Top 100 Harrington, Delaware home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Harrington, Delaware in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 181 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $185,000 in Harrington.

Top 100 home sales in Harrington for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Richard Romanoff14688 Dupont Highway$600,000
Terence W. and Tiesha Walker Patterson and Tiesha Walker-Patterson78 Beebe Road$490,000
Christie Lynn Miller and Robert Connor Orton97 Pond View Lane$430,000
Abigail Dunn and Christopher Carmean and John P. and Patricia M. Dunn392 Woodyard Road$419,000
Vincent Oreste Guasto696 Staytonville Road$412,500
Old Republic Diversified Services Inc.3135 Ingram Branch Road$390,000
Richard H. Short3135 Ingram Branch Road$390,000
Stanley Paul Huey Jr.536 McCauley Pond Road$374,444
Herman III and Natashia Littleton537 McCauley Pond Road$340,000
Not Available382 Sika Drive$340,000
Daniel and Patrick and Traci Berry1382 Gallo Road$339,000
Andrew Nemchick3625 Milford Harrington Highway$339,000
Cheri and Faron Kiser1476 Woodyard Road$328,000
Rafael Gonzalez163 Hogtown Road$326,000
Duane Shaffer348 Beaver Pond Circle$325,000
Emerson S. and Nancy F. Brooks25 Wrens Way$318,000
Daniel E. Beyer107 Deer Valley Road$315,000
Robert E. Florio638 Road 37$314,900
Courtney L. and Jeremy M. K. Hacker564 Hogtown Road$310,000
Alan and Linda Landis638 Road 37$309,855
David C. and Nancy M. Smith3505 Milford Harrington Highway$307,234
Chad E. and Lindsay S. Luzier211 Sika Drive$300,000
Alex M. Snyder and Katherine L. Wallace3625 Milford Harrington Highway$300,000
Norma L. and Richard W. Lee3505 Milford Harrington Highway$294,000
Joseph H. and Tabitha M. Frantum3505 Milford Harrington Highway$286,275
Deron O Jacobs and Cassandra J Oflahrity16 Wrens Way$285,000
Warfel Construction Co. Inc.102 East St.$275,000
Lisa A. McKinney840 Milford Harrington Highway$274,900
Alyssa Blight453 Sika Drive$269,900
Haley Jean Sheets382 Hopkins Cemetery Road$265,000
Donald A. and Donna M. Daley287 Cams Fortune Way$263,000
Bonnie J. and Stephen G. Jaspers1028 Milford Harrington Highway$263,000
Laurie A. Corsa247 Cams Fortune Way$257,500
Timothy S Tyree Sr.132 Minner St.$252,719
Jody A. and Lacey R. Wilson8436 Vernon Road$251,350
Debra L. and Scott H. Wallick997 Abagail Circle$250,000
Sharon K Lavallee-Lawrence and Sharon K Lavallee Lawrence308 West St.$249,900
Buck Henry and Amanda Lee and Henery Hawkeye MacDonald2976 Paradise Alley Road$249,900
Arthur C. and Barbara A. Harris1318 Beebe Road$248,000
Karen Miller599 Little Mastens Corner Road$246,982
Frederick J. Caldwell6285 Milford Harrington Highway$245,000
Jennifer and Raffy Mercedes17 Dorman St.$245,000
Adrianna and Ray C. Stukes39 Foal Court$242,700
Israel Luis Roman174 Cams Fortune Way$242,000
Gail B Corum805 Chew St.$240,828
Adam Benton3508 Ingram Branch Road$240,000
Reginald Quail II89 Foal Court$240,000
Jarel E Scott501 Little Mastens Corner Road$238,389
Kathi George Levan501 Little Mastens Corner Road$237,900
Charles W. and Patricia L. Dehoff3395 Road 291$235,000
Gloria D Mergenthal and William S. Nophlin306 Cams Fortune Way$235,000
Catherine Freyer500 Sika Drive$233,500
Cheryl Lynn and Kenneth Beacher Foster402 Melrose St.$232,000
Ashley Marissa Babich and Stephen James Babich Jr.814 Chew St.$232,000
David Wayne Vanhekle Jr.2066 Ingram Branch Road$231,500
Justin Lake Porter204 Center St.$230,000
Samantha Elizabeth Brewer248 Delaware Ave.$230,000
Sherry Aguilar809 Chew St.$230,000
Kyle N Stoffel915 Ambler Court$230,000
Mary Ann Nuzzi119 Mechanic St.$229,000
Michael A. Sargent812 Chew St.$228,675
Lori Leigh Cahall100 North St.$228,000
Andrea R Veiga Bergeron, Daniel J. Bergeron Jr. and Andrea R Veiga-Bergeron350 Cams Fortune Way$226,000
Shanelle D Robertson807 Chew St.$225,000
Reginald A. and Vicky L. Maguire408 Melrose St.$224,900
Justina J Ramdat and Tyler M. Smith811 Chew St.$222,400
Glendon Chmielewski808 Chew St.$222,232
Michael Vavala Jr.675 Vernon Road$221,795
Nicole Lynn Walls and Roger Brent Walls Jr.714 Bethayres St.$221,600
Cassandra Brooke Dill and Alisha Mary Mobley3034 Farmington Road$220,000
Nicholas Mollica406 Melrose St.$220,000
Mary Beth Hayes599 Little Mastens Corner Road$219,900
Marquise and Tiffany Foreman404 Melrose St.$215,500
Carol D Livingston210 Harrington Ave.$215,000
Connor Robert and Carolyn Story1420 Pea Hill Road$215,000
Annette R. and Michael E. Lawrow5394 Park Brown Road$214,000
Christopher and Meagan Kerr204 Harrington Ave.$210,000
Charlotte A. and Robert J. Weber213 Weiner Ave.$210,000
Donald C. Craig Jr.108 Foal Court$210,000
Ian Thad Jarrell309 Calvin St.$205,000
Alex S. Hafer11 High St.$198,000
Gary Simpson Contracting LLC3099 Fox Hunters Road$195,000
Torrie Huk101 Milby St.$194,900
Melissa L. and Ronnetta E. Purnell102 Wolcott St.$191,900
Larry Lee Bishop III2647 Whiteleysburg Road$190,000
Phillip L. Detamore10 Ward St.$190,000
Alan F. and Donna M. Johnson18497 Dupont Highway$190,000
Verna Albert Jr.473 Wolfpit Ridge Road$190,000
Jordan S. and Randy A. McCloskey2 New St.$185,000
Jordan S. and Randy A. McCloskey2 New St.$185,000
Taylor and Tyler J. Smith102 Third St.$185,000
David MacGregor335 Old Airport Road$185,000
Jennifer Martin24 Reed St.$183,900
Yamiler Garcia Garcia and Abel Ng Rodriguez Sr.24 Reed St.$182,000
William T. Spell II858 Gallo Road$180,000
Bryce R Berger403 Shaw Ave.$179,000
Delacy Lauren and William E. Doherty II105 Liberty St.$179,000
Ryan Sanchez-Hayward2 Ward St.$175,000
Brittany Corl2517 Woodyard Road$175,000
Tiffany Ashley Wolfe317 Weiner Ave.$175,000

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