149 homes sold in Bermuda Dunes, California with a median home sale price of $430,000 in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Bermuda Dunes, California in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to BlockShopper.com.

In 2020, there were 149 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $430,000 in Bermuda Dunes.

Top 100 home sales in Bermuda Dunes for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Stadium Way Partnership L P79090 Ave. 42$33,600,000
Robert and Daniella Linden78650 Ave. 42 301$8,150,000
Jerome and Wendy Tsang78305 Ave. 41$1,465,000
Kristen K. and Carlos C. Martinez78330 Ave. 41$1,200,000
Nolan Majors and Lian and Ningning Liu78765 Starlight Lane$960,000
Michael S. and Rhochelle R. Wiktorski42425 Castle Harbour Court$922,000
Daniel M. Yaillen (trust)79545 Bermuda Dunes Drive$909,000
Mark E. and Moni L. J. Switzer and Switzer Family (revocable trust)43721 Chapelton Drive$840,000
Luiza and Sirak Bagdasaryan78421 Bent Canyon Court$825,000
Jolyn and Christopher Fergon43420 Chapelton Drive$825,000
Scp II LLC78745 Ave. 42$820,000
Jean Atallah78925 Starlight Lane$805,000
Joshua and Casey Trammell78440 Blackstone Court$780,000
Gene N. and Geri L. Hill and Hill Family Trust79725 Bermuda Dunes Drive$767,500
Dmitri Adlivankin78219 Ave. 41$765,000
Matthew T. Gonzales and Maday O Anderson43901 Culebra Lane$760,000
Jason Wolter78301 True Country Court$731,500
Riley K. and Jill R. Cole and Cole Family Trust79080 Montego Bay Drive$725,000
Maria A. De Lange and De Lange Roger H. & Maria A. De Lange Family Trust79401 Bermuda Dunes Drive$690,000
Pedro and Brenda Rincon42855 Cerritos Drive$690,000
Melvin and Alice Clark78685 Starlight Lane$687,000
Rainer A. and Katariina M. Nousiainen43861 Culebra Lane$675,000
Christopher Michael Collier and Kristine Anne Cline79320 Four Paths Lane$670,000
Lynn and Murry Wayne Watson43580 Old Harbour Drive$660,000
Jelikal LLC79341 Ave. 42$650,000
Darlene K. Jules Francis III and Katherine Ann Boand Jules Francis III42475 Castle Harbour Court$650,000
Larry L. and Racheal D. Merideth79144 Starlight Lane$636,273
Hamza and Alexia Rehman43191 Moore Circle$633,000
Therapeutic Riding-Southern California Pegasus40775 Yucca Lane$625,000
Martin and Jasmine Loberg79555 Mandeville Road$617,500
Marilyn K. and Karl J. Harz42620 Maracay Place$600,000
Scott Keith and Teddi Louise Isherwood79665 Camelback Drive$595,000
Gary A. and Barbara J. Lange43680 Chapelton Drive$595,000
Jonathan D. Lopez, Alcadia M Triplett and Sally G. Rodriguez79400 Fred Waring Drive$595,000
Louise Bohmann and Edmond Farrell79855 Ryan Way$586,500
Michael and Karen Smith42645 Darien Drive$583,000
Lawrence W. and Cathleen Serif79085 Bermuda Dunes Drive$572,000
Anneta Realty Corp. and Kevin Alfred Lohner41321 Pedro Buff Drive$570,000
Scott Carl Phillips78961 Runaway Bay Drive$560,000
Betty Jean Jacinto79148 Starlight Lane$557,000
Aaron D. and Lyndi R. Dani and Dani Family Trust41055 Starlight Lane$547,000
Jared and Lauren M. Fox42275 St. George Drive$534,500
Scp II LLC41680 Maroon Town Road$530,000
Deborah and Mark Sigman79085 Dune Lake St.$530,000
Terrence Michael Stevens Sr. and Dona Christine Stevens78277 Desert Mountain Circle$526,000
