552 homes sold in Parkland, Florida with a median home sale price of $640,000 in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Parkland, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to BlockShopper.com.

In 2020, there were 552 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $640,000 in Parkland.

Top 100 home sales in Parkland for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Riverside Oasis Holdings LLC6300 Riverside Drive$5,000,000
David E. Bell Jr. and Stacey A. Bell6600 122nd Ave.$3,500,000
Mark and Michelle Sanders8899 70th Court$3,175,000
Masiel and Marc Effron11933 66th Court$2,500,000
Robert and Melissa Jimenez8649 58th Court$2,330,000
Shmuel Benjamin Schwartz (life estate), Joanne L. Adirim (life estate), Jlasbx Family Trust and Merle Adirim12328 69th Court$2,000,000
William J. McFarlane III and Patricia Valenti6780 81st Terrace$1,875,000
Justin R. and Elizabeth M. Arrendale6995 Long Leaf Drive$1,850,000
Naveen Angress and Kristina Marie Maraj8935 68th Court$1,700,000
Fernando E Bayron and Brendaliz Delgado7240 Lemon Grass Drive$1,590,000
Otto R. Cumes7101 Cutter Court$1,575,000
Charles Ben III and Maria Eliana Couch7260 Lemon Grass Drive$1,555,000
Sergio Arturo and Guanina De La Torre6805 122nd Ave.$1,517,000
Joanne F Housman and Mary Ellen Charapko8960 68th Court$1,505,000
Deena Klurman7610 Hyannis Lane$1,500,000
Ophir and Melody Erez9050 68th Court$1,450,000
Michel Martinez7100 126th Terrace$1,450,000
Kevin Tacher and Alana Burrell7000 87th Ave.$1,377,400
Brian and Rosemarie Rutecki and Amor Family Trust (irrevocable trust)8833 70th Court$1,325,000
Todd A. Nadler and Nancy B. Nadler (revocable living trust)7520 Cypresshead Drive$1,315,100
Peter and Lisa Krillies8585 Ranch Road$1,305,000
Bradley P. and Marta M. Glick9850 Bay Leaf Court$1,290,000
Paul E. and Janice A. Mullings7170 126th Terrace$1,275,000
Pugliese Investments LLC6672 63rd Way$1,274,500
Mz Parkland LLC6565 66th Ave.$1,264,250
Eric Daniel Lachow and Ketevan Noe6502 63rd Way$1,262,500
Robert and Janis Baranski7360 Wisteria Ave.$1,250,000
Charley Rivas9920 Bay Leaf Court$1,250,000
Perri Berliner and Micayla Delesparra9630 Eden Manor$1,250,000
Nasheer Sachedina and Alveena Dawood12641 75th St.$1,200,000
Charles V. II and Faith Bartlett Difalco10185 69th Manor$1,200,000
Robert Bellarmine and Jennyfer Paola Uzor6010 91st Ave.$1,198,500
Richard B. and Jennifer E. Routman7200 Wisteria Ave.$1,195,000
Kenrick and Karen Whyte12037 69th Court$1,195,000
Aaron and Toni McKee6143 91st Ave.$1,175,000
Sheldon and Susan Levine7316 127th Way$1,150,000
Justin and Katherine Sankey9481 Eden Manor$1,110,000
Winston and Nancy McDonald7410 Dover Court$1,110,000
Henry Ross and Cecilia Seiden9640 Eden Manor$1,100,000
Ruben Eduardo Parilli Heredia and Carola Marina Vargas Armas9341 Eden Manor$1,100,000
Pamela Stephanie Fuller8100 Falls Lane$1,100,000
Michelle A. Gallegos7914 Shenandoah Lane$1,100,000
Daniel David Espinoza and Lidia Jacqueline Lambert-Espinoza7700 Woodridge Drive$1,100,000
Fabian R. and Angelica Zarate7234 65th Terrace$1,100,000
