Lansing, Illinois had a median home sale price of $142,000 of 383 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Lansing, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 383 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $142,000 in Lansing.

Top 100 home sales in Lansing for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Marcus and Angelique Fleming1533 181st Place$330,000
April L Bell and Michael Nunnally18557 Clyde Ave.$298,000
Clifton Bates III18347 Exchange Ave.$280,000
Andrea and Gajuan Frederick18786 Forest View Lane$276,000
Kenneth S. Williams and Sheena Johnson17748 State Line Ave.$275,000
Talisha L Hampton18112 Donatus Drive$275,000
Debrina Thompson17862 State Line Ave.$270,000
Shane E Waltmire17915 Wentworth Ave.$267,500
Rachel and Theophilus K. Phipps18320 State Line Ave.$265,000
Rachel J. Groen18306 Exchange Ave.$265,000
Dwight Othero Toy and Lakisha Terrianne17844 State Line Ave.$265,000
Tiffini J Jenkins18714 Forest View Lane$262,000
Shanesha D Rowe18340 Olde Farm Road$260,000
Betty J. Woods and Romel Nelson18044 Whitman Lane$259,000
Shane E Waltmire17711 Exchange Ave. 1N$255,000
Grace and Kwame Ochir19249 Bernadine St.$253,000
Anthony C Williams3267 Louise Court$250,000
Ernest Cross3616 192nd St.$250,000
Jamar Lee18124 Jason Lane$250,000
Kimberly Johnson18010 Jason Lane$245,000
Lavonda T Deahl1837 183rd St.$245,000
Edwn and Emmanuel Ramirez18361 Country Lane$242,000
Aisha Walker and Sean Oakley3419 Manor Drive$240,000
Daniel Velasco3300 Manor Drive$240,000
Annette Jones-Brewer18449 Oakwood Ave.$240,000
Imeh Ukpong18352 Del. Jong Lane$240,000
Adesola Bello18530 Willow Lane$240,000
Timothy D Powell Sr.2037 183rd Place$239,000
Gabriel and Ofelia Rodriguez18353 Country Lane$237,000
Ronald Myles17543 Wright St.$230,000
Angela Webster18441 Illi-Indi Drive$230,000
Fred H. Perry Jr.2665 Christina Drive$230,000
Omowunmi Odutsin and Michael Odutusin19265 Lange St.$229,500
Douglas G. and Monica S. Kooy18433 Willow Lane$229,000
Daniel L. Johnson3525 193rd St.$225,000
Cristine Logan18347 Olde Farm Road$224,500
Rashana Thompson2843 Forest Lane$223,000
Michael Norwood18854 Louise Drive$220,000
Stephon Asbury18913 Park Ave.$220,000
Tony L. Wright Sr.19337 Oakwood Ave.$220,000
Gregory J Harris II and Jontae Smith18720 Oak St.$220,000
Kashmiere Leschinsky3012 191st St.$220,000
Brian Brown2114 183rd Place$220,000
Rodney Bullock and Meosha M Fizer18552 Escanaba Ave.$220,000
Gemillia Staple18419 Carriage Lane$220,000
Imani J Walton3618 178th St.$220,000
Deanna M Thompson2843 192nd St.$218,000
Sara Davis-Sisk3124 192nd St.$218,000
Linda Tomacelli3429 191st Place$217,500
Mark S. Bowman3252 Otto Blvd.$217,000
Blanca Vega and Fernando Paredes3532 192nd St.$215,000
Alexis J. Martinez Castro3514 191st Place$215,000
Keesha Johnson18340 Carriage Lane$215,000
Earl Lee3315 191st St.$214,500
Jose L. Ramirez Becerra17840 Paxton Ave.$214,000
Tamara M Alphonse19242 Sherman St.$210,000
Pingora Loan Servicing LLC17850 State Line Ave.$210,000
Dawn E Wilson18512 Clyde Ave.$209,000
Alvarez M Davenport III19238 Wildwood Ave.$208,000
Cristina Turner2913 172nd St.$207,000
Renae C Carradine17631 Henry St.$206,000
Cynthia and Tyrone Chappell2809 Forest Lane$205,000
Alejandro Rodriguez19404 Wildwood Ave.$205,000
Harold Booker2456 178th St.$205,000
Gregory Haynes Sr. and Shirley Haynes18419 Torrence Ave.$204,000
Lmn Olszewski LLC18431 Torrence Ave.$200,000
James A. Young III2413 Indiana Ave.$200,000
Juan Rivera19256 Sherman St.$199,000
Tommie Theodore Holley18852 Cherry Lane$198,000
Gustavo Olivares17702 Bernadine St.$196,000
Carlos H Flores19255 Ada St.$195,000
Teressa K Kent3004 192nd St.$195,000
Quianna Hill18514 Chicago Ave.$195,000
Jena Reenaa Perry3147 178th Place Hse$195,000
Bryant Lampkin and Angela L Harrell-Lampkin18254 Clyde Ave.$195,000
Jamal Terrell Lacey18231 Oakwood Ave.$195,000
Senita Patton17240 Chicago Ave.$195,000
Ricardo A. and Donaida Lopez18507 Oakley Ave.$194,000
Phanisha Williamson and Jonathan Ragland2837 Forest Lane$190,000
Martisha and Erwin James3034 191st St.$190,000
Gabrielle Schubert and Taveon V Roberson3013 190th St.$190,000
Earl Jonson3307 Schultz Drive$190,000
Steven S Burns18547 Willow Lane$190,000
Rosalia Ruiz and Jose De Jesus Gama17810 Exchange Ave.$187,500
Linda Haile3635 193rd Place$187,000
Rella J Harris3665 193rd Place$187,000
Nathan Flanagan and Kristi Cotton3027 188th St.$186,000
Lakeshia Hampton1940 182nd Place$186,000
Kevin Bethel18943 Barbara Court$185,500
Brittney A. Beck-James and Reginald L James17142 Park Ave.$185,500
Silvia and Darrell McDaniel19401 Wentworth Ave.$185,000
David D. Johnson1911 182nd Place$185,000
Jeffery I. and Jeffery D. Davis17017 Community St.$185,000
Gabriel Randle18450 Chicago Ave.$185,000
Christopher D. Lewis18502 Oak Ave.$185,000
17807 Locust St. (trust)17807 Locust St.$184,000
Marsharita Woodberry and Alton Turner3536 171st St.$184,000
Rene Jimenez Reyes18524 Clyde Ave.$182,500
Paul E. Reese18542 Oak Ave.$182,000
Mardelplata Corp.1917 182nd Place$181,500

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