Top 50 Plainfield, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Plainfield, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 56 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $410,000 in Plainfield.

Top 50 home sales in Plainfield for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Vladmir and Sylvia E. Barranca13311 Rosewood Lane$540,000
Gregory P. and Rebecca A. Bogdan833 Plainfield Road$535,000
Cartus Financial Corp.13216 Wildwood Place$515,000
Eric Scott and Lesli Anne Langel13216 Wildwood Place$515,000
Edwige Fute Massu and Jean Brice Ngouen13315 Rosewood Lane$512,500
Leonard Ringo26600 Lindengate Circle$495,000
Julie and William Lepinske27029 Rustic Wood Lane$490,000
Robert C. and Colleen N. Williams26504 Tall Spruce Drive$486,000
Daisy Oppan James27110 Thornwood Blvd.$485,000
Melinda Brooks13015 Grande Pines Blvd.$480,000
Simon Parmar and Khushbu A. Shah27102 Thornwood Blvd.$475,000
Andrew and Ashley Leoni12845 Grande Pines Blvd.$460,000
Nosir Turaboev13613 Arborview Blvd.$460,000
Steve B. Lowenthal12911 Grande Pines Blvd.$457,000
Laura and Wade M. Haymond12903 Peppertree Drive$445,000
Sean and Angela M. Shiplett13303 Morning Mist Place$440,000
Adam and Crystal Brock26519 Silverleaf Drive$435,000
Rhonda Hagopian26818 Basswood Circle$434,000
Christopher J. Schneider26433 Silverleaf Drive$426,000
Daniel C. and Renee Powers12724 Grande Pines Blvd.$425,000
Martese Barner and Matoyia Henderson26744 Lindengate Circle$423,000
Melissa J. and Tom J. Kolodziej26816 Ashgate Crossing$421,500
Marvin H. II and Desiray V. Glass12914 Grande Poplar Circle$420,000
Amanda and Daniel Tufano13400 Lindengate Court$420,000
Anthony D Hill12927 Timber Wood Circle$415,000
Robert Powers Lehr and Amanda Marie Lewis26425 Rustling Birch Way$414,500
Christopher C. and Janice M. Abadilla26736 Lindengate Circle$414,000
Polina Andonova Georgieva26509 Silverleaf Drive$413,000
Rubindra Bariya and Sajina Shrestha26525 Rustling Birch Way$407,000
Stephen B. and Angela M. Furcron13603 Arborview Blvd.$405,000
Brian R McKenzie13609 Arborview Blvd.$405,000
Robert W. Harris26537 Rustling Birch Way$398,000
Nicole and Cynthia Colletti13323 Morning Mist Place$388,500
Victor Verde13307 Morning Mist Place$385,000
Danine and Derek Friese26602 Grande Poplar Court$380,000
Edward Abdul Rahaman and Judith Hoffman Squire27032 Thornwood Blvd.$375,000
Jesse C. and Mandy Medura12933 Grande Poplar Circle$370,000
Samir B. and Arpita S. Patel27027 Thornwood Blvd.$370,000
Jemal and Jill Johns12818 Grande Poplar Circle$358,000
Prince E Alormele27005 Ashgate Crossing$358,000
Barkath Ali Mir and Fatima Kamal Syeda13621 Arborview Blvd.$352,000
Dwayne D. and Toni A. Williams26621 Silverleaf Drive$330,000
Jeffrey Pearson26925 Ashgate Crossing$325,000
Kurt A. and Joni S. Phares13014 Grande Poplar Circle$320,000
Luis Gonzalez26625 Silverleaf Drive$290,000
Derrick Lashawn Calhoun12700 Wild Rye Court$289,500
Angela and Joseph Myles26505 Countryside Lane$288,000
Alejandro A. Valencia12921 Grande Poplar Circle$278,000
Gyb Real Estate LLC27027 Thornwood Blvd.$271,500
Brent and Staci Turner12706 Wild Rye Court$270,000

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