Lutz, Florida had a median home sale price of $242,000 of 195 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Lutz, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 195 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $242,000 in Lutz.

Top 100 home sales in Lutz for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Cgp III Sunlake FL Owner LLC19049 State Road$4,800,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association23434 State Road$4,475,000
TRC Collier LLC1800 Collier Parkway$1,025,000
Bruce W. and Tamara L. Spatz1834 Daiquiri Lane$900,000
Amelia and Cory Ray Gentz1412 Big Moss Lake Road$795,000
Leaderess LLC17801 Hunting Bow Circle$610,000
Ashley D. and Stephen Renato Ferriani2012 Meadowbrook Drive$575,000
Jodi and Thomas A. Stohlmann1565 Woodfield Court$560,000
Judith Ann and Robert Florczyk17270 Raintree Road$530,000
Chalice and Joseph White22847 Sonoma Lane$520,000
Heather B. and Ian H. Styles0$475,000
Thomas G. Allen and Harriet Maraya1566 Woodfield Court$449,900
Sabine S. and Thomas J. Ellwanger1017 Waybrook Court$425,000
Adam and Sara Stevens17033 Wintergreen Court$424,000
Julie and Scott Jennings2334 Brenthaven Crossing$418,300
Kelvin A. and Leomaris C. Capellan22851 Sonoma Lane$395,000
Rozanne D. and Steve Ted Gentry1124 Fox Chapel Drive$388,000
Floyd G. and Kerry D. Brisco22509 Magnolia Trace Blvd.$385,000
Gina M Woodward and Paul C. Woodward Jr.1220 Country Close Drive$378,000
Cassie Elizabeth and Timothy Luke Hellmers1245 Wisper Run Court$376,000
Yan Ke and Xiaoming Liu1842 Highland Oaks Blvd.$370,000
Carmen and Fiddniel Mark Guilarte2406 Meadowbrook Drive$369,900
Leslie Nicole and Leslie William1432 Waterwood Drive$360,000
Travis Gucciardo and Danielle E Vollmer1116 Fox Chapel Drive$355,000
Alina and Erin Cooper23226 Cypress Trail Drive$355,000
Daniel Klemmer18018 Driftwood Lane$350,000
Amanda and Matthew Osborn1053 Lake Como Drive$350,000
Katie Kasey and Nathaniel Andrew Moats22550 Laureldale Drive$350,000
Jerry and Stephanie Honeycutt1521 Waterwood Drive$349,900
Shawn Walters17451 Cedarwood LP$345,000
Heather and Jeremy Sidlauskas1205 Country Close Drive$340,000
Thomas Gaige and Dewey Eugene Turner22629 Laureldale Drive$336,800
Thomas Lee Cook17260 Raintree Road$325,000
Amanda F. and Trevor J. Easterling2100 Meadowbrook Drive$320,000
Irma and Richard T. Magill17017 Wintergreen Court$315,000
Monica J. and Thomas E. Murty24844 Oakhaven Court$315,000
Zoerene Antoinette Mitchell1745 Crooked Oak Lane$314,000
Sasoon Haghverdi1615 Audubon Trail$310,000
Brenda L. and Paul G. Knighton1326 Pristine Place$310,000
Diane and Manuel I. Linarte23741 Lakewalk Court$307,500
Christina M Forrester22423 Willow Lakes Drive$305,000
Paula Stewart1312 Fox Chapel Drive$304,000
Hunter Henderson22602 Laureldale Drive$300,000
Maria Bakhareva and Mark Seenarraine1108 Dockside Drive$300,000
Nicole L Shaffer1801 Audubon Trail$295,000
Kevin J. and Leanne M. Stiffler24705 Laurel Ridge Drive$295,000
Lindsey Michelle and Thomas Edward Flanagan II24851 Laurel Ridge Drive$292,000
Aaron Montoya and Julissa Perez24815 Laurel Ridge Drive$290,000
