1,935 homes sold in Tamarac, Florida with a median home sale price of $212,000 in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Tamarac, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to BlockShopper.com.

In 2020, there were 1,935 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $212,000 in Tamarac.

Top 100 home sales in Tamarac for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Samir R Shah and Rupa Bhasin7368 Devon Drive 301$860,000
Clifton G. Smith and Denise Joseph7620 Banyan Terrace$680,000
Abu Jafar and Nasrin Sultana7825 86th Terrace$645,000
Joel J. and Maureen P. Barthel4906 Woodlands Blvd.$617,000
Karen Duchin and Christie Walesch8645 Banyan Way$605,000
Stephen Ray and Gayle Christie Velazquez8615 Banyan Court$599,900
Joel and Michelle Josephs5250 White Oak Lane$580,000
David Price and Prince Umegbolu4915 Woodlands Blvd.$580,000
Mark and Julie Negovan6001 Umbrella Tree Lane$549,999
Betty L. Smalls and Douglas T. Smalls Jr.4504 Queen Palm Lane$529,000
Kristy Delsalto8021 83rd St.$517,000
Caludio Resnick5602 Travelers Palm Lane$500,000
Jennifer and Thomas S. Harris5901 Cedar Circle$500,000
Jean Junior Innocent6002 Umbrella Tree Lane$500,000
Erika and Abel Ortega8311 Black Olive Drive$495,000
Lee Humma and Mariza Jorge8351 74th St.$495,000
Nancy and Craig Burdi7900 85th Ave.$492,000
Pukar Pudassaini and Urbi Sijapati8514 77th St.$490,000
Edward and Ruth Sanders7614 87th Ave.$489,000
Cecelia and Everton Petgrave7615 Black Olive Way$485,000
Dwight A. Riley5901 Walnut Circle$485,000
Nicholas and Enid Bavaro7915 85th Terrace$483,000
Mark and Donna Rousseau7648 87th Ave.$480,000
Moses Mohammed7824 83rd St.$475,000
Matthew Brown and Wendy Chavez7916 83rd St.$475,000
Ronald R. and Trina B. Koon6101 Umbrella Tree Lane$475,000
James Eldon Simmons and Brenda Lynne Shaffer7313 Corkwood Terrace$472,000
Ralph Francisco and Argenis Graisen8300 73rd St.$465,000
Paul and Penny Schlosser7830 85th Ave.$465,000
Chana Wyble and Kirk Brown7325 83rd Ave.$460,000
Edward J. Gorvetzian and Lisa Metz4608 Queen Palm Lane$455,000
Jacob Israel and Sofia Azor8537 77th St.$450,000
Nigel Smith7955 89th Ave.$449,000
Elizabeth and Andrew Albalat7951 90th Ave.$446,700
J & L Industrial Transmissions Design Corp.4439 Treehouse Lane C$445,000
Fredrick A. Clark5001 Woodlands Blvd.$445,000
Danielle Renee Jones and Dominic Combs4808 Queen Palm Lane$445,000
Erik Jay Altman4604 Bayberry Lane$443,450
Laurel Budhoo8810 Paradise Court$439,800
S & V Wesley LLC4500 King Palm Drive$437,900
Martin and Julia A. Smith5706 Coco Palm Drive$435,000
Mark Bradford6205 Orchard Tree Lane$435,000
Ian M Allen and Shane Salter5720 Bayberry Lane$435,000
Marcus and Merlainde Dumas7924 83rd St.$430,000
Anthony and Abbigail Bushorn5731 54th Way$430,000
Sean and Monica Davis8800 Paradise Drive$429,000
Veronique Lubin5705 White Hickory Circle$425,000
Andrew E. and Carolyn McKenzie8601 83rd St.$424,000
Rosettas Family Care Home LLC8901 79th Court$420,000
Kenny Daniel and Tyneka M. Rene5702 Melaleuca Drive$419,000
Martyna Baginska and Gokhan Varol7401 Corkwood Terrace$415,000
Santiago Antonio and Monica Santana7757 79th St.$415,000
Edgar E. Gonzalez-Aldarondo and Carmen I Guzman8805 Paradise Court$415,000
Dianne Davidson9793 Grand Duke Circle$415,000
Noble Harris5606 Travelers Palm Lane$415,000
Ronald Lee Davis and Daniel A. Lonteen5708 Coco Palm Drive$415,000
Robert Chadwick Sumner4503 Queen Palm Lane$415,000
James Riddle4605 Bayberry Lane$410,000
Tracy Ann Thompson4901 Travelers Palm Lane$405,000
Joan V James6001 Royal Poinciana Lane$405,000
Raymond Sean and Maxine Ida Moore10286 Lombardy Drive$404,000
Victor Coke8921 79th St.$402,500
Josline Jean Charles7905 85th Ave.$400,000
Leonardo F Sanchez Biondini6610 89th Ave.$400,000
W Tax & Muliti Services LLC5610 Travelers Palm Lane$400,000
Evelin R. and Ricardo A. Cifuentes5904 Paradise Place$399,569
Jeffrey L. and Yeseel Arias8550 79th St.$399,000
Christopher Jason and Sachoria Sachagay McFarlaine10104 82nd St.$397,000
Fedner J Antoine and Elcana Duverlien7971 89th Lane$395,000
Malcolm Kareem Davis and Delia McKenzie8106 73rd Ave.$390,000
Ian Murray and Claudeen Wilson7056 Golf Pointe Circle$390,000
Marian G. Meyers7104 79th Ave. 1-2$390,000
Junie Elisme8012 83rd Terrace$387,500
Caroline and Eve Bedford5713 Coco Palm Drive$387,500
Kemp A. Knighten6105 Umbrella Tree Lane$387,300
Dale and Tiffany McKay8299 Cassia Terrace$387,000
James Henry Permenter III and Carol A. Rodriguez5212 Yellow Pine Lane$387,000
Jeremy and Jessica Sanchez Tetrault6371 90th Ave.$386,000
Emilio Albarran5408 Banyan Lane$386,000
Justin and Mirit Samuels8119 Nutmeg Way$385,000
Willie D. and Fabiola Freeman5011 Banyan Lane$385,000
Ben T. and Julie A. MacRe4910 Banyan Lane$385,000
Ivan and Narkeita Hall4910 Bayberry Lane$384,900
Kimberly Castriota8076 Buttonwood Circle$380,000
Joseph Z Prince and Sofia C Marrero8071 Buttonwood Circle$380,000
Marissa Latanya and Marcia Phillips5768 Plum Bay Parkway$380,000
Jose Dolores Hernandez and Monthalee Wongchinda9852 Grand Duke Circle$380,000
Christine Dieudonne6205 White Oak Lane$380,000
Pauline Parra4713 Banyan Lane$380,000
Elcida Garcia4405 King Palm Drive$380,000
James and Maryann J. Labombard and Doris Beaumont7149 102nd Ave.$379,000
Oscar David Rosas and Hector Jairo Benitez8511 82nd St.$378,000
Karen G Anderson6204 Orchard Tree Lane$378,000
Lamar and Charlene Miles7100 93rd Ave.$375,000
Kerline Pierre and Karlos Blanc5409 Bayberry Lane$375,000
Peter R. Fischer6301 Ironwood Circle$375,000
Rudolph Anderson and Marcia Chin8330 Black Olive Drive$370,000
Kristen Vietinghoff and Pamela J Furrow7050 Golf Pointe Circle$370,000
Roger Donville and Dionne Antoinette Green7910 87th Ave.$370,000
Adrian Davis and Anisca Stewart8762 75th Court$370,000

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