Top 100 Fairview, Texas home valuations for 2020

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These are the top 100 home valuations for Fairview, Texas in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 309 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $397,000 in Fairview.

Top 100 home valuations in Fairview for 2020
Leland and Melinda Wells1161 Stone Creek Drive$1,015,814
Haley and J. C. Nmn Abbott7494 County Road 963 963$110,964
Family Time (trust)301 Hawks Wood Drive$1,170,000
Galloway Family (living trust)651 Oakmont Court$1,330,268
Michael David Gouvion911 Foxglove Trail 2169$1,337,000
Rhonda T. and Terry A. Clouthier827 Dewberry Lane$1,404,000
Marycollet Okon575 Meandering Way$1,418,470
Carpenter Bob Real Estate LLC650 Maple Creek Drive$1,435,000
Peter A. Stanford1379 Sagebrook Drive$151,583
Eric W. and Julie C. Rembold2010 Remington$1,530,449
Gigi Family Trust1394 Sagebrook Drive$176,748
Hendrik Aalburtus Groen and Martina Lee McIsaac905 Tranquility Drive$1,818,000
Alex and Lori Guerrero914 Foxglove Trail$1,900,410
Bentham Walker III and Leah B. Stradley706 Bending Oak Trail$2,081,000
Nancy A. Simpson1444 Cattle Baron Road$245,606
Carpenter Bob Real Estate LLC1465 Cattle Baron Court$246,460
Vanessa, Paul A. Bullock Ogle (trust) and Mary Palmquist1324 Shinnecock Court$247,507
Clifford Leslie and Holly Christina Forslund and Anna Lise and Erik Templin859 Scenic Ranch Circle$248,188
Clifford Leslie and Holly Christina Forslund859 Scenic Ranch Circle$248,188
Philip and Corinne Zappolo (trust)853 Scenic$251,511
John A. III Baker (living trust)1303 Shinnecock Court$254,000
Ava and Robert Bayless677 Scenic Ranch Circle$255,675
Craig James Stephens1435 Cattle Baron Road$257,717
Christina K. and Jerome L. Schuetz1323 Shinnecock Court$259,366
Marco Umberto Giorgetti (revocable living trust)723 Scenic Ranch Circle$259,785
Ivan L Rudiger845 Scenic Ranch Circle$261,212
Mehro Mah Khan and Muhammad Shaharyar and Shahid Azhar Siddiqui377 Fairlanding Ave.$262,921
Michael Christopher Weadock1314 Shinnecock Court 1149$263,267
Diane Decarlo and William Gibson Williams717 Scenic Ranch Circle$266,749
Carpenter Bob Real Estate LLC1440 Cattle Baron Road$270,551
Stefani Glover and James Robert Schuessler5594 Jameson Crossing$271,772
Lana J. Kaiser (revocable trust)372 Parkvillage Ave.$272,920
Joyce Frank1372 Shadow Creek Drive$275,000
Sylvie Breton and Lyne C Stephens1437 Cattle Baron Road$275,219
Lyne C Stephens1437 Cattle Baron Road$275,219
William B. Ebersberger919 Medinah Drive$275,949
Cecilia A. Kronstad330 Wrangler Drive$276,937
Michelle Ellen Duke709 Scenic Ranch Circle$278,953
Duke (revocable trust)709 Scenic Ranch Circle$278,953
James and Susan Pritchard (living trust)660 Meandering Way$279,205
Jamie M Rose971 Winged Foot Drive$282,127
Heath Alan Hammett953 Winged Foot Drive$285,000
Gbolahan and Idowu Ajose741 Country Club Road$286,127
Stephani Siekierski631 Scenic Ranch Circle$286,738
William Lee Herold923 Shoal Creek Drive$288,117
William Lee Herold923 Shoal Creek Drive$288,117
