 16th St.$3,595,000
Richard W. Strefling (trustee) and Richard W. Strefling (revocable trust)123 Bay Point Drive$3,400,000
Jonathan David Vanderveen4019 Bayshore Blvd.$3,185,000
Kung-Ti and Wen-Ying Sung Yen100 11th St.$2,800,000
George David Flanders (trustee) and George D. Flanders (living trust)940 Monte Cristo Blvd.$2,705,000
Tyler E. Murray and Trevor D Yager1934 Hawaii Ave.$2,700,000
Daniel Christopher Tunnell (trustee) and Tunnell Family Trust1943 Brightwaters Blvd.$2,535,000
Jeffrey and Christine Besse1920 Arrowhead Drive$2,200,000
Stephen L. and Susan C. Kuehn4780 Dolphin Cay Lane 108$2,100,000
Jasmine Green Tea LLC5900 22nd Ave.$1,975,300
Kelly B. and Hunter J. Cone1249 Snell Isle Blvd.$1,850,000
Alto Asset Co. 2 LLC672 28th Ave.$1,805,500
Randy Rada and Susan Overby791 Ponce Del. Leon Drive$1,650,000
Eric D Roslansky and Ruth Jenna C.7849 10th Ave.$1,625,000
Robert L. and Catherine L. Nelke1220 Monterey Blvd.$1,600,000
Robert Scott and Barbara Ann Monheit400 Beach Drive 1901$1,595,000
Miga Holdings LLC735 Fifth Ave. 12$1,585,000
Deborah and Timothy Van Solkema331 Bayview Drive$1,575,000
John Norman Kaneklides4900 59th Ave.$1,525,000
Mark Severini and Mikhele Williams-Severini1 Beach Drive 1106$1,500,000
Jing Fu and Joseph Chow555 Fifth Ave. 1033$1,500,000
Steve L. Couch259 Sixth Ave.$1,500,000
Nicolas and Rita Saikali1136 Tortuga Circle$1,475,000
Chad and Amie Boggs930 Weedon Drive$1,450,000
Zoya N. Demidenko (trustee) and Polo Marco (trust)1055 Marco Drive$1,450,000
Jared S. and Nancy L. Yagmin7965 Ninth Ave.$1,350,000
David Michael Epperson2081 Kansas Ave.$1,347,800
Aaron and Jillian Jamison516 17th Ave.$1,300,000
Troy Patrick Noonan and Melissa Ann Sullivan620 Apalachee Drive$1,265,000
David Marc and Kristeen Tiffanee Bulluck1336 51st Ave.$1,250,000
Diane Mullins-Holman and Micah K Rem Mullins-Gabel9355 Oak St.$1,250,000
Charles V. and Lisa M. Piazza4999 62nd Ave.$1,245,000
Raymond J. Biscoglia (trustee) and Biscoglia Raymond J. Family Trust1079 Snell Isle Blvd.$1,150,000
Brandon Roosevelt and Rachel Ranscht2320 Andalusia Way$1,100,000
Michael J. and Mara B. Matthes175 First St. 2808$1,100,000
Uptown Flats LLC633 Eighth St.$1,090,000
Grant Thomas and Christina Majeed Sparks243 Estado Way$1,080,000
Alabama 1031 Property Exchange Inc.306 Eighth Ave.$1,075,000
Casey and Amanda Sanders520 Bay Laurel Court$1,050,000
Anthony S. and Kristin S. Sochet151 21st Ave.$1,040,000
Stephen E. and Pamela K. Kruchten998 Lake Placido Court$1,037,000
Thomas J. Roth II1261 79th St.$1,010,000
Joshua D. Kamenecka and Michelle L Carter128 11th St.$990,000
Jane and John Farrell1266 Snell Isle Blvd.$985,000
Angela Marie Haynes and Kenneth Stephen Robinson131 Toledo Way$975,000
Micol Peterson123 Sands Point Drive$975,000
Monica T Schimanski and Scott J Schlapinski2751 66th Way$964,800
Dtsp Hospitality Ventures LLC424 Second St.$962,000
Ziqing Jin1991 Illinois Ave.$960,000
Graham II and Jill Edwards1641 Eighth St.$955,000
Robert A. and Lynn W. Murray300 Beach Drive 201$950,000
David Lee McCaffree Jr. and Elizabeth Erin McCaffree506 18th Ave.$945,000
Robert Buker and Karen Roche2001 Massachusetts Ave.$925,000
Safori Investment LLC535 12th Ave.$920,000
Frank R. Toppo4315 46th Ave.$912,500
Rajiv K Sharma1843 Bayou Grande Blvd.$890,000
309 7TH Street S LLC309 Seventh St.$875,000
Matthew Alan Newman2001 Carolina Ave.$870,000
Wayne O. and Lisset G. Hanewicz793 20th Ave.$861,500
Linda S. and Patrick W. Kane7965 10th Ave.$857,500
Anderson M Badaro6171 Bayou Grande Blvd.$855,000
Diamond Heart Properties LLC425 Third St.$825,000
Gerald M. Kane1288 80th St.$815,000
Tracy Ann Dilawri6025 Sun Blvd. 303$805,000
David and Cindy Christoffersen3936 48th Ave.$800,000
William and Sheila Laut3800 Bayshore Blvd.$785,000
David and Erin Brown4725 Lansing St.$780,000
Mathias and Michelle Wiktorsson138 12th St.$775,000
Coastal Casitas LLC2409 Fourth Ave.$775,000
Barbara A. Denny872 Second Ave.$775,000
Henry G. and Maria Riner1431 75th Circle$767,500
Shane C. and Melissa R. Cosser4260 13th Way$755,000
Giuseppe and Kristina Faraci112 Bay Point Drive$750,000
Sheila E. and Thomas H. Wallen1997 Massachusetts Ave.$750,000
Devonshire Custom Homes LLC1341 Monterey Blvd.$750,000
Timothy R Parris2599 Bay Isle Drive$750,000
Lori S. and Hodges J. Martin III131 15th Ave.$742,500
Jonathan Edward Myers Keebler7929 Ninth Ave.$737,000
Arthur S Fyvolent and Jaymie Beller535 13th Ave.$735,000
Paul F. and Laurie L. Foti1896 Sailfish Road$730,000
621 15TH Street N LLC621 15th St.$725,000
Kris Helenek and Rebecca Chambers795 26th Ave.$725,000
Vello and Evelyn R. Toomepuu3390 Maple St.$725,000
Brian L. and Lori Ann Chase4019 32nd Ave.$725,000
Jeremy M. and Christine R. Sensenig255 Ninth Ave.$725,000
Jeffrey Craft (trustee) and Jeffrey Troy Craft (revocable trust)840 23rd Ave.$717,000
Latasha R Barnes461 Capri Way$715,000
Deborah Lynn Origer (living trust)536 19th Ave.$710,000
Jayme Ribeiro-Neto and Marina D Coelho5751 Leeland St.$708,000
Eph 2 Assets LLC2121 28th St.$698,300
Israel and Tracy A. Reyes8262 30th Ave.$695,000
Calvin L. Moy316 16th Ave.$690,000
Scott T. and Helene Malatesta220 Lamara Way$675,000
Susan Marie Black407 Eighth Ave.$675,000
Danyelle Paul and Michael Harris1205 79th St.$673,300
Syed H. Raza (trustee) and Raza (living trust)6083 Bahia Del. Mar Circle 563$672,500
Karen and Alan L. Levine231 Rafael Blvd.$670,000

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