Top 100 North Palm Beach, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for North Palm Beach, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 499 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $320,000 in North Palm Beach.

Top 100 home sales in North Palm Beach for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Barbara and Michael Moran842 Lakeside Drive$4,950,000
Robert Mannheimer848 Harbour Isles Place$3,425,000
George K. Hardy713 Harbour Point Drive$3,350,000
Giedre and Kevin Priddy107 Ebbtide Drive$3,325,000
Michelle G Carlson and Claudia Slater and Jeffrey A. Gerwin101 Bowsprit Drive$3,132,693
Fredie Joe Hudson732 Harbour Isles Way$2,950,000
Diane and Edmund Provini785 Harbour Isles Court$2,837,800
Gail and Jay Higgins831 Country Club Drive$2,800,000
Cvdb (revocable trust), Berg Cristy Van Den (trustee) and Joseph Mitrione (trustee)701 Harbore Pointe Drive$2,517,500
Ryan Taca797 Harbour Isles Place$2,500,000
Ann Stewart and Shelley Stewart Jr.772 Harbour Isles Place$2,400,000
John G. Passarelli789 Harbour Isles Court$2,350,000
842 Lakeside Drive LLC712 Lakeside Circle$2,300,000
Alison Marie Torrie and Bradley Lamm848 Lakeside Drive$2,295,000
Jodeen E Powell and Jefferson Norman Powell Jr.705 Harbour Point Drive$2,205,000
Donna M Lederman and Daniel J. Brennan115 Anchorage Drive$1,975,000
Leigh and David Branch709 Harbour Point Drive$1,950,000
842 Lakeside Drive LLC866 Lakeside Drive$1,901,250
Leeann Roberts and Robert David Roberts Jr.0$1,850,000
Claudia M Giovanelli Porrata and Humberto Porrata Nieva789 Harbour Isles Place$1,764,000
Rachel and Howard D. Routman729 Robin Way 07$1,755,000
Leean Hanley720 Lagoon Drive$1,750,000
Andrew Segerman532 Anchorage Drive$1,729,000
& Caroline McGee Baron (trust), Caroline F. McGee (trustee) and Baron M. McGee (trustee)654 Riverside Road$1,675,548
Rebecca and Michael Chukusky780 Lagoon Drive$1,675,000
Restoration Property Holdings Inc.721 Teal Way$1,630,000
Nicholas Doup0$1,627,000
Tove and Brad Chamness624 Inlet Road$1,500,000
Daniel S. Catalfumo (trustee) and 913 Country Club Drive (trust)913 Country Club Drive$1,465,000
Saleem and Susan Barhoumeh107 Nativa Circle$1,450,000
Jon Likes Pizza (trust) and Kenneth A. Horowitz (trustee)584 Anchorage Drive$1,440,500
Catherine C. and Christopher Patton Kah725 Waterway Drive$1,431,000
Paige Novier and Jeremy Seabridge722 Sandy Point Lane$1,425,000
McNeely Family Trust, Eric D. McNeely (trustee) and Brooke A. McNeely (trustee)887 Country Club Drive$1,350,000
Joseph Nezgoda Jr.736 Ibis Way$1,340,000
Zbigniew J Litwinczuk112 Atlantic Road$1,325,000
Julia and Daniel Stavola749 Harbour Point Drive$1,300,000
Jalynne and Edward Butler726 Sandy Point Lane$1,297,000
Jenna and Evan McDonough1009 Country Club Drive$1,260,000
1105 Country Club Drive LLC1105 Country Club Drive$1,250,000
Joseph Frederick Dimare (trustee) and Elizabeth Thi Truong (trustee)524 Overlook Drive$1,218,750
Larissa Silva709 Waterway Drive$1,200,000
Karen A. and Barry S. Balmuth604 Lighthouse Drive$1,175,000
Lauren Helmrich and David Rick Adams2245 Monet Road$1,170,000
Margaret and Craig A. Clough100 Lakeshore Drive 1751$1,165,000
