Palm Beach Gardens, Florida had a median home sale price of $362,000 of 1,765 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 1,765 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $362,000 in Palm Beach Gardens.

Top 100 home sales in Palm Beach Gardens for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
150 Bears Club (trust) and Jason Green (trustee)12203 Tillinghast Circle$8,860,000
Tillinghast Palms LLC12230 Tillinghast Circle$5,500,000
Molnar Family Trust, Catherine Molnar (trustee) and Michael Molnar (trustee)12222 Tillinghast Circle$5,239,375
Stephanie and James Letchinger11609 Charisma Way$4,500,000
Peter J. Trematerra (living trust) and Peter J. Trematerra (trustee)12210 Tillinghast Circle$4,400,000
Andrea L. and Lawrence A. Wolfe230 Viaduct Palacio$4,300,000
Felicia and Perry Lorenz12242 Tillinghast Circle$4,150,000
Andrew and Monica Weinberg112 Viaduct Palacio$4,000,000
Katayoun F. and Michael W. Meyer2940 Le Bateau Drive$4,000,000
David P. Storch (trustee) and David P. Storch 1997 (declaration of trust)12023 Leucandra Court$3,795,203
James A. Kinkead, A. Gormley Laurel (revocable trust), Maureen Gormley and Charles E. Clapp III (trustee)11764 Calla Lilly Court$3,775,000
Mark J. Aitken (revocable trust) and Mark J. Aitken (trustee)228 Viaduct Palacio$3,700,000
Donna and Stephen Grossman11774 Calleta Court$3,600,000
Victoria C. Exnicios and Scott J Troeller12003 Cielo Court$3,600,000
Sandra Solomon12026 Leucandra Court$3,600,000
William L. Hernstadt12024 Leucandra Court$3,488,000
Richard Bates7816 Steeplechase Drive$3,425,000
Margaret I. Lauletta (trust), Margaret I. Lauletta (trustee), John F. Lauletta (trust) and John F. Lauletta (trustee)11772 Calleta Court$3,400,000
Suzanne P. and Edward G. Weiner12032 Corozo Court$3,400,000
Francis W. Cash (trustee), W., Judith R. Cash Francis (revocable living trust) and Judith R. Cash (trustee)684 Hermitage Circle$3,300,000
Stern Holdings LLC5269 Counter Play Road$3,250,000
Cynthia Ellen and Joseph S. Kaplan3155 Miro Drive$3,250,000
Maryann Siegel125 Playa Rienta Way$3,050,000
Ellen and Michael Walsdorf7900 Old Marsh Road$2,885,000
Tracy L Saunders8430 Native Dancer Road$2,850,000
Denise and David Simson3200 Monet Drive$2,800,000
Elissa J. and Jeffrey S. Miller237 Viaduct Palacio$2,795,000
Andrea and David Hall19 St. Thomas Drive$2,775,000
Caroline V. and John J. Reyes3330 St. Malo Court$2,775,000
Marlena Demenus and Thomas J. Gormley11906 Palma Drive$2,575,000
Peter Allan and Lorraine Atkins11505 Green Bayberry Drive$2,560,000
Brian and Tiffany Reiter653 Hermitage Circle$2,540,000
13281 Oakmeade (trust), Angela Rose Defebio Ryan (trustee) and Adam Christian Nead Ryan (trustee)13281 Oakmeade$2,525,160
Joy M Motto and Michael A. Motto Jr.7744 Bold Lad Road$2,525,000
Lisa and Barry Stoler2955 Calais Drive$2,514,755
L. Stern Janet (revocable trust) and Janet L. Stern (trustee)11135 Green Bayberry Drive$2,500,000
Lunita L. and Heinrich R. Lenz669 Hermitage Circle$2,500,000
Elizabeth I. Yaffa 2014 (revocable trust), Earle Yaffa 2014 (revocable trust), Elizabeth I. Yaffa (trustee) and Earle Yaffa (trustee)11523 Green Bayberry Drive$2,450,000
Darlene L. and Gary A. Connolly5289 Ridan Way$2,400,000
Deborah and Billy D. Prim11755 Elina Court$2,400,000
Kimberly Heatley De Visscher131 Playa Rienta Way$2,381,500
Maria Elena Frias and Juan Gavilan207 Viaduct Quantera$2,375,000
Michael J. Sentowski and Michele K Thomas2643 Marseilles Drive$2,370,000
Lois S. Weitzman203 Viaduct Palacio$2,350,000
Susan J. and Hal S. Kohn13280 Sabal Chase$2,295,000
Robert V. Donato III8056 Native Dancer Road$2,250,000
