Plantation, Florida had a median home sale price of $320,000 of 1,821 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Plantation, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 1,821 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $320,000 in Plantation.

Top 100 home sales in Plantation for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
William F. Zito Jr. and Julie Tabloff Zito511 Coconut Palm Terrace$2,250,000
Mohinder Chhabra1490 116th Ave.$2,200,000
Nelson and Stacey Santiago820 120th Ave.$2,175,000
Neil D Small1430 116th Ave.$2,150,000
Yoav Barnavon and Ana Botero436 Sweet Bay Ave.$2,150,000
David B. Leshner (revocable trust)10786 Blue Palm St.$2,075,000
Joshua Elliot Polsky630 Sweet Bay Ave.$1,950,000
Pernell McPhee and Davida Barrett12340 15th St.$1,917,356
John C. Daly11250 12th St.$1,833,500
Adolfo Humberto and Viviana M. Scarano11230 18th St.$1,825,000
Kenneth and Nicolette Sayward650 118th Ave.$1,800,000
Andrey and Glenda I. Lima121 Peregrine Ave.$1,800,000
Keanu N. Neal (trust)12360 15th St.$1,775,000
Luciana Andrade Carneiro MacHado581 Sweet Bay Ave.$1,765,000
Randolph B. and Karen R. Cohen10100 Sweet Bay St.$1,695,000
Richard Roth and Denia Nunez11420 Fourth St.$1,679,500
Mercedes Hayon De Cohen10763 Blackhawk St.$1,600,000
Eric A. and Nicole Jacobs600 Sweet Bay Ave.$1,576,250
Sherita C Chang11360 18th St.$1,562,000
Francisco Javier Cortada Campos10281 Sweet Bay St.$1,545,000
Dhruva Nirmal and Nirmal Vasant Mulye11890 Fourth St.$1,485,000
U.S. Bank (trust) and LSF9 Master Participation (trust)10575 Blue Palm St.$1,471,177
Michael D. and Michelle R. Worley11049 Canary Island Court$1,400,000
Erik R Manuel Jr.10151 Third St.$1,399,000
Lawrence and Yonette Kathleen Hollingsworth880 121st Ave.$1,385,000
Gene Sigalov and Yana Pechersky871 115th Ave.$1,365,000
Nikki and Justin Blews261 127th Ave.$1,325,000
Kristen Denise Harris801 122nd Ave.$1,320,000
Gregory Emmer and Ilexis Mazer650 Sweet Bay Ave.$1,300,000
Navestate LLC1203 121st Ave.$1,262,500
Ardan Development LLC11700 Eighth St.$1,261,000
Rodney and Erin Hyatt10301 Blue Palm St.$1,225,000
Oscar and Andrea Montenegro12100 27th St.$1,203,000
Jacob and Amy Hyman10240 Key Plum St.$1,165,000
Pascal Milliez5900 Almond Terrace$1,115,000
Andrew P. Forrester11921 Fourth St.$1,100,000
Francisco J Rivas301 127th Ave.$1,100,000
Jpm Hedge Equity Fund Inc.10281 Blue Palm St.$1,093,500
651 Cardinal St. LLC651 Cardinal St.$1,050,000
Tyrone K Lee and Cassandra Hawthorne-Lee11751 20th Court$1,050,000
Vernon and Vannessa D. Monroe891 115th Ave.$1,000,000
Mark Ian Block10751 Hawks Vista St.$1,000,000
Clutch Collection Rentals LLC12360 Seventh St.$950,000
Anissa L Neubauer10502 Kestrel St.$950,000
Christina Louise and Jeffrey Warren Norris831 115th Ave.$935,000
Joseph Anthony Taranto and Genesis Coito12261 Second St.$925,000
Ira T. and Joy D. Holm10983 Blackhawk St.$925,000
Lisa E Morley11077 Canary Island Court$920,000
Abdon Izquierdo and Linda D Cordova651 Cardinal St.$920,000
