Top 50 Gulfport, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Gulfport, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 96 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $239,000 in Gulfport.

Top 50 home sales in Gulfport for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Carlos E Reyes-Diaz and Dianilda Rios-Reboyras6104 Kipps Colony Drive$2,430,000
Denise Carinci-Welsch and Peter M. Welsch2817 46th St.$1,171,000
Jennifer Lesar and Toni Atkins5619 Shore Blvd.$1,015,000
Patricia Jill Ashley (trustee) and Patricia Jill Ashley (revocable living trust)2710 Skimmer Point Drive$810,000
Mitchell Ryan and Marquita Lillian Moccia6052 Pasadena Point Blvd.$749,800
Thomas M. O'Grady and Afton O'Grady5945 Bay Drive$715,000
Pamela A. and Gregg M. Kile5008 27th Ave.$600,000
John Anthony Fusco1208 Freemont St.$599,000
Averbeck Lari and David G. Koehler5314 26th Ave.$524,100
Ronald D. and Bette M. Wildgust5940 Pelican Bay Plaza 801$480,000
Tyco Leasing LLC (trustee) and Leasing Tyco (trust)2950 58th St.$445,000
Alison Lescarbeau2408 58th St.$420,000
Margaret M. Flynn and Rick Rubow2507 51st St.$389,000
Larry Lucas6250 13th Ave.$379,000
Roger A. and Mary Garlick Roll6060 Shore Blvd. 711$375,000
Gaet C. Tyranski (trustee) and Tanja Kern Tyranski (trustee)6113 Pasadena Point Blvd.$373,000
Thomas Terranova and James Scribano5004 24th Ave.$369,000
Tyler and Marra Piazza Brass2716 Miriam St.$360,000
Laura and David Alan Ezell5900 Shore Blvd. 201$360,000
Land & Home Realty LLC1805 53rd St.$350,000
Allison Cass5302 28th Ave.$350,000
Lynda and Dorothy Lyday5501 13th Ave.$347,000
Jonathan David Ward and Sara Kaitlyn Claire Kane800 61st St.$340,000
Gabriela Carbone and Bessie Blake Howard4811 Coronado Way$335,000
Shanda and Anthony Trofe925 Freemont St.$330,000
Ronald Edward Drager Jr. and Bet Ann Drager1707 59th St.$330,000
Barbara N. Brooks5437 Delett Ave.$329,000
Steven Gregory Lapha and Keith Baber5721 18th Ave.$325,000
Suzanne McGugin-Haynes2219 Beach Blvd.$320,000
Laura Botsford and Jonathan Phillips4920 27th Ave.$309,900
David Tyler Carnall and Kimberly Anne Polignani6314 10th Ave.$303,500
Conrad Tenenbaum and Danielle Farrell5214 29th Ave.$300,000
Eva M. Heisel and John W. Heisel Jr.6075 Shore Blvd. 105$300,000
Karen L. Allen (trustee) and Tammy A. Dewell (trustee)6013 Tangerine Ave.$300,000
Michael David and Dione Rene Edwards5613 15th Ave.$293,400
527 529 E First LLC5609 Tangerine Ave.$289,900
Pamela J Claassen5131 24th Ave.$289,000
Andrew Joseph Burns-Short and Cathleen A. Burns5824 Seventh Ave.$289,000
Paige Crocus2019 56th St.$282,500
Eric D Laforest and Amanda L. Hargett5713 20th Ave.$281,000
Tammy Anderson5417 20th Ave.$276,000
Cynthia L Dipompo2526 51st Way$274,000
Mary Ann Smith1424 York St.$260,000
Pamela A. and Gregg M. Kile5008 27th Ave.$255,000
Christopher N. Lang and Marilyn S Baker2614 Beach Blvd.$245,000
Susan Myers and Deborah K O'Hare3114 59th St. 214$245,000
Kent and Teresa Mills6075 Shore Blvd. 606$244,000
Kyle T Zinn2306 52nd St.$240,000
Matthew C. Migliaccio5725 19th Ave.$238,000
Nicole Renee Bartlett1844 58th St.$236,000

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