Top 100 Orlando, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Orlando, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 3,223 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $236,000 in Orlando.

Top 100 home sales in Orlando for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Bcore MF Indigo West Owner LLC6101 Raleigh St.$90,500,000
Abaco Key Gardens LP10712 Mystic Circle$71,944,500
Spreit River Reach LLC and Starwood Capital Group1628 River Reach Drive$44,582,300
Village Palms Partners LLC3700 Curry Ford Road$43,000,000
Dg Industrial Portfolio I Property Owner L P6310 Hoffner Ave.$11,000,000
Spirit Master Funding X LLC7601 Kingspointe Parkway$9,206,600
Esh Orlando LLC5885 Lakehurst Drive$9,100,000
Riverbend Orlando Holdings III LLC3320 Maggie Blvd.$7,850,000
Dg Industrial Portfolio I Property Owner L P4506 L B McLeod Road$6,350,000
Jesus Answers Prayers LLC10205 Tavistock Road$3,400,000
DM2 Realty LLC4439 Parkway Commerce Blvd.$3,240,000
Calvin Butler and Butler Family (revocable trust)9137 Sloane St.$3,200,000
4420 Properties LLC4420 Orange Blossom Trail$3,060,000
Thomas B. and V. Paige Dyer9114 Sloane St.$2,570,000
Roderick H Dillon Jr. and Marina Dillon10449 Cromwell Grove Terrace$2,524,600
Hill Ltd.3121 Orange Center Blvd.$2,200,000
Byeong Hun and Heejae Choi an and An (living trust)9842 Sloane St.$2,150,000
415 Kaley LLC1818 Atlanta Ave.$2,140,000
Michael and Diana Metzger9270 Sloane St.$2,098,000
Paul and Diane Wood1690 Harston Ave.$2,000,000
Touchless Cover LLC10150 Central Port Drive$1,985,000
Femi T. and Kathleen M. Shote10380 Kensington Shore Drive$1,895,000
Masbeah Realty Conway Fulfillment Center Orlando FL Ada Compliant Ltd. Partnership4840 Hoffner Ave.$1,870,000
Richard D. and Marla I. Carnes10435 Woodward Winds Drive$1,825,000
Jason W. and Whitney L. Ackman4397 New Broad St.$1,812,500
De Lummen Thibaut and De Lummen Kristen Elizabeth Van Marcke2307 Lakeside Drive$1,450,000
Ryan P. and Natasha T. Rudd260 Osceola Ave., Unit Ph-1$1,399,000
Louis Simonette and Rigaud Augustin8003 Palm Lake Drive$1,375,000
Peter Lewis and Casey Pullen Wills2633 Meeting Place$1,349,000
Jeffrey and Julie Tecau4625 New Broad St.$1,305,000
Hyer Street Investment LLC1015 Livingston St.$1,300,000
Martin and Nicole Berman8509 Lake Nona Shore Drive$1,300,000
John Jiang Cen and Ning Huang1015 Nottingham St.$1,289,500
Andrew Hanzlik and Hanzlik Margaret Osemlak150 Robinson St., Unit 35B-4$1,250,000
David C. and Lynn G. Sheffield9624 Bryanston Drive$1,250,000
Patrick L. and Shannon L. White1800 Lake Shore Drive$1,240,000
Brandon and Ashley Ronca8987 Bevington Lane$1,215,000
David Allen and Joan Denise Crandall9840 Covent Garden Drive$1,210,000
Myrna R. and Oscar Aguirre100 Eola Drive, Unit 906$1,200,000
Omar Shawky Abdelrahman and Irina Fedorova1225 Chichester St.$1,170,000
Orlando Health Inc.45 Pennsylvania St.$1,112,500
7M Rental 2 LLC8105 Colonial Drive$1,100,200
AA Central Florida Holdings LLC13701 Apopka Vineland Road$1,100,000
D T Repair Services I Inc.711 Amelia St.$1,100,000
Richard V. and Linda J. Baldocchi750 Alba Drive$1,077,500
Jason Todd and Lauren Rose Roth2832 Lincroft Ave.$1,075,000
