Top 50 Frederica, Delaware home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Frederica, Delaware in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 60 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $234,277 in Frederica.

Top 50 home sales in Frederica for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Jason Burress and Tonya Dory209 Market St.$1,460,000
Todd M Ritchey4022 Barratts Chapel Road$400,000
Alexandra J. and Jadow A. Hughes161 Glenhurst Drive$305,000
Walter B. and Wendy M. Omans3193 Barratts Chapel Road$300,000
Rachel Swick and Ryan Thomas Mavity1756 Skeeter Neck Road$300,000
Brian Jones108 Carpenter Bridge Road$290,000
Courtney and Lilly Martinez6936 Carpenter Bridge Road$287,000
Joseph E Loyack III6936 Carpenter Bridge Road$283,500
Steven A. Jayme6936 Carpenter Bridge Road$279,900
Eric L Jones29 Sweeping Mist Circle$279,500
Mitchell L Bursey Jr. and Madelyn M Renda466 Carpenter Bridge Road$279,000
Amy J. and Eric R. Justice6936 Carpenter Bridge Road$274,800
Joshua Patrick Horning183 Glenhurst Drive$273,000
Jamie and Ryan Forslund7000 Carpenter Bridge Road$272,240
Alberta Jean Miclette90 Frederica Road$271,000
Aaron and Alondra Sylvas6936 Carpenter Bridge Road$269,900
John and Sharon Tweed332 Mulberrie Point Road$269,300
Katie E. Kotowski7000 Carpenter Bridge Road$263,500
John Caleb Martin Gamboa6936 Carpenter Bridge Road$261,800
Josette Breeden6936 Carpenter Bridge Road$260,000
Deborah A. and James A. Wilson52 Frederica Road$258,000
Elizabeth Marie Darsney and Mark Anthony Dupree Jr.473 Carpenter Bridge Road$255,000
Benjamin Nakili Valmoja6868 Carpenter Bridge Road$254,000
Constance A. Conley475 Skeeter Neck Road$253,000
Derek Mindziak154 Swaim Ave.$252,900
Miranda Gallegos and Marc A. Mesa7000 Carpenter Bridge Road$252,000
Candyce Greene6936 Carpenter Bridge Road$251,862
Donna Jo Fuller and Steven Jon Newkirk1773 Skeeter Neck Road$249,900
Kody Frye and Kortney Hill1164 McGinnis Pond Road$239,900
Johnsenia FE Brooks122 Frederica Road$235,000
Delea and Ronald MacKlin468 Frederica Road$233,553
Regina Devigili32 Front St.$225,000
Isabel Celeste Algarin and Thomas Alan Rogers6929 Bay Road$222,000
Kristin M. and Michael W. Dixon250 Buffalo Road$215,000
Douglas B. and Jeanette Kendall21 Jackson St.$210,000
Phillip Fitzwater29 David St.$201,000
Kevin E Stanley Sr. and Nicole D Stanley7 Frederica Road$189,900
Christopher D. Hoerner66 Coleman Ave.$189,900
James and Tori Finley899 Skeeter Neck Road$188,000
Sonia Tejada17 Front St.$175,250
Benjamin S. Mutchler10 Lowber St.$168,000
Katherine and Kieran May162 Front St.$160,000
Kyle Baker11 Frederica Road$155,000
Jarred R Knorr122 Jackson St.$143,000
Bridget Danner215 Market St.$134,000
Christiana Johnson254 Market St.$121,000
Nichole Renee Scott5 Purnell Ave.$114,000
McF Properties LLC7 Purnell Ave.$97,000
Natasha Perez633 Front St.$77,000
Christine Elizabeth Birely (revocable trust), William Clement Birely Jr. (trustee), William Clement Jr Birely (revocable trust) and William Clement Birely Jr and Christine Elizabeth Birely5062 Johnny Cake Landing Road$60,000

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