Pinellas Park, Florida had a median home sale price of $194,750 of 178 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Pinellas Park, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 178 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $194,750 in Pinellas Park.

Top 100 home sales in Pinellas Park for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Gs 49TH Street North LLC7725 49th St.$1,631,500
Michael Wasef and Simone Boutros7359 Sawgrass Point Drive$1,228,800
Beau Properties LLC4030 78th Ave.$1,034,000
Malcolm David Walker Jr. and Suzanne Elizabeth Walker7268 Bryce Point$900,000
Semy Pinellas Inc.6300 34th St.$720,000
My Le T Schmid and Thanh Truc Thi Nguyen7042 64th St.$573,000
Dustin M. and Natalie S. Janis5912 106th Terrace$432,000
HH&a of Tampa Bay LLC4841 84th Terrace$400,000
Daksha and Anand Patel6595 59th Lane$390,000
Jane Taylor7075 Bayou West Place$385,000
Jessica L. Andringa6024 90th Ave.$335,000
John S. Creel (trustee) and John S. Dynasty Creel (trust)9999 64th St.$328,800
Kevin and Lisa Joy McDermott3896 103rd Ave.$324,000
Joseph R Krehbiel6955 59th St.$310,000
Alvina Lawrence6301 81st Ave.$310,000
Tammra Wallace5911 69th Ave.$308,000
Jeff A. Thornsberry and Katherine Fotopoulos9970 66th Way$300,000
Karen L Fygi9000 41st St.$295,000
Ashley Marie Hood and Vinicius Fiabani4148 102nd Place$289,000
Adrian Wassmer7141 64th Way$287,000
Ngo Vo VI and Thu Nguyet Thi Le6756 70th Ave.$284,900
Amanda Campbell and Gerardo Martinez11015 Elmhurst Drive$281,000
Alexandra Miele and Michael Feet9480 56th St.$280,000
HH&a of Tampa Bay LLC4800 83rd Terrace$279,000
Charles J. and Bridget J. Malone7841 42nd St.$277,000
Richard and Torie Staton10880 63rd Way$275,000
Fatos and Desdemona Mecollari10264 Oakhaven Drive$275,000
John Robert Ash and Teresa Rena Blundell7480 121st Ave.$275,000
Lana Amarante De Bastos and Jesse L. Rappaport6320 Cedarbrook Drive$275,000
Kyle James and Diedre Diane Lathrop7089 121st Ave.$274,900
Muharem Ahmetovic6680 Woodland Blvd.$270,000
Adam and Lisa Crowley6923 Briarwood Ave.$270,000
Donald L. and Barbara J. Lavey4080 Mainlands Blvd.$270,000
Carol J Buehrle9165 40th St.$265,000
Lou Ann and Kara R. Wagner9110 35th St.$265,000
Dennis and Rebecca Givens5259 71st Ave.$265,000
Lisa Long7510 75th Way$265,000
Tu Van Pham and Sary Thi Danh11004 Maxton Way$264,800
Emily Kebarian6351 55th St.$260,000
John B. Rosenberger and Doris B. Howdeshell9309 41st St.$260,000
Deesa G Parmar4221 66th Ave.$260,000
Wayne and Nicole Desmith6470 64th Way$258,700
Roger Gerardo and Bethany Araya11307 Longhill Drive$258,000
Frank Lloyd Kloza5830 94th Ave.$254,800
Charlotte Smith9798 41st St.$253,000
Thomas Elliot and Madison A. Southern5830 64th Terrace$252,000
Diane M. Justice (trustee) and Justice Family Trust9304 41st St.$250,000
Collin Joseph Travers and Alexandra Brooke Nelson10001 61st Way$249,900
Leonardo A. Kasas Garcia and Betty Blanco Acosta9801 55th Way$249,000
Jacob Lissau5027 96th Terrace$245,000
D Phyllis Berlage4455 96th Ave.$245,000
Allen Wayne Madore3935 Lake Blvd.$243,000
Safet and Sadzida Gradascevic8690 52nd Lane$240,000
Kevin Miller and Stephanie Milller9611 61st Way$239,000
Martha J. Boggs and Fernando Rivera9745 Mainlands Blvd.$238,000
Jose Fernando Zuluaga and De Los Rios Christina Garcia5841 86th Ave.$237,500
Clara I. Garcia and Benedetto Mitrano7789 75th St.$237,500
Joshua and Miranda Ferret7010 71st Ave.$237,000
Tonia Armes7274 62nd Ave.$235,900
Michael G. Progen3824 97th Ave.$235,000
Erika Kagahastian6777 77th Terrace$235,000
Mary Ellen Brown4385 94th Ave.$233,000
Paul Brent and Desiree Marie Curtin8420 59th Lane$232,000
Ricky and Tressa Larson6433 79th Ave.$230,000
Destiny Hasse6374 81st Ave.$230,000
Courtney Dingley5860 67th Ave.$230,000
Benjamin H. Barbera and Erin P Ramesar7901 44th St.$228,000
Lee A. Wright6820 99th Ave.$225,000
Michael R. Dallman and Linda J Dallmann4411 95th Ave.$223,500
Dean T. Anderson (trustee) and Barbara Joan Anderson (trustee)9932 34th Way$223,500
Ngan Thi Kim Lam5800 63rd Terrace$221,000
Luis Ernesto Brioso and Magda Ania Lopez Reyes6498 76th Terrace$220,000
Mary Katherine Crutchfield (trustee) and Mary Katherine Crutchfield (trust)9211 42nd Way$220,000
Douglas Loren and Maxine Esther Rusnell9890 34th Way$220,000
Mariusz and Jolanta Baginski6747 Deer Pond Lane$219,500
Crystal K Arbaugh6157 62nd Ave.$218,000
Dorwayner and Russell Oriol9165 52nd St.$215,000
Robert E. and Kathleen N. Duckro3817 97th Ave.$215,000
Niles L. and Kristina L. Parker9253 55th St.$212,000
Marcos Martin6450 84th Ave.$210,000
Mary J. Grant4478 Lake Blvd.$205,500
Offerpad SPVBORROWER1 LLC11307 Longhill Drive$205,200
James and Leslie Grevenites9631 45th Way$205,000
Stanton L Vaughn12118 77th St.$202,000
Jose Antonio Garcia Montes and Nargys Rodriguez Dorta8748 56th Way$200,000
Saint-Surin Rebecca and Augustin E Pimentel8101 54th St.$200,000
Frank J. Lamantia and Mary Katherine Lamania9625 44th St.$200,000
Amanda Mae Fetzner and Barbara Mae Miller4690 87th Ave.$197,000
Larry Zafke4362 96th Ave.$195,000
Chester John and Susan Maienza Yungaitis4415 99th Ave.$194,500
Karli Ann Heimbecker and Jeremy Roldan3851 107th Ave.$193,500
Christopher Bryant and Celena Johnson8740 69th St.$190,300
Veronika A. Beard9607 41st Way$190,000
Ryan Nelson and Holly Marie Gonzalez9631 61st Way$190,000
Timothy A. Rudderham8330 56th St.$185,000
Jarrett Eschmann4121 70th Ave.$185,000
Curtis A. Potter and Caroline E. Hash6580 70th Ave.$185,000
Francis C. Rodrigues7810 64th St.$183,000
Joel and Ashley Mendez8371 55th St.$180,000
Harry M. and Shelley Voris Rine9843 39th St.$180,000

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