Top 50 Scenic Oaks, Texas home valuations for 2020

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These are the top 50 home valuations for Scenic Oaks, Texas in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 74 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $258,665 in Scenic Oaks.

Top 50 home valuations in Scenic Oaks for 2020
Barrett C. and Jessica M. Squires8103 Cooper Corral Circle$194,260
Rene G Juarez and Yukiko Okuno7810 Chilton Stage$197,130
Guaranteed Rate Inc.7810 Chilton Stage$197,130
Abigail Jean and Travis Aaron Glisson7815 Dunhill Coach$209,070
Timothy Herbert Jones and Gabriela Valdes7822 Calvary Stage$212,030
Bryan A. Guerrero and Lydia Trejo8022 Cooper Pass$213,180
Greg Allen McLain8118 Cooper Corral Circle$213,250
Quicken Loans LLC8115 Cooper Mill$215,560
Quicken Loans LLC8116 Midway Depot$216,970
Public8116 Midway Depot$216,970
HOGGATT GUADALUPE G24314 Brazos Stage$220,000
Quicken Loans LLC8026 Cooper Pass$223,300
Elsa Passeri24426 Brazos Stage$234,910
APPLEGATE LEE ANN24804 Forum Circle$236,000
John C. and Ruth Haywood8232 Midway Depot$237,610
Bexar Bones Investments Series 28110 Waterview LLC28110 Waterview Drive$238,000
Suzanne Lutton, Marcella N Martinez and Mark C. Rodkey7819 Dunhill Coach$241,430
Joseph Andrews and Jennifer Espinosa7827 Dunhill Coach$243,370
Quicken Loans LLC7827 Dunhill Coach$243,370
Carlos A. Davila and Maria Guadalupe Hernandez24718 Brazos Stage$244,090
Directions Equity LLC24718 Brazos Stage$244,090
Jerry G. and Stephanie M. Greeson24526 Drew Gap$247,520
Najiyyah Ismail8066 Maddie Lane$250,000
Judy K. and Michael W. Gorrell24402 Drew Gap$250,680
Julian Correa Gonzalez24319 Haeli Park$251,900
LEVERATTO CONSUELO||ROE ROSANNA M25006 Cooper Valley$253,150
Stephen Novosad8006 Maddie Lane$253,270
Daniel H. Merkel8018 Cooper Pass$254,980
Adam Hofman8019 Cooper Mill$255,980
Quicken Loans Inc.8062 Maddie Lane$256,190
Colton James Richard Noll and Stephanie Stanley24710 Brazos Stage$256,730
Quicken Loans LLC24710 Brazos Stage$256,730
Jose and Leslie Palomares24307 Grace Park$256,870
Angela Y. and Roy B. Reyna24414 Treaty Creek$257,200
Offerpad SPVBORROWER1 LLC7911 Midnight Stage$257,360
Jessica Smith7911 Midnight Stage$257,360
Lee Evans and Sarah Viaggiano Wright8011 Midway Depot$258,420
Donald and Hannah Yanowsky24406 Buck Creek$258,910
Nicholas Anthony Gregoire8102 Cooper Mill$260,550
Daivd Norman Jr. and Krista E Norman7915 Midnight Stage$263,000
Belinda Anita Cook8030 Maddie Lane$267,170
BM Real Estate Services Inc.8030 Maddie Lane$267,170
Kyle Brown8123 Cooper Corral Circle$268,360
Quicken Loans LLC8018 Maddie Lane$269,270
QUICKEN LOANS LLC24410 Drew Gap$282,000
Raymond Garcia Jr.7930 Chilton Stage$285,210
Ntfn Inc.7930 Chilton Stage$285,210
Chad A. and Christine Gammage24914 Cooper Valley$285,790
Loanleaders of America Inc.7810 Calvary Stage$287,580
Jeffery M Ginn8107 Midway Depot$289,120

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