Top 50 Wadsworth, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Wadsworth, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 52 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $305,500 in Wadsworth.

Top 50 home sales in Wadsworth for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Christa M. and Aaron L. Emerine36685 Devon Court$560,000
Eric R. and Jennifer L. Eastep16123 Hill Grove Court$550,000
Jan Leeuwinga and Anita K English37000 Black Velvet Lane$550,000
Donna Mensah37169 Black Velvet Lane$550,000
Sean P. and Jennifer L. Carney37039 Fox Hill Drive$530,000
Thomas Marcius Lex Sr. and Jean Lee Lex42974 Sterling Lane$508,000
Carlos and Lourdes Xochitl Haro16796 Cherrywood Lane$500,000
Jesus Flores Sanchez and Adriana Ramirez15384 IL Route 173$430,000
James V. Merlo40783 Thorne Meadow Circle$405,000
James O'Sullivan and Melissa Hayes40388 Reed Court$400,000
Patrick and Anne Shaughnessy15873 Gorham Lane$390,000
Scott R. and Lindsay M. Schwartz14169 Walden Lane$390,000
Bire II LLC40387 Reed Court$376,500
Maria Del Carmen Montoya Fuentes and Ricardo Navarrete38360 Shagbark Lane$372,500
Rafael Haro Haro and Elsa Liliana Espinosa Salazar16186 Sedge Court$364,500
Eric and Lindsey Ortiz16813 Cherrywood Lane$358,000
Jeffrey F. and Amy Ross Bloemke37100 Mulberry Lane$357,500
Anthony G. and Sandra D. Wilbern16768 Old Orchard Drive$350,000
Fernando and Veronica Hinojosa39019 Kilbourne Road$343,000
Gary and Tamara Bleck38740 Shagbark Lane$332,000
Randy and Jamie Caldwell37751 Charlotte Drive$327,000
Karl and Patricia Sowinski14620 Country Lane Drive$325,000
Melvin Bush Jr.13285 Hidden Springs Trail$322,000
Piotr Klimowicz and Ladis Anna Cifuentes Miranda38850 Northwoods Drive$315,000
Robert P. and Nicole L. Brook13360 High Ridge Trail$312,500
Daniel and Daphne Foote13179 Hidden Springs Trail$311,000
Dante L. and Felicia McCarthy13391 High Ridge Trail$300,000
Jamie and Elise M. Artelt13098 Waverly St.$290,000
Rony Cervantes14120 August Zupec Drive$290,000
Jennifer and Richard Moore13098 Waverly St.$285,000
Fernando Flores16106 Sand Court$275,000
Latonya Smith38045 Golf Lane Drive$272,950
John T. McGrath (trustee) and McGrath John T. (trustee)38654 Blvd. View Ave.$265,000
Susan Ann Gallo and Charles Hinman38654 Blvd. View Ave.$265,000
Christine E. and James D. Stickler14125 Oak Knoll Road$260,000
Jose Ernesto Fierro and Ines Crespo Morales39075 Winchester Road$255,000
Paul W. Bartlels2860 Valley View Road$250,000
Edwin Gonzalez and Stephanie Escobar13780 Wadsworth Road$245,000
Kelly and Amanda Turner38603 Magnolia Ave.$242,500
Patrick Fegan and Catherine Panas39205 Delany Road$239,000
Andrew P. Portanava and Megan A. Moller13215 Wadsworth Road$232,500
Alma D Zavaleta and Gregorio Alberto Martinez Gomez13135 21st St.$217,500
Jeff S. and Berenice Herson13960 Adams Road$215,000
Humberto and Norma Gonzalez41038 Green Bay Road$215,000
Irma Torres and Jose Hernandez13800 Adams Road$210,000
Justin Bollinger40805 Delany Road$194,000
Justin Dupree14115 August Zupec Drive$189,900
Jenna Zamora Alvarez, Iris Rosenda Taboada and Cristobal Zamora13080 28th St.$186,900
Michele Minchillo39130 Winchester Road$156,990
Cynthia W Silva and Eric Blount III15725 21st St.$149,000

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