261 homes sold in Felton, Delaware with a median home sale price of $255,000 in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Felton, Delaware in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to BlockShopper.com.

In 2020, there were 261 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $255,000 in Felton.

Top 100 home sales in Felton for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Fork Landing LLC4870 Canterbury Road$1,100,000
Timberlake Coursey Point LLC95 River Run Blvd.$600,000
Harold A. Forbes Jr. and Joann D Forbes1960 Cedar Grove Church Road$529,000
Daniel W. Simancek Jr. and Jessika N Simancek205 Waterside Drive$515,000
Tina Escobar and Martha Eunice Mench5972 Hopkins Cemetery Road$500,000
Timberlake Coursey Point LLC95 River Run Blvd.$480,000
Cassandra and Troy Germain95 River Run Blvd.$462,278
Ethel Deloise and Henry Thomas95 River Run Blvd.$452,456
Iman Properties LLC507 Waterside Drive$444,000
Larry and Sandra Zuchelli1696 Irish Hill Road$422,501
Linda Jean and Sidney James Hare95 River Run Blvd.$413,630
Douglas A. and Kimberly C. Howell2543 Spectrum Farms Road$410,000
Kylie G. and Sean J. Kemp306 Waterside Drive$399,500
Barbara Jean and Robert Wayne Raither144 Lexington Drive$390,000
Michael Babers Jr. and Shereina M Miller95 River Run Blvd.$383,265
Harriet R. and Richard F. Jope95 River Run Blvd.$379,574
Trimetrius Monique Dickerson1696 Irish Hill Road$372,204
Nichole Marie Howard95 River Run Blvd.$368,000
Robert Lamb1539 Road 381$363,567
Catherine Maria Marquardt95 River Run Blvd.$363,363
Victoria Susanne Snyder95 River Run Blvd.$360,236
Joyce A. Junious1539 Road 381$356,706
Doris Marie and Michael Lee Flournoy147 Stonebridge Drive$355,000
Vicki T. Simmons (trustee) and Thompson Simmons Vicki (revocable trust)287 Midstate Road$349,000
William D. Browne and Michele R Page95 River Run Blvd.$348,749
Robin I Dennis1696 Irish Hill Road$345,515
Patricia Hudson6084 Hopkins Cemetery Road$345,000
Jake Malcolm Fries and Courtney Lynn Hurd95 River Run Blvd.$343,986
Judd Brook 6 LLC12793 Dupont Highway$340,000
Israel Rivera-Vazquez95 River Run Blvd.$333,096
Michael John Collins and Roberta Lynn Schmid120 Ironmine Road$330,000
Melissa Dalgewicz121 Lexington Drive$325,000
Andre K. and Colleen Campion Anderson312 Belfry Drive$325,000
Elizabeth L. Anderson and Robert A. Morse Jr.58 Mayor Lane$322,000
Christopher Pettyjohn95 River Run Blvd.$321,866
Kaitlyn A. Dewit271 Sierra Circle$319,900
Jason Lance and Rebecca Bell3302 Midstate Road$317,195
Edward F. and Laura B. Eison280 Rockwood Blvd.$317,000
Maureen and Navindranauth Persaud45 Jubilee Court$316,000
Mark E. Katelyn L. and Teresa L. Nettleship Katelyn L.195 Rockwood Blvd.$313,773
Frances H. and Ronald J. Bentivogli95 River Run Blvd.$313,216
Cortney and Jasmine Williams299 Erin Ave.$310,300
Kaitlin N. and Zachary Childress672 Upper King Road$310,000
Joseph and Mercedes Haller60 Belfry Drive$310,000
Robert Kempski3000 Midstate Road$310,000
Alan and Rosemary C. Souza3302 Midstate Road$310,000
James and Janet M. Flannery488 Rushden Lane$310,000
Cheryl R Goodman95 River Run Blvd.$308,217
Amanda L. and Christina M. Melisi71 Rockwood Blvd.$306,628
Grant Joseph Gammons1696 Irish Hill Road$306,605
Christopher Michael Green Jr.2178 Sandtown Road$305,000
Jane S. and Todd H. Simonsen3000 Midstate Road$305,000
Mary E. May180 Plymouth Road$305,000
Jeanel Lofland1696 Irish Hill Road$304,642
Roseann Kelly95 River Run Blvd.$304,430
Mark Arnold Freerks77 Birmingham Court$304,000
Andrew Phillips280 Rockwood Blvd.$302,219
Caitlin and Theodore Watson204 Garey Drive$300,000
Brittany Sterling and Jacob Ryan Head24 Crestwood Drive$300,000
Tamson M Mook46 Birmingham Court$300,000
Laura McDowell and Todd Michelau185 Redstone Court$299,900
Ruth Eric Allen117 Paige Place$298,000
Raymond P. Burton4406 Andrews Lake Road$295,630
Ruth A. Williams and Tyrel A. Williams Sr.55 Rockwood Blvd.$295,000
Robert William and Shelbi Lynn Wallis3302 Midstate Road$295,000
Felton Carlyle and Linda Sue Adams15 Roesville Road$295,000
Richard P. Handran II3000 Midstate Road$293,795
Kerry Johnson95 River Run Blvd.$292,564
Jarrod and Jennifer Jensen147 Stonebridge Drive$292,000
Christy Lynn and Jason E. Karras311 Rockwood Blvd.$291,663
Neil S Nelson195 Sierra Circle$290,500
Emmanuel Lockhart284 Belfry Drive$290,000
Philip Schueler252 Rockwood Blvd.$290,000
Frederick L. and Heidi Z. Baustert3598 Midstate Road$290,000
Justin P. MacEdonio18 Andrews Lake Road$289,900
Dakota E. and Michael A. Tielleman95 River Run Blvd.$287,432
Louise and Thomas J. Emery179 Rockwood Blvd.$286,939
Robert J. Spanier Jr.294 Paradise Alley Road$286,000
Carola Jones and Michael P. Lovett450 Rushden Lane$286,000
Marcella Lynn Russell and Rory J Russell Sr.93 Belfry Drive$285,000
Louis A. and Tameka M. Weaver297 Rockwood Blvd.$284,958
Adele R. and Cameron J. Galbreath3302 Midstate Road$283,819
Nicholas G. and Rebecca L. Jackson8533 Canterbury Road$282,500
Lori E Savage129 Rockwood Blvd.$281,211
Maurice Eubanks and Eunique Fortune19 Ponds Edge Court$281,000
Steven M Lenkiewicz and Sylena M Miller3302 Midstate Road$281,000
Jaime Kelley81 Marshyhope Road$280,000
Jacqueline A. Brown and Creswell Moore Sr.404 Belfry Drive$280,000
Mark W. Day391 Aston Villa Drive$280,000
Gregory Russell Miller3897 Frederica Bypass$279,085
Klay Steven Kieler184 Garey Drive$279,000
Diane M. and Ronald A. Lowery3302 Midstate Road$279,000
James and Peggy Enslen1588 Chimney Hill Road$277,015
Anna Celebucki and Clarence J. Fietje136 Plymouth Road$277,000
Dale and Kaylynn Lepore3000 Midstate Road$276,588
James Scully54 Tiburan Court$275,800
Lefils Florestal and Louis Wisline Saint12 Paige Place$275,000
Ronald Edwin and Rose Marie Prasse3302 Midstate Road$274,850
Matthew W. Costa3302 Midstate Road$274,776
Teresa A. Curry3843 Frederica Bypass$274,606

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