Pablo Roberto Lopez Alvarez, Wendy Paulina Gallardo Torres and Paulina Gallardo Lopez2906 Lincroft Ave.$1,060,000
David H. and Mary Darden Coe1301 Lake Shore Drive$1,035,000
Michael and Norma Yontz9743 Covent Garden Drive$1,015,000
Park Lake Investors LLC730 Highland Ave.$1,000,000
DASH428 LLC1201 Amelia St.$1,000,000
Julian O'Connell and Marcelli O'Connell9650 Blandford Road$975,000
Ledford Properties LLC608 Central Blvd.$975,000
814 Church Partners LLC814 Church St.$970,000
Bree Anna and Timothy Bush1911 Robin Road$950,000
Joseph David Largura602 Concord St.$930,000
Reynolds Kevin (trust)1613 Illinois St.$925,000
David R. and Sara W. Ellis2047 Forest Club Drive$925,000
Jorge Lopez and Aida Matta1 Eola Drive, Unit 23$900,000
Julie Marie and Daniel R. Markiewicz1101 New Hampshire St.$895,000
Justin and Sherry Manor1210 Shady Lane Drive$888,000
E. Juarbe Jacqueline (revocable trust)13600 Lake Mary Jane Road$875,000
Scott J. and Mary B. Johnson1725 Alameda Ave.$875,000
Brian George and Robin Ann McCaul16 Vanderbilt St.$872,500
Troy A. and Christina Perry Myers1522 Jefferson St.$850,000
Myra Echerd Cox3676 Parkland Drive$845,000
John W. III and Dorothy E. Watson505 Baker St.$839,000
Jonathan David and Stephanie Hale Wallace5194 Fenwood Lane$835,000
Pamela S Kehoe4304 Wardell Place$832,500
Vito A. Petrozzino and Grajales Ana Maria Garces150 Robinson St., Unit 26C-2$827,500
Wgmd Fund LLC100 Eola Drive, Unit 1006$825,000
Michael C. and Jennifer A. Dowse and Dowse Family Trust9356 Thurloe Place$820,000
Steven W High and Lynn a High1202 Yates St.$811,000
Caleb Spalding and Emily Houston Vogt2109 Elizabeth Ave.$807,000
David B. and Jennifer E. Canning9770 Sloane St.$800,000
Matthew and Amanda Walter2423 Chelsea St.$797,000
James and Cari Reinhardt1535 Lake Shore Drive$795,000
Timothy David and Laura Lyn Cass14142 Eliot Ave.$782,500
Lauren Giudice2639 Stanfield Ave.$782,000
Charles A. and Carol V. Cody6635 Hidden Beach Circle$780,000
Victor Teixeira and Ana Paula Barros Freitas8000 Oakland Place$775,000
Todd Tingley1172 Fern Ave.$775,000
Travis N Damon2526 Harrison Ave.$771,500
Amy J. and Frankie A. Belzer III8244 Oakland Place$760,000
Jacob Francis Cremer8 Interlaken Road$760,000
Eric A. and Susan G. Davis4020 Tuskawilla Road$750,000
Tara Bachinsky and Daniel Thomas Hartman4899 Keeneland Circle$745,000
Charles Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Fish3655 Lake Drawdy Drive$745,000
Cartus Financial Corp.2995 Stanfield Ave.$737,500
Albinas and Stacey Lapinskas14109 Bella Lane$729,900
Martin Scurll2995 Stanfield Ave.$726,300
Robert Brooks and Lynley Davis Hines1327 Belleaire Circle$725,000
Raechele M McMahan1699 Lakeside Drive$725,000
Lance S Williams0 Golfview St.$724,900
Anita L. Fairbanks Agreement of 1997 (revocable trust)7409 Pointe Venezia Drive$716,500
Selvin Dottin8632 Spindletop Drive$715,000
Castillo Evelyn Ortiz and Andres Castillo4308 Upper Union Road$712,500
Brian and Kimberly Hettinger, Percy Kevin and Percy Jill603 Hillcrest St.$710,000
Stephanie Bernet Terrill1141 Princeton St.$708,000
Michael J. and Amy L. Miller427 Raehn St.$705,000

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