Matteson, Illinois had a median home sale price of $173,500 in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Matteson, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 208 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $173,500 in Matteson.

Top 100 home sales in Matteson for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Kenneth Hatton and Endea Hill21206 Kaitlin Court$900,000
Fred Curtis4626 Abbey Lane$355,000
Shenese R Willis600 Appian Way$355,000
Janae M. and Dennis P. Hemphill4509 Odessa Drive$355,000
Carolyn L Banks and Patrick R. and Danielle L. Easley5516 Mallard Drive$349,000
Martell Darius Craig4617 203rd St.$342,000
Wendell Peterson Jr.21138 Whitney Drive$340,000
Deborah D Christian4513 Clonard Place$327,000
Phillip McCord and Fredgena Brackins604 Appian Way$326,000
Arvin Felt624 Larkspur Lane$325,000
Aldrena Johnson231 Grafton Place$325,000
Sherry L Norwood and James E. Norwood Jr.4525 Clonard Place$320,000
Tonya and Michael Fight915 Destiny Drive$315,000
John Daniels21300 Vivienne Drive$305,200
Tduardo J Streeter4709 Pembroke Place$300,000
Dachelle J Smith20501 Keeler Ave.$295,000
Kenneth L. Hatton21206 Kaitlin Court$291,500
Ibrahim A. Adeniji76 Bowman St.$290,000
Robert E. and Carol A. Burge616 Sommersville Court$290,000
Delette M. and Timmie L. Theus6239 Vincent Lane$288,000
Kenneth and Audrey R. Spraggins6117 Amherst Place$286,000
Dervitta and Willard Willette1013 Willow Road$285,000
Brian K Walker4320 Dewey Ave.$280,000
Mettyzee T Washington1021 Great Plains Ave.$278,000
Charlette and Rogers Frazier5901 Amherst Place$275,000
Michelle Forney6512 Pastureside Trail$267,000
Tracy L. and Jahani Arnold5300 Hope Place$265,000
Sena Clark5028 Gibson St.$260,000
Kimberly Baker6055 Beechwood Road$260,000
Terrence and Krystle Rogers611 Academy Ave.$259,000
Shannon Ownes and Sheila Green921 Willow Road$258,000
Booker Avery1002 Great Plains Ave.$255,000
Rasheena Ogundipe and Rasheena White-Ogundipe21233 Whitney Drive$254,000
Crystal Jones Grandberry and Harold J. Matthews6201 Pond View Drive$250,000
Caprice Lewis4705 Blarney Drive$250,000
Eugene Robinson4026 Lindenwood Drive$245,000
Kimberly N Maddox and Eric L Tate4612 Abbey Lane$242,000
Latanya Floyd3800 216th Place$240,000
Jarreld Leigh Marcellus Jr. and Artesia Genee Holloway704 Old Meadow Road$235,000
Michael McGee1029 Notre Dame Drive$235,000
David Tyler4228 Pinewood Lane$235,000
Abimbola Ogunlola1031 Amlin Terrace$235,000
Miguel and Jose Tavarez400 Academy Ave.$230,000
Derrick Watkins6146 Victoria Court$230,000
Veronica Woods6621 Old Plank Blvd.$228,000
Bruce McCray120 Providence Drive$227,000
Donna Marie King4124 Oakwood Lane$226,000
Hazel D Noble35 Treehouse Court$225,000
Aramis A. and Sable S. McGlown303 Central Ave.$225,000
Sherrie A. and Duane A. Vandeveer5631 Feathercreek Road$225,000
Ashenia Harris21308 Pastureside Trail$225,000
Fabian L Rawls919 University Ave.$225,000
Victor Zavala5657 Crestwood Court$225,000
Adeyemi Kembi5706 Kathryn Lane$224,000
Matthew Johnson Sr.814 Bradley Ave.$222,000
Jose A. Vega54 Moonlight Court$220,000
Christopher Mixon6242 Garden View Lane$219,000
Tameka L James6201 Great Plains Ave.$218,500
Gregory Vaughn II122 Cloverleaf Road$218,000
Ronnie and Addena Doss302 Wheatfield Road$218,000
Chelsea Payner48 Sundance Road$217,500
Derral Anderson Jr.732 Kostner Ave.$217,000
Omari B Todd162 Deerpath Road$215,000
Dawn Herron6333 Michael Lane$215,000
K & K Designs LLC6113 Newbury Lane$212,000
Leneedra Wooten854 College Ave.$210,000
Sandra Griffith36 Wedgewood Road$209,000
Kevin Flagg5932 Allemong Drive$208,000
William Watson4234 Applewood Lane Hsf$208,000
Shuttlesworth Inca33 Sundance Court$205,000
Asanta Maxwell4150 Cedarwood Lane$203,000
Robert Vinson Jr.3134 Heritage Blvd.$202,500
Heriberto Flores4504 Odessa Drive$200,000
Tamika Oliver31 Timberlane Road$200,000
Stephanie Bennett5605 Crestwood Road$200,000
Angela D Willis-Allen651 Old Meadow Road$200,000
Christopher and Ebony I. Robertson344 Danielle Road$200,000
Carnell Bonner Jr.4249 207th St.$199,000
Natasha Nicole Mitchell6244 Marsh Lane$199,000
Kevin C Simmons608 Willow Road$198,000
Tanish R Johnson-Spence5514 Georgetown Drive$196,000
Antoinette Bobo4211 206th St.$195,000
Roy Hines5300 Yale Lane$195,000
Darrell L Fennell563 Quail Run Road$194,000
Lakes Eddie L Jr942 Regent Drive$191,000
Emanuel Guerra3436 218th Place$189,000
Dwayne Mitchell54 Moonlight Road$188,000
Ernesto P Williams6329 Fox Run Lane$187,500
Auset Hill6039 Beechwood Road$185,000
John Brooks925 Academy Ave.$185,000
Jade Swanson4200 Washington Ave.$185,000
Liset Alvarez4215 216th St.$185,000
Tara Craigmiles and Julius Beecham3900 212th Place$185,000
Nicholas A. West and Lauren Fowler-Goines141 Deerpath Road$185,000
Reginald E Simmons624 Quail Run Road$182,500
Jeina Bankston and Anina Bell231 Oakhurst Road$182,000
Eboni Hearn100 Oriole Road$182,000
James A. Patton4047 Violet Lane$180,000
Tellis McGee4040 205th St.$180,000
Chandra Reid852 Purdue St.$180,000

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