Joanne L Gamache0$290,000
Steven G Weiss24116 Lakerush Court$287,000
Gary E. Brittany N. and Grace A. Payne Brittany N.24716 Portofino Drive$285,500
Sph Property Three LLC1801 Audubon Trail$281,000
Kevin Michael and Lindsay Courtney23727 Oakside Blvd.$280,000
Hector J Colon24506 Karnali Court$280,000
Tai Tran24342 Branchwood Court$279,000
Ryan S. Godar24735 Siena Drive$277,000
Sheena T Danh and Heather D. and Sean V. Nguyen22615 Laureldale Drive$275,000
Zaid S Al Hakeem and Doaa Salah Al Den Al Tawabini24148 Royal Fern Drive$275,000
Dejesus Maritess Account and Entrust Group Inc.24240 Denali Court$273,000
Juana Castillo Perez and Yimmy Alexander Aguilera Zelaya1614 Papoose Way$270,000
Sn Florida a LLC and Sn Tampa LLC24821 Silversmith Drive$270,000
Briget K Faille and Garrett D Mixon24304 Branchwood Court$270,000
Jose A. and Luisa Rosaura Lorenzo24332 Mistwood Court$270,000
Ariel Zayas Gonzalez20625 Leonard Road$265,000
Robert E. and Vicki L. Bennett21251 Aaron Court$265,000
Marlene Barrientos De Alcala and Danilo J Alcala Rondon22632 St. Thomas Circle$265,000
Brittney and Mikeal Smythe24927 Portofino Drive$265,000
Barbara Fridley1517 Canoe Drive$264,900
Real Ruby Del and Gregory James Ogin24305 Silkbay Court$263,500
Yaylin Hidalgo Cruz and Pedro R Aguilera Gonzalez24509 Mistwood Court$263,000
Brenda L. and David A. Oakes24533 Siena Drive$262,500
Ellen Rafer1700 Gardner Drive$260,000
Elias Alcequiez and Odalis Cruz22327 Willow Lakes Drive$259,900
Nicole Alger and James Scheeringa24343 Mistwood Court$257,000
Roxana Batista and Roberto Gonzalez Garcia1027 Westwood Drive$256,000
Rebeca V Espinoza and Andrea S Garcia26935 Carla Place$255,000
Linda M. and Robert K. Dixon24815 Silversmith Drive$255,000
Dourest Robinson24646 Victoria Wood Court$255,000
Maria Luisa Gorayeb and Mary Elena Sanchez24634 Siena Drive$254,900
Reinaldo Becerra Barrera, Rosa M. Barrera Martinez and Sergio Gonzalez Perez24302 Satinwood Court$254,000
Suncoast Development LLC20319 State Road$253,100
Douglas Christopher and Morgan Clark23811 Lakehills Drive$253,000
Daniel G. Beltram26905 Magnolia Blvd.$252,500
Giancarlos Lopez24401 Summer Wind Court$252,000
Limel and Steven Cardenas24829 Panacea Court$251,000
Angela M Parker and Armin M Steuber III1932 Brainerd Court$250,000
Tricia Michele McCalister and Adrian Omar McCallister1427 Windjammer LP$250,000
Paul F. Mills and Stephanie Soliz24325 Breezy Oak Court$250,000
Eva Maria Montalvo24430 Breezy Oak Court$250,000
Hector Rafael Gomez Sanchez24431 Mistwood Court$249,000
David and Paola R. Spear1905 Woodcut Drive$248,000
Michelle King and Jordan Skerlick1336 Edgewater Court$246,000
Yancie Liz Claudio1944 Woodcut Drive$246,000
Joseph D Jarmusz17036 Bridlepath Court$245,500
Michael P. Flanagan21349 Aaron Court$243,000
Nathan Vandam1221 Dockside Drive$243,000
Elizabeth Wong1835 Candlestick Court$242,000
Jennevie M Burgos and Jose L. Pabellon24327 Mistwood Court$242,000
Cesar Alvarez Camacho and Tieasha Irizarry1600 Baker Road$240,000
Kathy Jean Wasson24724 Laurel Ridge Drive$240,000

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