Top 100 Loxahatchee (unincorporated), Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Loxahatchee (unincorporated), Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 387 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $365,000 in Loxahatchee (unincorporated).

Top 100 home sales in Loxahatchee (unincorporated) for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Mary Cecilia and Michael Mattingly1030 Clydesdale Drive$1,300,000
Maryanne and Tommaso Occhiuto2560 Buck Ridge Trail$1,180,000
1295 Longlea Terrace LLC1278 Stallion Drive$1,175,000
Jennifer and James F. Kelly1154 Clydesdale Drive$1,115,000
Cristina Grau Monge and Margarita Cobilich Rizo Patron17541 Shetland Lane$1,000,000
Geoffrey William Case1464 Stallion Drive$950,000
Leslie L. Hahn1588 Stallion Drive$899,000
Juan Ortiz2915 Doe Trail$700,000
Joy Sue-Ann and Garton Earl Francis16726 64th Place$675,000
Shannon Applegate and Evan John Smith3681 Dellwood Blvd.$650,000
6 Look Investment LLC17371 42nd Road$635,000
Marsha Lynne Chambers19685 King Fisher Lane$635,000
Christine Webb16170 76th St.$625,000
Donna M Blanton and Janet and Joshua D. Morehead18381 93rd Road$620,000
Sandralee A. and Reynald Crete1339 Stallion Drive$600,000
Ashley and Brent A. Watson17647 Temple Blvd.$595,000
Therese C Christiano and Michael J. Chrsitiano17141 67th Court$585,000
Kenneth Joseph and Stephanie J. Magaro1650 Gallop Drive$584,000
Lisa Conn and Edward H. Conn Jr.6198 185th Terrace$579,000
Nicola and Paul Derbyshire17144 63rd Road$575,000
Champion Enterprises LLC17882 31st Road$575,000
Carolina and Andres Villa14496 79th Court$574,000
Susan E. Guinan0 Confidential Record Per Fs-119 07$570,000
Barbara L. and Robin B. Belanger14952 79th Court$560,000
Kelly Elizabeth Hamling and Peter Bracke17437 72nd Road$554,000
Susan L. Engstrand19632 Capet Creek Court$551,000
D. Tinson Rodney (living trust) and Rodney D. Tinson (trustee)19864 King Fisher Lane$550,000
Giselle and Rafael Santome17441 77th Lane$546,500
Rene Cacciotti and Pete Wyman16683 77th Lane$540,000
Maria Pereira Gause and Belinda and Anthony Joseph Fontana18566 47th Court$535,000
Stephen Tozzi and Jenny Lopez2970 Doe Trail$535,000
Ismmar Hegedus Reyes14194 80th Lane$535,000
Belladharys Garcia Perez and Carlos E Palacios-Chafalote15130 Temple Blvd.$535,000
Claudia Tin-Wei and Jason Michael Bocchinfuso15922 83rd Lane$534,000
Thomas and Vicki L. Giordano14536 71st Place$533,000
Morena E. and Alexandre A. Salvador17271 82nd Road$530,000
Lindsay Veronica and Jose Luis Alvez18218 91st Place$525,000
Tony Ray and Crystal Lynn Leek18604 43rd Road$525,000
Maricela A. Ramos and Ernesto Cruz15085 80th Lane$525,000
Manuel Angel Amaro Alvarez14861 85th Road$525,000
Valentina Loretta Galindo14032 Key Lime Blvd.$525,000
Lallbachan and Radika Dookie and Deowatee and Ramkissoon Ramdeholl15252 64th Place$525,000
Robert Fonseca17540 41st Road$523,200
Idalmis and Luis Alberto Paz15511 63rd Place$520,000
Vassilina Welles17516 61st Place$515,000
Noah Austin Chapman and Elizabeth L. Stoner-Chapman16964 Fox Trail Lane$515,000
