Blythe, California had a median home sale price of $160,000 of 173 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Blythe, California in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 173 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $160,000 in Blythe.

Top 100 home sales in Blythe for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
IP Backlog Land Holdings LLC25850 Rice Road$3,500,000
Renova Properties LLC1020 Barnard St.$660,000
Vicky S Haynam and Haynam Mitchell J. & Vicky S. Haynam Family Trust4671 Hidden Beaches Drive$575,000
Cindy K Farrage and Farrage Michael J. & Cindy K. Farrage Family Trust2714 Colorado River Road$530,000
Manuel and Jordan Luna11261 Sixth Ave.$440,000
Lance and Karen Sutton1110 10th Ave.$380,000
Christopher D. and Janie R. Gallegos518 Ranchette Road$380,000
Varp Inc.560 Broadway$379,000
Frank L. Gandara Jr. and Angelica Alvarado Gandara2168 McKinley Drive$375,000
Carie D Covel580 Sola$366,000
Ronald Jesse Edwards326 Murphy St.$330,000
Mark Paul Lopez3971 Cove Circle$317,500
Jason M Parkhurst2636 Clearwater Drive$311,000
Veronica and Jerry Dean White440 Alameda St.$301,000
Summer Duenaz400 Alameda St.$300,000
George C. Miller Jr. and Malorie L Miller1240 Eucalyptus St.$294,000
Daniel B. Sheridan Jr. and Ashley N. Sheridan3889 Sandy Point Drive$293,000
Gilbert R. and Esmeralda Madrigal3883 Sandy Point Drive$290,000
Francisco and Rosa Landeros684 Sixth St.$290,000
Ryan J. Hamelberg401 Sage Brush St.$290,000
Jesse and Sarah Newton890 Cypress Lane$271,000
Wayne A. and Centa T. Davis3940 Cove Circle$265,000
Adolph Brandon and Christina Nicole Brown1510 Mesquite Road$265,000
James A. and Cindy L. Kroon and Kroon (revocable living trust)2689 Sweetwater Drive$262,000
Juan P. Hernandez Jr.396 Broadway$260,000
Ashley G. Tancil1464 Riviera Drive$260,000
Lori L. and Richard D. Fry2049 Riviera Drive$259,500
Jose Gamez Davila2232 Dekens Court$258,000
Griselda Leon2206 Cool Waters$257,000
Cody and Ashly Walsh141 Mariposa Trail$254,000
Wayne Smith and Kassandra Aldous370 River Valley Ave.$250,000
Brenda Lizeth Milke331 Juniper Trail$247,000
Conrad Hill IV780 Cypress Lane$245,000
Wayne E. and Marilyn V. Rollins470 Eldorado St.$234,000
Theo Harold Leblanc860 Yucca Drive$232,000
Steven J Caruso408 Earle St.$232,000
Rafael Rodriguez410 River Valley Ave.$232,000
Fernando S Duenaz and Maria Luisa Lainez420 Tesoro Lane$230,000
Karla R Nunez and Ladislao Sillas361 Oasis St.$229,000
Clarissa and Alberto Lorona1321 Sunset Drive$229,000
Bret and Ismelda Robinson1170 Intake Blvd.$228,000
Fabian Tequida and Judith Verenice Valencia2191 Hidden Springs$227,000
Jaime Moreno and Margaret Robertson268 Village Drive$226,500
Jessica Youso730 Oleander Lane$223,000
Isabel Marie T. Escobar460 Holley Lane$220,000
Mark Castro211 Chaparral Drive$220,000
Shannon N Griffin372 First St.$219,000
Daniel Y. Quiroz Lopez364 Village Drive$216,000
Ramon Aguirre Jr. and Karen Julissa Aguirre254 Village Drive$215,000
Jennifer Elaine Lambert355 Village Drive$215,000
Giovanni and Fernando Paramo337 Village Drive$214,000
Jose Santos Guerrero III2191 Sparkling Lagoon$210,000
Bryant Sutterfield480 Glider Court$210,000
Thomas Harrison140 Mariposa Trail$210,000
Luis F Tamayo791 Yucca Drive$210,000
Ramon Angel Prieto Jr. and Marisol Prieto451 Tesoro Lane$210,000
Veronica Vaca320 Bristlecone Ave.$203,000
David and Patricia Luna630 Arroyo Vista St.$201,500
Michael McAndrew (living trust)5210 Colorado River Road$200,000
Kristine McCunn and Tanner Downing811 Aurora Way$200,000
Holly Bakhtavar851 Aurora Way$200,000
Cody Addington1352 Riviera Drive$200,000
Vincent and Ivette Carrillo Deshazo2329 Riviera Drive$199,500
Patricia Andaya393 10th St.$199,000
Jonathan Barvoza and Jennifer Cervantez147 Whispering Winds$196,500
Jose Genaro Gomez Ayala and Sofia A. Gomez951 Eucalyptus Ave.$195,000
Saul Armenta609 Fourth St.$195,000
Francisco and Rosa Landeros601 Rice St.$195,000
Jesus and Maricela Orozco460 Tesoro Lane$195,000
Gregorio Antonio Amaya188 Lee St.$190,000
Tomas Gutierrez III and Abigail Lewis395 First St.$190,000
Jacob L. Lopez950 Lido Lane$190,000
Hilario and Cecilia Garcia745 Chanslorway$186,000
Victoria Gonez and Arturo Gomez Jr.491 Downs Court$185,000
Julia M. and Vincent G. Hull742 Eucalyptus Ave.$185,000
Donna Lou Scott and Chaquilla Pride629 Arroyo Vista St.$185,000
Tracy Rose Shipley450 Ninth St.$180,000
Andrew Robinson and Ammy Christina Freeman390 Ninth St.$180,000
Christine Defreese and Charles H. Defreese Jr.2320 Florence Blvd.$172,000
Jeremy Allen Johnson2251 Sparkling Lagoon$172,000
Juan Martinez and Elisa Tellez481 Downs Court$172,000
Steven and Nina Moore621 Ninth St.$169,000
Rebecca Marquez2651 Fairway Drive$165,000
Brianna I. Thompson934 Ave. A$165,000
Urbana LLC201 Date Road$165,000
Nicholas Daniel and Guadalupe Pina Castro1390 Michigan St.$161,000
Michael John Miller and Kristin Lathrop-Miller2143 Thomas Drive$160,000
Matthew Ryan Pryor480 Seville Lane$160,000
Aldo A. and Melanie E. Velasco364 First St.$160,000
Justin Andrew Vidaurri647 Vista Sunrise Lane$160,000
Sofia Leos1061 Court St.$158,000
Daniel and Cora Tipton3951 Birdie Court$155,000
Robert Paul Stevenson481 Sola St.$153,000
Arturo Garcia660 Sixth St.$152,000
Kent and Nicole Krisell2583 Fairway Drive$150,000
Chassan Properties LLC10060 10th Ave.$150,000
Travis D McClendon760 California St.$150,000
Nancy Chun-Ching Chen317 First St.$150,000
Reynaldo and Efren Ortiz240 Third St.$150,000
Manuel and Yessica Partida330 Stewart St.$148,455

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