Anthony J Marano11117 Green Bayberry Drive$2,240,000
Lynn and John McCarthy11515 Green Bayberry Drive$2,225,000
Lynda and Rick S. Strusiner3140 Burgundy Drive$2,215,500
Larochelle Suzanne (living trust) and Suzanne Larochelle (trustee)11525 Green Bayberry Drive$2,200,000
Medwin Matthew Mintzis (trustee)3120 Burgundy Drive$2,155,000
Diane S Hessan111 Talavera Place$2,125,000
Lesley and David Koeppel13693 Rivoli Drive$2,105,000
Nicholas G. and Tracy Demmo11731 Valeros Court$2,100,000
Ginny Ailstock-Stolz and Joel M Stolz11549 Green Bayberry Drive$1,995,000
Robert I. Kurzon (revocable trust) and Robert I. Kurzon (trustee)230 Grand Pointe Drive$1,965,000
Amy Muntner and Kevin Sneader213 Grand Pointe Drive$1,961,250
Enid Ellis Cheatham11135 Monet Lane$1,945,000
Susan and Jeffrey Gudin118 Playa Rienta Way$1,935,000
Cassidy and Micah M. Alpern5934 Whirlaway Road$1,900,000
Deborah N. and John Richard Stamm163 Remo Place$1,900,000
Jeanne and Robert Leduc11118 Green Bayberry Drive$1,875,000
Sonia and Jeffrey J. Denham305 Grand Key Terrace$1,850,000
Ian Smith and Anna Villarreal11307 Caladium Lane$1,825,000
Yachen and Ross Mark Saur11103 Green Bayberry Drive$1,820,000
Le Bateau Drive Holdings LLC3000 Le Bateau Drive$1,800,000
Monet Drive Holdings LLC3220 Monet Drive$1,800,000
Dori and Leonard Edelman7733 Bold Lad Road$1,795,000
Annette L. and Theodor H. Brown36 St. Thomas Drive$1,775,000
Randall H Lindquist3090 Chateau Lane$1,775,000
Michael P. and Roseann Lydon7890 Old Marsh Road$1,775,000
Michelle and Adam M. Rosmarin13669 Rivoli Drive$1,752,500
Paula R. Kampinski (trustee) and Kampinski Paula (trust)120 Remo Place$1,725,000
E. Byron Hensley Jr 1987 (trust) and E. Byron Hensley Jr. (trustee)11133 Green Bayberry Drive$1,720,000
Christopher and Mary Kristan Stutts11125 Green Bayberry Drive$1,700,000
Jennifer and Michael Adams434 Savoie Drive$1,700,000
Jill L. Kelderman Walsh (trustee), Walsh Family Trust and Martin G. Walsh (trustee)8725 Native Dancer Road$1,699,000
Cynthia G. and Keith B. Howe11216 Orange Hibiscus Way$1,675,000
Heather MacDougall159 Remo Place$1,675,000
Lisa E. and Morry A. Zolet129 Vizcaya Estates Drive$1,650,000
Laura Weissman Davis (trustee) and Laura Weissman Davis 1994 Revocabel (trust)311 Grand Key Terrace$1,610,000
Lisa M Smukler404 Viaduct Placita$1,600,000
Laurie and Edward D. Bean106 Viaduct Mariposa$1,600,000
Tracy S. and Nicholas G. Demmo11318 Caladium Lane$1,575,000
3161 Monet (trust) and Barry B. Byrd (trustee)3161 Monet Drive$1,575,000
Stephanie and Michael Thaler122 Terrace Linda Place$1,564,000
Karen and Darryl Weiss3221 Burgundy Drive$1,555,275
Lisa and Doug Stern11507 Green Bayberry Drive$1,550,000
Kristie M. and Thomas J. Zaccagnino330 Charroux Drive$1,535,000
Brigitte Margot and Juergen Hegel2124 Milano Court$1,525,000
Gilbert P. & Amy Laura Hollander Family Trust, Amy Laura Hollander (trustee) and Gilbert P. Hollander (trustee)13929 Parc Drive$1,525,000
Bruce G. Dubinsky (trustee) and G. Dubinsky Bruce (revocable trust)130 Viaduct Florenza$1,515,000
Binno Dhar468 Savoie Drive$1,500,000
Stephanie Bruan 2004 (trust), Christopher and Peter Bruan and Sloan Bruan Lorenzini13741 Le Havre Drive$1,500,000
Kenneth N. & Judith Paul Joint (revocable trust), Judith Paul (trustee) and Kenneth N. Paul (trustee)117 Olivera Way$1,493,059
Anat and Jacob Kravel136 Viaduct Mariposa$1,482,000
Lynne Greene3651 Toulouse Drive$1,466,813
Molly Hillenbrand476 Savoie Drive$1,458,500
Lilac and David Silvers131 Vizcaya Estates Drive$1,450,000
Linda Goldman and James S. Burstein101 Grand Palm Way$1,450,000

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