Tavares Britt18428 48th Ave.$510,000
April Jean and John William McCullough14194 88th Place$508,000
Connie and Gary William Richards15097 75th Lane$507,000
Hazel Collins17148 78th Road$505,000
Phillip G. and Karin Francis18386 90th St.$500,000
Margaret and Lawrence Yates15817 66th Court$495,500
Bethzaira and Miguel Angel Diaz2676 Fawn Drive$495,000
Paula A. and Orestes A. Mirabal2377 Fawn Drive$490,000
Karson and Joseph C. Furtado16370 88th Road$485,000
Kelly and Dominic Vetrano14655 64th Court$485,000
Shnader P. and Maxo Bellegarde17941 38th Road$480,000
Lazara and Jorge Palenzuela16790 Jenny Lane$480,000
Kathleen M. Case and John F. Koemm16281 76th St.$479,900
Olivia Marie and Trent Hugh Carper16058 Alan Black Blvd.$476,000
Leovigildo Gonzalez and Edel Herranz9470 190th St.$475,000
David J. McGee18685 44th Place$475,000
Jean-Mary Maxis and Jean Pepita17272 Orange Blvd.$470,000
Christopher G. Fiore16788 Aintree Drive$470,000
Patricia Hammond and Ashley M. and Brian V. Keilty14074 74th St.$470,000
Lazaro Mendez Morales and Yudisel Martinez Baez17316 67th Court$469,000
Yoel Isac Hernandez Velazquez and Dani Rosemarie Hernandez16105 Temple Blvd.$466,000
Alberte and Kathia Louhis17929 Key Lime Blvd.$465,000
Cornwall Drive East LLC16059 Cornwall Drive$465,000
Joann and Jonathan L. Hedden15061 73rd St.$465,000
Debbie Selling and Gary W Edwards15389 86th Road$463,125
Candida and Terrence R. Samaroo17270 Valencia Blvd.$460,000
Ana M Teixeira and Kevin J May Jr.17285 40th Run$460,000
Sheili and Anai Vindel15134 66th Court$456,000
Myleydy Raysa Mesa Alfonso and Yuriel Molina Lorenzo17771 Murcott Blvd.$455,000
Kathleen Van Vorst17722 90th St.$455,000
Jason Ray Olavarria and Debbra Linn McCord17068 84th Court$455,000
Christopher James and Tammy Angelique Cartwright16059 Goldcup Drive$455,000
Anna and Travis Burke14616 62nd Court$455,000
Jeremy Devos and Laetitia Henegan18837 93rd Road$452,000
Grant M Ganzi15401 62nd Place$452,000
Daniel Wanda and Nathan Starcher Wanda16859 Key Lime Blvd.$450,000
Roseline Serrano and Angela P Pearson17179 62nd Road$450,000
Kenneth M. and Linda Beth Salzman17855 89th Place$449,900
Megan Sylvia and Kevin Thomas Oconnell16855 82nd Road$447,100
Zuleyka I. and Richard W. Settino17936 83rd Place$445,000
Marcio Gomez Takahashi14135 82nd St.$444,900
Josefina and Anthony Michael Pasqualone17901 Temple Blvd.$440,000
Joao Moura and Francesca Canepa16361 70th St.$440,000
Denise Fondonella and Julio York Cardenas Rodriguez15211 60th Place$440,000
Jessica L. and Emmett W. Jarvis7578 170th Ave.$435,000
Laura Silva and Sidnei Lima16974 73rd Court$435,000
Tangernika and Oree Ramcharitar17588 31st Road$435,000
Karen Marylen Noyola and Cynthia W Crowley16889 Calder Drive$435,000
Alexandra Arango and Andres Felipe Cuartes15353 83rd Lane$435,000
Bradley Joseph Dunn17975 89th Place$433,000
Rodas Maria Elena and Rodas Jose Otoniel Rojas17525 Valencia Blvd.$430,000
Paul Eric Stevenson17025 82nd Road$430,000
Rafiqur R Chowdhury15249 77th Place$429,000
Tilman Thederan16844 68th St.$427,000

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