757 homes sold in Clearwater, Florida with a median home sale price of $210,000 in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Clearwater, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to BlockShopper.com.

In 2020, there were 757 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $210,000 in Clearwater.

Top 100 home sales in Clearwater for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Steven Nguyen and Tam Thi Vu821 Bay Esplanade$1,980,000
Stonehaven Properties LP600 Wildwood Way 104$1,850,000
Leo R. and Elena Teytelbaum331 Cleveland St. 2601$1,575,000
Marco Clearwater LLC11 San Marco St. 401$1,440,000
Darwin and Janet Lewis1560 Gulf Blvd. 1007$1,420,000
Souad Saad1180 Gulf Blvd. 1502$1,400,000
Kathleen A. Cocking1200 Gulf Blvd. 704$1,325,000
Guillaume and Heather P. Grousset625 Island Way$1,294,000
Jeffrey J. and Danijela Matthews2964 Eagle Estates Circle$1,237,500
Barry B. and Nicola L. Littlejohns501 Mandalay Ave. 709$1,165,000
Francine D Martucci and Lisa Marie Lense3062 Eastland Blvd. 107$1,115,000
Dennis Brian Lydon1834 Venetian Point Drive$1,100,000
Michael and Marissa T. Guarino1370 Gulf Blvd. 401$1,070,900
Camille H. and Imtiaz H. Chowdhry11 San Marco St. 803$1,055,000
Nicholas S. and Carolyn D. Akins521 Mandalay Ave. 610$1,045,000
Justin R. and Lucia Muntean1520 Gulf Blvd. 1502$1,030,000
OREOF19 Br LLC2838 Gulf to Bay Blvd.$1,000,000
Tz Investment Group LLC1148 Howard St.$950,000
David Zlotolow717 Bay Esplanade$925,000
Sudhirkumar C. and Shilpaben S. Patel1579 Preserve Way$925,000
Nmle Properties LLC15 Glendale St. A-9$910,000
Clio and Ioannis Doukakis135 Devon Drive$900,000
Michael A. III and Julie Ann Cirillo224 Midway Island$900,000
Flb Holdings LLC1170 Gulf Blvd. 505$900,000
Janet E. and Christine L. Talbert1170 Gulf Blvd. 1804$875,000
Michael George and Ann Skiera202 Windward Passage 205$799,000
Rante B. and Maria Teresita O. Ilagan2452 Channing Circle$799,000
Brian J Aungst Jr. and Cary A. Aungst2251 Lauren Lane$795,000
Eugene and Christine M. Leland765 Eldorado Ave.$790,000
Joshua Robert and Brooke Mahler Anderson842 Harbor Island$775,000
Joshua and Jordan Engelhardt2830 Bullard Lane$770,000
Leif and Cynthia Louise Oskarsson202 Windward Passage 208$765,000
Adam J. and Brittany Noelle Talley1432 Ridge Top Way$750,000
Alan and Stephany Dawson246 Dolphin Point$740,000
Diana A. Kyrkos-Davenport1310 Gulf Blvd. 4E$740,000
Linda S Marshall1310 Gulf Blvd. 7E$730,000
Ana Lidiette Bonilla1586 Gulf Blvd. 2302$722,000
Rudre Property Investments Inc.1180 Gulf Blvd. 2204$715,000
Brian and Andrea Steiner501 Mandalay Ave. 606$710,000
Nian Song Wan and Leyun Shao501 Mandalay Ave. 408$710,000
Samir and Marie Armanious1200 Gulf Blvd. 1006$705,000
Thelma R. Lopez and Corinne Cook2251 Glenmoor Road$705,000
Ogand LLC612 Bay Esplanade$700,000
Joseph V. and Evelyn Lobianco692 Bayway Blvd. 403$699,000
Iwona Misiuta859 Bruce Ave.$698,900
Beach Dennis P and Beach Tiffany M505 Mandalay Ave. 63$690,000
George and Rasha Solomon313 Leeward Island$685,000
Francisco Acosta and Natalia Wiecek-Acosta125 Leeward Island$679,000
