Top 100 St. Peters, Missouri home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for St. Peters, Missouri in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 878 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $212,000 in St. Peters.

Top 100 home sales in St. Peters for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Ronnie II and Nathacia Brooks309 Jessie Court$998,583
Kathy L Brashier34 Woodmere Circle$715,000
Steven Charles Felder and Tracy Benton-Felder86 Tuscany Trace Drive$645,000
Aleksandr and Aleksandra Skorubskiy521 Lexington Landing Drive$620,000
Shane E Stanley303 Woodmere Drive$551,000
Nathaniel James and Amber Rose Hotz907 Bridle Path Lane$496,500
James Stowers Taylor1423 Hudson Landing$490,000
Aditya Anil and Siddhi Aditya Gupta60 Davenport Court$460,000
David and Karen French1442 Hudson Landing$450,000
Ali Mohamed Shaker2808 Oetting Drive$450,000
Tyler MacKenzie and Chelsea Marie Masters117 Woodmere Trail Court$449,000
Jae Yeon and Yun Cho489 Coussot Parc$440,000
Paul Daly245 Victory Lane$430,000
Atef Khalil and Nawal S Sedhom816 McCauley Way$430,000
Erik and Renee Kirksey600 Bluff Manor Circle$430,000
Jihad and Fatemah Hamad478 Speyer Place$429,600
Zachary Keller and Mariel Cotton54 Lansdowne Court$425,000
Luis G. and Anita M. Martinez160 Woodland Place Court$425,000
Filip Brachkov832 McCauley Way$415,000
Wilson and Melanie Reyes12 Homestead Court$415,000
Richard J. and Sandra G. Kunza24 Ellington Oaks Court$408,075
Justin and Lauren Higginbotham906 Bridle Path Lane$400,000
Bernard E. and Theresa L. Wilkerson17 Hickory Hill Drive$400,000
Ryan and Jennifer Bastien3503 Eagles Hill Ridge$400,000
Seth Herrell3636 Meadowglen Court$397,900
Mallory A. and Troy C. McClelland302 Country Meadows Drive$395,000
Nathaniel III and Cynthia Stokley391 Portsmouth Drive$390,530
Said and Samira Belhadj4204 Millers Ridge$390,200
Manuel Justin R. and Manuel Katie L.12 Cruzatte Ave.$390,000
Eric Lin and Luzhou Wu1332 Spring Park Drive$389,000
Bradley M. and Ashley Marie Lewis4 Fort Sumter Court$385,000
Tamara Dusch699 Bluff Manor Circle$385,000
Stephen and Sarah Grizzle479 Speyer Place$380,500
Nicholas E. and Elena J. Vance2218 Bay Tree Drive$380,000
James G./Janet S. Renna4200 Stonecroft Drive$375,000
Thomas J. and Jessica L. Lucido14 Spring Lake Court$375,000
Michael G. and Cindy E. Wittich29 Ridge Mount Court$375,000
Ashley R. Lombardo1513 Gettysburg Landing$372,000
Travis and Cassie Legg6 Potomac Court$370,000
Justin C. and Chalanda J. Fischbach73 Wolf Meadow Court$370,000
Ronald S. and Alexandria L. Wurmb100 Long and Winding Road$365,000
Jarod M. and Emily R. Jones185 Berry Manor Circle$365,000
Charles A. and Julee A. Wardle164 Fort Sumter Way$365,000
Steve A. and Treci M. Collender404 Katy Lane$365,000
Broken Plate LLC332 Park West Drive A$365,000
Alexander and Evelyn K. Scrivner307 Serenity Crossing Court$365,000
Michael H. and Heidi E. Keen101 Oak Forest Drive$365,000
Daniel Kemper and Kristen Donoghue5110 Hayston Court$365,000
Sandeep Reddy Katika and Pragna R Mungi422 Newkirk Circle$365,000
Timothy G. and Karen J. Bay933 Natchez Drive$363,000
Broken Plate LLC307 Park West Drive A$362,800
Brian and Melisha Billups1126 Nashville St.$360,000
Daniel E. and Jennifer E. Bozwell56 Circle Way$360,000
Albert Chirenje and Tarisai S Nyahocki512 Newkirk Circle$360,000
Alisha R McCoy and Terence L McCoy Jr.30 Whittington Court$359,900
Amanda L. Lappe5203 Shetland Drive$357,000
Mark D. Halsell and Vicki S Richardson-Halsell311 Revolution Drive$355,000
Gary and Cari Breckel149 Fort Sumter Way$353,000
Karen and Richard J. Wirtz2381 Canyon Drive$352,000
Adam and Lauren Kraus11 Country Crossing Estates Drive$350,000
Glen Hudder713 Camden Crossing Drive$350,000
Joseph Genenbacher and Stephanie Marie Smith1436 Hudson Landing$350,000
Shelly M Bloomfield102 Quiet Grove Court$350,000
Michael Vola400 Sorano Way$350,000
Jamie Smith258 Montecito Terrace$349,900
Christine E. and Kevin S. Coons146 Siena Drive$347,000
Rebecca A. Hall1428 Gettysburg Landing$345,000
Yousaf Jalil and Haseena Mazhar Ali412 Newkirk Circle$345,000
Matthew R. and Samantha I. Sotheran3 Rio Vista Drive$345,000
Kevin M. and Elizabeth B. Weber54 Treeshade Court$345,000
Levi Buck234 Fox Ridge Drive$343,800
Ruth David T. and Ruth Cheryl L.408 Viaduct Roma Court$342,000
Brett and Lauren Bognar132 Berry Manor Circle$340,500
Adam Cole608 Timberidge Drive$340,000
Travis J. and Ann E. Robinson25 Bunker Drive$340,000
Debra K Knapheide5110 Hayston Court$340,000
Katherleen Rose Tatum154 Blue Water Drive$340,000
Ram Srinivas Sevenhills3659 Bluff Valley Court$338,000
Thomas R. Hornoff557 Wyatt Drive$335,000
Thomas and Courtni Aries322 Meadow Place Court$335,000
Rahul Acharya and Kavya Sharma2800 Spruce Ridge Court$334,000
Matthew R. and Michelle R. Martin133 Venice Circle$333,000
David Hecke and Amber Rollins3008 Riverwood Drive$331,000
National Residential Nominee Services Inc.720 Hilton Park Drive$331,000
Mark and Donna Whitwell720 Hilton Park Drive$331,000
Paul A. Reid1510 Hudson Landing$330,500
Justin and Lindsey Fox12 Wheeler Court$330,000
Albert and Jacqueline Becker4133 Stonecroft Drive$330,000
Aaron J. and Renee D. Trenshaw516 Crown Passage Drive$330,000
William and Monica Kircher641 Country Squire Circle$330,000
Hitesh and Jessica N. Sachdev1615 Crimson Hills Drive$330,000
Cynthia and Gerald Landry1525 Gettysburg Landing$330,000
Srikanth Racha932 Squirrels Nest Court$330,000
Richard Michael and Mirjana Franco733 Winterfield Drive$329,500
Kelly and Jonathan Fite74 Boschert Creek Drive$328,900
Susan Dalpini137 Woodland Place Court$326,000
EK Real Estate Fund I LLC413 Savannah Ridge Drive$325,000
Karen and Dale Schuette12 Fishers Hill Drive$325,000
David Burgdorf and Shannon O'Dell4896 Greenburg Drive$325,000
Joseph V. and Brittany E. Cacciottoli1466 Plantation Manor Court$325,000

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