Top 100 Lake Park, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Lake Park, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 132 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $225,000 in Lake Park.

Top 100 home sales in Lake Park for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
SW 2ND St. LLC200 Park Ave. 1$1,875,000
519 W Kalmia Drive LLC519 Kalmia Drive 1$1,250,000
Jessica Lynn Perdoch1419 Flagler Blvd.$640,000
Bridget Baker203 Foresteria Drive$500,000
Gloria and Krishna Stephen Siew114 Bayberry Drive$425,000
Del Plata Investment Group LLC305 Cypress Drive 1$410,000
Yostim Perez and Robert Quintero256 Foresteria Drive$400,000
Ocean Trust LLC414 Lake Shore Drive$399,800
John Mazzanoble1439 Flagler Blvd.$390,000
2923 Hope Valley Paid LLC351 10th St. A$390,000
Kelsie and Kyler Renneker338 Date Palm Drive$376,000
Carol White-Rudin and Charles P. Rudin104 Greenbriar Drive$375,000
Gregory and Mary Tisdale544 Teak Drive$350,000
Kirstyn N. and Michael R. Marozzi811 Northern Drive$343,500
Susan M. Meyer801 Lake Shore Drive 101$342,500
Kenneth Lynel and Judy-Ann Latoya Denton Ware608 Kalmia Drive$330,000
Jonathan B. Long640 Ilex Drive$325,900
Alexander Dinu301 Lake Shore Drive 606$325,000
Michael Fredrik Sonderegger315 Hawthorne Drive$322,000
Richard Gollarza and Carolina Liendo406 Hawthorne Drive$315,000
Edwin Ensio Puronen and Suzanne Markle521 Teak Drive$315,000
Mildred Parker (revocable living trust) and Mildred Parker (trustee)401 Lake Shore Drive 604$315,000
Nga Thi Anh Ngo and Quoc Bao Truong Nguyen645 Date Palm Drive$310,000
Richad Sherman Shedd301 Lake Shore Drive 408$310,000
Forest Development Condo Owner LLC220 Lake Shore Drive 9$305,700
Bernard Numa Karly Jean and Marie D. Jones356 Cypress Drive$305,000
M. Bauer Janet (revocable trust)301 Lake Shore Drive 501$305,000
Brien Hedstrom301 Lake Shore Drive 608$305,000
Katherine G. and N. Charles Ehinger551 Teak Drive$304,500
Evergreen Drive 424 Inter Vivos (revocable trust) and Claudia Marcella Garrell (trustee)424 Evergreen Drive$302,250
Juan Manuel Lopez and Nivia Hernandez632 Park Ave.$295,000
Mindy Brain and Daniel James Bartley736 Laurel Drive$295,000
Daniela Sanaty-Nya801 Lake Shore Drive 718$295,000
Donna Raven323 Flagler Blvd.$293,000
Juan Castillo Martinez and Gabriela De Leon919 Jasmine Drive$292,300
Ruben Manuel Cabrera Jr.854 Northern Drive$282,500
Jacob Drazic and Mark Rady301 Lake Shore Drive 307$280,000
Joyce Moesle411 Fifth St.$278,000
Alice B. Apostol and Clement T Desautels501 Lake Shore Drive 601$275,000
Timothy Logan Autry845 Jasmine Drive$270,000
Hegel Hernandez926 Jasmine Drive$265,000
Dawn Gail and Gregory L. Reynolds337 Jasmine Drive$264,900
Lashawndra Elysia and Edwige Moise Guerrier1616 Flagler Blvd.$264,900
Elines Doreen Hernandez335 Park Ave.$263,000
Romina Cabianca-Healy and Matthew Healy305 Third St.$262,500
Alexander F Pantaleo224 Kalmia Drive$262,000
Saint Juste Profane Charlemond and Wilner Aulibrice544 Evergreen Drive$261,000
Rosaline Joseph and Jean Vialet Doublas834 Magnolia Drive$260,000
Maritza E Chirinos Padilla and Fernando E Toruno640 Jasmine Drive$259,000
Bolivar Genestant628 Ilex Drive$256,000
Christine Morris and Chad Patrick712 Foresteria Drive$255,000
Waly and Viergela Elifrance754 Evergreen Drive$255,000
Amanda Tice705 Laurel Drive$255,000
Chantelle Byron622 Hawthorne Drive$254,000
Keh Projects LLC711 Ilex Drive$250,000
Michelle and Stuart Smith1125 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 103$250,000
Josue and Rosier Julien903 Northern Drive$247,000
Pamela B. and Michael J. Mason801 Lake Shore Drive 812$245,000
Ruth A. and William A. Enns801 Lake Shore Drive 514$242,000
Jenna Marten327 Evergreen Drive$240,000
Letrice A. Baugh519 Greenbriar Drive$235,500
Anthony Leon Henry816 Hawthorne Drive$235,000
Alyssa Davis and Daniel Robert Elola714 Date Palm Drive$233,000
Provinground Productions LLC919 Laurel Drive$230,000
Pedro Speridiano and Roberto S. Bagnoli1130 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 202$229,000
Walter Hernandez445 Foresteria Drive$225,000
Fabienne Jeudy and Pierre Andre Sylvain815 Silver Beach Road$225,000
Mary Ellen Ttee Venable301 Lake Shore Drive 105$220,000
Rachel Garcia and Oswaldo Carpes801 Lake Shore Drive 804$220,000
Mrm Broadway LLC128 Kalmia Drive$219,300
Alexis Leets423 Hawthorne Drive$219,000
Michael Hogan847 Evergreen Drive$215,000
Nina and Deana Wasserman301 Lake Shore Drive 302$215,000
Ragone LLC500 Evergreen Drive$215,000
Caro Family Investment LLC406 Ilex Drive$214,000
Emily Kent1060 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 203$214,000
Vivian M. Sultan1155 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 103$211,000
Gerald and Princess Mae Ross210 Ilex Drive$210,000
Edwin Acosta and Constance E Rappaport302 Lake Shore Drive 6$205,000
Cyr Marven St.235 Silver Beach Road$200,000
Ruben Leger622 Jasmine Drive$200,000
David Fiore301 Hawthorne Drive$200,000
Gregg Cassius Burns316 Cypress Drive$198,500
Katherine Bailey1035 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 102$197,000
Frank P. and Victoria T. Bulger1130 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 103$196,000
Premium Capital Investment LLC834 Northern Drive$195,000
Brandon De La Cruz1125 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 104$192,000
Glenda Jean Baptiste1010 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 202$190,000
Punalu LLC505 Bayberry Drive 1$190,000
Kole William Carter1035 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 202$189,000
Judith and John Stevens Krause801 Lake Shore Drive 218$185,000
Brittnee Stone1010 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 102$185,000
Vivian Sultan1125 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 201$183,000
E. Castro Georgina (revocable trust) and Georgina E. Castro (trustee)1110 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 102$181,500
Kay and Paul Pelletier801 Lake Shore Drive 107$178,000
Pendergrast Laurel (trust) and Janet Jonson (trustee)1140 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 204$176,900
Tessa Jones823 Bayberry Drive$175,000
Victor M Gabuardi1035 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 203$172,000
David Randall Yent1105 Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 104$160,000
Renee Ronnie301 Lake Shore Drive 204$155,000

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