Thornburg Mortgage Securities (trust) and U.S. Bank National Association (trustee)789 Harbour Isles Place$1,150,100
Nadia and Earl Doral Matthews1416 Harbour Point Drive$1,150,000
Hal M Friedman716 Jacana Way$1,150,000
Lindsay and Patrick Wagor625 Atlantic Road$1,090,000
Lendalk Properties LLC824 Shore Drive$1,068,000
Lori M Maddalena and Salvatore A. Pipitone733 Harbour Point Drive$1,029,450
Stacy and Timothy Jenkins717 Maritime Way$993,000
Dolores Ann Levey and Kenneth Edward Hart100 Lakeshore Drive 1952$985,000
Marc Vetrano416 Anchorage Lane$975,000
Helen Diane Buhr Engelsmann (trustee)100 Lakeshore Drive 1453$968,500
Deborah A. and Bryan Joseph Brodowski529 Overlook Drive$965,000
Diana Morales-Bories and Jacques Bories1016 Country Club Drive$925,000
Gary Gagne637 Kingfish Road$899,000
Lendalk Properties LLC612 Pilot Road$875,000
Amy and Ronald S. Kochman837 Fathom Road$867,575
Amy H. Swiatek0$861,875
Barbara L. Martin115 Lakeshore Drive Ph-48$850,000
Harriet Kaufman Overbeck100 Lakeshore Drive 1856$839,000
Sam Martin613 Shore Road$830,000
Martina Nethery and Kyle Kromrey864 Country Club Drive$825,000
720 Kittyhawk LLC0$825,000
Muser (revocable trust)0$822,500
Teisha N. and James S. Aitken500 Overlook Drive$820,000
Rachel M. and Matthew L. Bernstein707 Lakeside Drive$815,000
Bonnie-Jeanne and Joseph Dean Pagano0$815,000
James C. Jenkins Jr.608 Lighthouse Drive$811,859
John T. Corcia (revocable trust) and John T. Corcia (trustee)706 Voyager Lane$800,000
William Lynn Hendrickson Gst Non Exempt (trust), Philadelphia Trust Co. (trustee) and Richard C. Hendrickson (trustee)115 Lakeshore Drive 1947$800,000
Donna Marie Busbey (trustee) and Restated Busbey Family Trust100 Lakeshore Drive 1652$800,000
Terry A. Bender100 Lakeshore Drive 2155$800,000
Cynthia Compton and Jeffrey Martin Conley100 Lakeshore Drive 455$787,500
Deborah K Hummelsund100 Lakeshore Drive 857$785,000
Jennifer and Robert J. Caldarella0$775,000
Evelyn and Avner Reggev725 Charlestown Circle$762,500
Patricia M. and John J. Burke1133 Marine Way Interstate 2 R$760,000
Neil Roberts100 Lakeshore Drive 756$760,000
Eve B. and David M. Freeman715 Lyford Cay Drive$725,000
Michael and Josephine Haddon100 Lakeshore Drive 452$725,000
Robert J. Kasdone and Andrea F Debarry100 Lakeshore Drive 952$725,000
Catherine E. and Todd K. Cury0$715,000
April Nicole and Nathan G. Rutkowski136 Cruiser Road$707,000
Ariel B. and Colby Scialla506 Oyster St.$706,000
Victoria G. and William Ll Eickhoff115 Lakeshore Drive 1946$700,000
Suzanne and Robert Scialla506 Oyster St.$675,000
Carla Cesario1133 Marine Way Interstate 1 L$673,000
Robert K. Hayes551 Marlin Road$670,000
Cartus Financial Corp.801 Anchorage Drive$660,000
Judith W Ellis801 Anchorage Drive$660,000
Amy M. Parsons1108 Marine Way B4R$659,000
Kelly and Daniel Usher836 Country Club Drive$657,500
Mark R. Wantshouse717 Charlestown Circle$655,000
Sarah J. and Britton Cotton501 Privateer Road$654,000
Brianna B. and Brian Ralston501 Lighthouse Drive$649,000
Diane and John A. Jenkins1100 Marine Way A3R$640,000
Leonard Jarkowski Jr. (trustee), Jarkowski (living trust) and Dorothy Jane Jarkowski (trustee)108 Lakeshore Drive 1740$635,750

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