Carlos F Rivera Sr. and Tania S Rivera1170 Gulf Blvd. 304$662,500
E G Properties of Tampa Inc.320 Harbor Passage$660,000
Kd Holdings LLC1390 Gulf Blvd. Ph-5$640,000
Benjamin and Tracey Walling3206 Masters Drive$640,000
John and Tiffany Stevens530 Gulfview Blvd. 205$634,000
Blayne J. Gumm (trustee)1600 Gulf Blvd. 1017$630,000
Tamar E Levy21 Island Drive$628,000
Parveen S Vahora1660 Gulf Blvd. 807$622,000
Amy and Matthieu Bastien1120 Sedeeva St.$620,000
Roman and Carmen Rosario Mesa1480 Gulf Blvd. 701$619,000
Nicholas and Mirel Sessa1600 Gulf Blvd. 416$615,000
Kards Real Estate LLC1540 Gulf Blvd. 1603$600,000
Maria Koustis2826 Chancery Lane$599,900
John M. Gargaro (trustee) and Kali Tangalakis Gargaro (trustee)670 Island Way 1002$595,000
Charles P. Reiche Jr. and Regina Louise Reiche1290 Gulf Blvd. 207$585,000
Daniel and Maria D. Savino220 Skiff Point$575,000
Steven Paul and Dana G. Tanner1540 Gulf Blvd. 304$575,000
Scott Kurtis and Laura Granville1010 Bruce Ave.$575,000
Allen J. III and Katherine Beattie3411 Beech Trail$575,000
Shea and Keely Cox2596 Cumberland Trail$575,000
Robert M. and Gail Taylor3179 Wessex Way$575,000
Steven L Viehl and Santos Adelfi De Los3069 Homestead Court$570,000
807 Turner Street LLC807 Turner St.$550,000
Christopher and Marian E. Makrilos2962 Cielo Circle$545,500
Jeremiah Flowers and Brittany Laviana1480 Ridge Top Way$543,500
Francis T. Lewis1660 Gulf Blvd. 606$540,000
Darrin Piercey and Jay Labelle618 Mandalay Ave.$540,000
Michael Dewyre (trustee) and Grove Orchard (trust)1999 Nursery Road$539,500
Shawn C. and Erica L. Windle331 Cleveland St. 316$538,000
Joan T. Gajewski (trustee) and Robert M. Gajewski (trustee)670 Island Way 801$535,000
Fernando A. Mugica and Fernando A. Mugiea (trust)1250 Gulf Blvd. 606$532,500
Patricia Penna and Katherine Rem Russell2296 Monaco Lane 24$530,000
Elaine M. and Nicasio Urbina1230 Gulf Blvd. 2006$525,000
Donald Stork1270 Gulf Blvd. 1807$525,000
Samantha A. McIsaac2325 Stag Run Blvd.$510,000
Martin W. and Denise L. Palmer1270 Gulf Blvd. 401$507,500
Keith A. Wick (trustee) and Virginia A. Wick (trustee)1480 Gulf Blvd. 109$500,000
Dane and Claire Johansen2480 Stag Run Blvd.$500,000
Paul Bakkalapulo and Bruce W Plaskett1651 Sand Key Estates Court 58$500,000
Saied Shayes and Azira Eskandari-Shayes1230 Gulf Blvd. 1608$500,000
Anna Elizabeth Sanderson3031 Homestead Oaks Drive$500,000
Richard F. and Marina Viljevna Ambrose2883 Fair Green Drive$499,900
Claudio Coppoli500 Osceola Ave.$499,000
Steven Draper973 Bruce Ave.$496,500
Shannon L Bagley and Ryan M. Tusek865 Gulfview Blvd. 105$495,000
Lara and Lucas Altic2397 Wind Gap Place$488,000
Cpi/Amherst Sfr Program Owner LLC2170 Alemanda Drive$481,400
Greg and Lisa Garwood660 Island Way 305$479,000
John Stanley Knof Jr. and Arlene Jane Camus Knof1821 Lakeview Road$473,000
Srmz 1 LLC2069 Powderhorn Drive$471,800
Brent Robert Larosa and Joir Gomes Kamphuis440 Gulfview Blvd. 1405$470,000
Amy Reitmeyer2671 Augusta Drive$470,000

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