Lee David Kimmel, Erika Maria Rieger and Kimmel-Rieger (living trust)79170 Fred Waring Drive$525,000
Kara N. and Carlos Contreras79505 Kingston Drive$520,000
Deron James and Lisa Marlene Richens42396 Bellagio Drive$515,000
Shawn R Kahaialli and Shane A. Burke79745 Bermuda Dunes Drive$512,500
Dean and Maria White79875 Ciego Drive$510,000
Jeremy Dunn and Collin Frangie79140 Fred Waring Drive$510,000
Neil and Tamara Sullivan and Sullivan Family Trust43400 Old Harbour Drive$510,000
Joseph Andrade and Melina Osornio43321 Port Maria Road$510,000
Kelly Autumn James and Daniel Justin Milgrom42725 Caballeros Drive$509,500
John Patrick and Heidi E. Dubrawski78671 Runaway Bay Drive$500,000
Wayne and Amy Ahlstrom79420 Four Paths Lane$500,000
Matthew Eugene and Christina Ann Rodriguez Kreps78292 Desert Mountain Circle$500,000
Krause David R. 2001 (revocable trust)42528 Bellagio Drive$500,000
Megan M. Lanning79015 Dune Lake St.$485,000
Wayne Edison and Michele Gray Cobham42825 Caballeros Drive$485,000
Cindy J. and Phillip L. Gibson42555 Capri Drive$472,500
Phillip Kirk and Nadine Wimmer42589 Bellagio Drive$467,000
Xin Zheng and Jiajing Cheng41704 Lima Hall Road$460,000
Venkatesh Kara and Sreeveena Pinapaka79280 Port Royal Ave.$460,000
Amir and Dana Boim Pelleg79590 Port Royal Ave.$460,000
Bryan William Janney78800 St. Thomas Drive$459,000
Jeremy Michael and Kerry Ann Kemp42565 Glass Drive$459,000
Michael E. Lefever Jr. and Dana M Lefever42550 May Pen Road$450,000
Jordan Small78304 Desert Mountain Circle$445,000
Austin Prieto41737 Beadling Road$440,000
John Robert Bahr42311 May Pen Road$439,000
Cole F Langford79820 Trinidad Drive$436,000
Aleksandr Krol and Yelena Anyushko41590 Alligator Pond Road$435,000
Carl J. and Nancy S. Thornton79095 Bermuda Dunes Drive$435,000
Mario Miguel Baez41611 Moneaque Road$430,000
Kelley Travis Johnson and Jaclyn Kelley79410 Bowden Drive$430,000
Arman Marutyan78203 Sombrero Court$428,000
Drew and Brooke Zimmer41350 Aerodrome Ave.$427,000
Kristi Medearis80045 Kingston Drive$425,000
Sjs Tomorrow LLC42540 Capri Drive$425,000
Kelly and Reed McLean79900 Boqueron Way$422,500
Leslie Holmes78650 Starlight Lane$420,000
Susan Henson43160 Port Maria Road$420,000
Alvin Kwan and Elle Hiesung Kim78155 Sombrero Court$420,000
Anthony J Kretschman42575 St. George Drive$412,500
Tiquan Martin79111 Falmouth Drive$410,000
Pamela A. Schneiderman42190 Tranquillo Place$405,000
Michael David and Andrea Johanna Lozano41622 Beadling Road$400,000
Cesar Romero Hernandez42645 Delhi Place$400,000
Adrian and Danae L. Zepeda79401 Port Royal Ave.$396,000
Danielle and Jonathan Fischer42270 Lima Hall Road$395,000
Matthew and Maria Diaz41620 Front Hall Road$389,000
Predrag Novakovic41650 Luanna Point Drive$389,000
Alejandra Chavez-Montez41736 Moneaque Road$385,000
Mark Alexander and Jennifer Shelly42593 May Pen Road$384,000
Wayne E. and Karen J. McCorkindale78985 Runaway Bay Drive$383,500
Mark W. and Christine A. Meyer42672 Capri Drive$379,000
Dunes 5 LLC42821 Rachel Court$375,000
Cody Chain and Kimberly Lopez41625 St. Annes Bay Drive$375,000
Kirk and Clashea Broadhead41501 Nevis Place$375,000

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