Margaret Saigling1459 Cattle Baron Court$288,383
Hector I MacEdo353 Rio Bravo Drive$289,585
Reba Pesnell931 Oakland Drive$291,872
Thomas E. Manders Jr. and Timothy C Manders988 Winged Foot Drive$293,000
Gail Coyle (living trust)823 Mustang$300,301
Greg and Joann Siedelmann1391 Sagebrook Drive$303,165
Helen P. and Richard J. Laker935 Sycamore Court$304,027
Nancy Oliver351 Wrangler Drive$306,963
Emily B. and William T. Brady341 Wrangler Drive$309,352
Jesse Wade1305 Quaker Drive$313,404
Christine Anne Graf813 Mustang$313,404
Christine Anne Graf (revocable living trust)813 Mustang$313,404
Sally Copus929 Sycamore Court$313,404
Cecelia Rosales5393 Conestoga Drive$313,492
Max W Kenney202 Pine Valley Court$313,493
Linda S. and Richard P. Frei919 Grand$316,027
Allen Murph Posey Jr. and Billie J Molpus Posey914 Medinah Drive$318,839
Maria E. Whitworth511 Scenic Ranch Circle$321,002
Charles Earl Quillen Jr. and Margaret Besondy Hagen Quillen511 Scenic Ranch Circle$321,002
Jennifer Lynne Paine5391 Conestoga Drive$322,022
David A. and Debra R. Rieck1397 Shadow Creek Drive$324,000
Alexis Lane and Reece Matthew Hansen366 Fairlanding Ave.$325,538
James R. and Victoria A. Deerman286 Cheyenne Drive$325,823
Jennett Fay and Steven P. Azzinaro368 Fairlanding Ave.$325,951
Donna J. and John P. Marshall and Marshall Family Trust5589 Linhurst Court$326,700
Kayla Carey and Travis Michael Feaster351 Spring Meadow Drive$327,639
Rebecca R. Rihn351 Hitching Post Drive$331,278
Barbara J. and Steven Scott Bauer1307 Quaker Drive$331,349
Pamela Liles and Ronald Loyd Fraze908 Sycamore Court$331,349
Kathryn L. Wenrick1303 Quaker Drive$331,750
Janice K. and Ronald K. Jantz1303 Quaker Drive$331,750
Traci Miller383 Saddleback Drive$331,864
Jill and Rick A. Dillahunty428 Branding Iron Way$332,536
James M. and Suzanne Harrison963 Winged Foot Drive$335,349
Brandon & Crystal Hudson (revocable trust)352 Benton Ave.$337,019
Angela E. and Randall W. Roberts509 Scenic Ranch Circle$338,397
Ghazi and Nabila Shah375 Fairlanding Ave.$338,733
Linda Hartman973 Winged Foot Drive$339,349
Mark Edward Olson1395 Shadow Creek Drive$340,372
Kathleen Filbert407 Braddock Drive$342,885
Dinah G. and Patrick Casey Sullivan740 Scenic Ranch Circle$342,920
Donald W. and Murvie J. McGuire and Natasha Leonne Trompler1373 Ranch House Drive$345,909
Bernd and Jeannette Kaffanke and Bernd Kafffanke676 Scenic Ranch Circle$346,721
Joo Sim and Sau Chiat Samuel Kong5587 Emerson Court$346,995
Randle & Jackie Barnett (revocable trust)404 Braddock Drive$348,330
Kieron W Wiley460 Scenic Ranch Circle$350,209
Elton & Lauretta Johnson (revocable trust)5587 Jameson Crossing$350,560
Michael E. and Sharon A. Buquoi426 Black Diamond Court$351,034
Corine A. and James M. Evans738 Pelican Drive$352,000
Shirley A. Weis (trust)1009 Shoal Creek Court$352,355
Gregory G. and Teresa B. Wilson646 Scenic Ranch Circle$352,863
Luann and Reid Dolly5674 Hummingbird Lane$353,025
Johnetta Voss5593 Linhurst Court$354,136
Marguerite M. Fox381 Saddleback Drive$354,164

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