Cy Raymond and Christina Cartaya Blanco6454 93rd Drive$1,100,000
Jeff and Robin Cook7256 127th Way$1,100,000
Greg and Erin James7501 Bristol Lane$1,075,000
Merilee A. Kern (revocable trust)6934 126th Ave.$1,075,000
John and Teresa Brace7265 Lemon Grass Drive$1,071,000
Terry and Yvonne Glass12537 65th Drive$1,060,000
Trina Maso De Moya and Carlton Washington6690 67th Place$1,050,000
Reid Michael and Elizabeth Victoria Green7410 Upper Ridge Drive$1,030,000
Caryn M Henslovitz and Joan C Mintz7901 Redwood Lane$1,025,000
Robert and Ashley Gelman9800 Bay Leaf Court$1,020,000
Richard A. Lowe and Kirsten I Baker-Lowe8210 Falls Lane$1,015,000
HSBC Bank USA and Deutsche Alt a Securities Inc.7265 Lemon Grass Drive$1,010,100
Andrew Behm7615 Rocky Lane$1,009,125
Adam M. and Lindsay Stevenson Fleming6881 117th Ave.$1,000,000
Christopher and Joanna Ray6351 93rd Drive$999,000
Keith A. and Bucket Huber12521 75th St.$980,000
Robert Siano7662 127th Manor$975,000
John and Shanna McGinty7320 Wisteria Ave.$975,000
Jennifer Costea6970 Long Leaf Drive$970,000
Kevan and Taralynn Satterfield Akers7510 Bristol Lane$965,000
John and Elizabeth Miller7310 Dover Court$965,000
Michael N. and Jackie L. Morant9560 Eden Manor$960,000
Anastasios G Georgas12152 72nd St.$952,500
Christopher Kyle and Lauren Russo Moore7731 Salem Lane$950,000
Daniel Joseph Donnelly12057 69th Court$950,000
Lei Cao and Ning Wang7267 122nd Ave.$945,000
David B. and Tatyana Bernstein6860 101st Terrace$945,000
Billy Altidor and Evanie Louis7944 111th Way$940,000
Jacob Thomas Fair9500 Eden Manor$940,000
Ian and Larra Schaefer6511 Arlington Lane$936,000
David W. Rombo7096 127th Way$935,000
Shawn Zavoda12130 71st St.$930,000
Frank James Tropepe Jr.5837 83rd Terrace$930,000
Antony and Ana Maria D.'Auleria Catania9100 68th Court$926,830
Jeremy and Jacqueline Menkes7508 Appalachian Lane$920,000
Paul and Yael Gamm9400 62nd Court$920,000
David Pineda7924 111th Way$919,000
John H. Russell Gst Non-Exempt Discretionary (trust)6404 93rd Drive$915,000
Christian T. and Noreen and Maria G. Ulrich7607 Alpine Lane$905,000
Marc Lippman7445 127th Terrace$904,000
Vicki Oehm7465 127th Terrace$900,000
Mark and Jessica Geller Melendez9401 Eden Manor$900,000
Austin and Alana Harris7600 84th Ave.$900,000
Paul and Mateel Saba Galy and Eli Saba7301 Cypresshead Drive$900,000
Nathan Sheley and Cristyna Amaya6253 62nd Terrace$900,000
Jennifer Koffman6021 79th Way$895,000
William John II and Yoamys Ramirez Graham7649 117th Lane$892,250
Michael Jonathan Cooke and Hillary Jaye Hutchinson6310 72nd Way$891,123
Adam Craig Baranski and Alexandra Joy Quitko10045 Bay Leaf Court$890,000
Erick and Tatyana Goldberg7141 70th Manor$889,000
Steven S. and Kristen M. Messer7411 Dover Court$880,000
Umberto and Concetta Cerbone7280 Lemon Grass Drive$875,000
Rohan A. Slacks Sr. and Shelly-Ann N Slacks6368 79th Way$875,000
Giuseppe D'Alessandro and Jennifer D'Alessandro6312 75th Way$875,000
Eugene and Maria Iarkova Bacal7086 127th Way$875,000
Anastasia Iliadis and Ilianna Polatos and Carlos Humberto Quintero11807 69th Place$875,000

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