Aindrea K. Davis and Michael J. Mesa840 115th Ave.$915,000
Juan Antonio Pizarro12380 Ninth St.$900,000
Ayasha Nasai and 10898 Blue Palm Real Estate (trust)10898 Blue Palm St.$900,000
Cornelius C. Floyd Jr.10545 Blue Palm St.$900,000
Adam D. and Ashley H. Kaplan12232 19th St.$895,000
Maryann Goebel 2013 (revocable trust)11059 Canary Island Court$890,000
Robert Solomon710 Leigh Palm Ave.$887,550
Aybige Mutluer Yolbulan10990 Hawks Vista St.$884,000
Manuel IV and Pamela Gonzalez10941 Hawks Vista St.$880,000
Matthew W. Kane6000 Almond Terrace$876,000
Ayesha Hussein (revocable living trust)10968 Golden Eagle Court$870,000
Dale and Mardi Cohen707 Coconut Palm Terrace$855,000
Daniel Rosenberg691 Baldwin Palm Ave.$850,000
George Overmeyer and Penny Larson11600 Fifth St.$848,500
Beau Dolinsky and Amy Labarbera12110 Fifth Court$845,000
Ahmed MacKlai and Christine Rincon620 Cardinal St.$845,000
William Taigh and Karen White6001 Almond Terrace$835,000
Diana Patricia Elmufdi12141 10th St.$830,000
Viriato Segura and Altagracia Josefina Perez11825 Sixth Court$830,000
David E. and Susan A. Whitt13011 Broward Blvd.$830,000
Paul and Rhonda Sori6101 Cypress Road$825,000
Tomas Philip Bravo and Victoria Lynn Castellanos12150 21st Court$820,000
American Heritage School of Plantation Inc.11901 Second St.$820,000
Norman and Oluwadamilola Ajiboye11089 Canary Island Court$820,000
Jena Marie and Ross Joseph Nolte11020 Blue Palm St.$820,000
Maharanie and Rajesh Ramrattan11741 11th St.$815,000
Christopher R. and Catherine A. Chappell and Chappell (trust)330 130th Ave.$810,000
Victor Herrera Zenil10180 First Court$810,000
Fares and Lubna Abualown890 115th Ave.$806,000
Conrad Hastings and Anastasia Oakey120 Bel Air Drive$805,000
Christopher Lyons126 Swan Ave.$805,000
David A. and Tara Eliel Finger11360 Mount Vernon Drive$800,000
Arturo Kozel and Cecilia B Bilbao11780 19th St.$790,000
Louis R. Palmisano and Vanessa I Hernandez321 110th Ave.$790,000
Simone and Rishi Kakar8840 Eighth St.$785,000
Dany Osiel Torres and Alexandra Balebona12350 10th St.$783,000
Eliran Damri and Gilad Ashkenazi12252 25th St.$780,000
Todd Hoffman and Jennifer Cynamon10191 Second St.$775,000
Jonathan Torjman and Alexis Knapp8710 Lake Dasha Terrace$775,000
Alan S. and Yeysenia Feldman12131 Second St.$770,000
Stefano F. and Kathiwscia Viola324 Bayberry Drive$770,000
Jesus R. and Jesus J. Robles10181 Third St.$770,000
Gregory Stafford11460 25th St.$765,000
Cristian J Zelaya and Nancy S. Guijosa11700 15th Court$765,000
Mary Christine Smith61 128th Ave.$750,000
Ashley Thaw-Riesgo and Daniel P. Tupiak12220 Tara Drive$750,000
Deborah Ann Driscoll Amended & (restated revocable trust)400 110th Ave.$750,000
Mark A. and Lisa Wendt11088 Canary Island Court$750,000
Joseph D Sachs and Joanne D Castellanos12362 19th St.$749,000
Scott and Jennifer Migliori2080 118th Ave.$748,000
Peter and Jessica Steszewski521 101st Ave.$743,000

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