Melrose Park, Illinois had a median home sale price of $217,000 in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Melrose Park, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 163 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $217,000 in Melrose Park.

Top 100 home sales in Melrose Park for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Edmund and Yun Zhao Wu and LI Zhen Zheng2336 Emerson Ave.$507,000
Kenny Duong and Dung My Ly136 Broadway St.$450,000
Maac Prop LLC2070 17th Ave.$430,000
1208 N 31ST LLC1208 31st Ave. 6$423,000
Pablo C Mercado905 23rd Ave.$405,000
Aimee and Jose Gonzalez1215 Park Drive$385,000
Shaker Haddad918 15th Ave.$365,000
Michael Utomi134 22nd Ave.$363,000
Oscar Vazquez Nieto1515 17th Ave.$355,000
Meryle and Sonia Urias and Ricarte Quiles1534 33rd Ave.$345,000
Rodrigo Pena and Sara Camacho241 Braddock Drive$330,000
Juan C. Monreal-Andrade1623 23rd Ave.$330,000
Rosa Myrna La and Rodrigo Carraminana671 Winston Drive$315,000
Julia Mannix and Robert Slobig1808 Riverwoods Drive$313,500
Sergio Alvarado and Mariela Ortiz10559 Montana St.$310,000
Christopher J. McDonald Sr. and Rita S. and Leslie Lyman1701 24th Ave.$308,500
Orlando P Shorter and Darnella Murphy1803 Haddon Ave.$308,000
Jose F. Hernandez1300 22nd Ave.$307,000
Heriberto Barraza Maturin and Wendy Barraza1319 16th Ave.$305,000
Mohammad Muhiuddin2040 18th Ave.$300,000
Saul Carreon Najera and Maria C. Carreon145 Winters Drive$300,000
Enruqueta Sanchez Carrillo2251 Dora St.$300,000
John Joseph Amabile910 Park Drive$300,000
Gabriela Mota and Daniel Talavera Benitez1407 33rd Ave.$300,000
Armando Diaz II10320 Armitage Ave.$290,000
Angela M. and Alexis Hernandez1641 Fifth Ave.$290,000
Vivien Ponce119 22nd Ave.$286,000
Javier Estrada Jr. and Martha C. Aguilar1116 12th Ave.$285,000
Uthuppu Devassy and Lloyd Devassy Panjikaran919 Norwood Ave.$285,000
Yesenia Delgado10119 Lyndale St. Hse$281,000
Crisanto H Romero221 Division St.$280,000
Jane V. and Thomas Barnds1302 12th Ave.$280,000
Elizabeth Pulido2224 25th Ave. 1$276,000
Dylan Teeter10420 Altgeld St.$275,000
Maria Melagrani1301 Fifth Ave.$275,000
Melissa Moll and Ricardo Vega800 Joyce Ave.$273,500
Rosa and Mariana Zaragoza and Carlos Zaragoza Aguirre3050 Haber Ave.$273,000
Carlos Arreola Jr.2208 Gustave Ave.$270,000
Carlos R Conde1209 Helen Drive$270,000
Robert M. Wolfe2036 Hawthorne Ave.$267,500
Victor Fuentes and Rosalba Pena1209 Winston Drive$267,000
Vanessa M Soto10597 Schubert Ave.$265,000
Miguel A. and Silvia E. Chavez1609 21st Ave.$265,000
Maria Nanllely Busto Espindola1725 18th Ave.$264,000
Jose and Misael Sanchez660 Davis St.$263,000
Carlos Guerra2130 Scott St.$260,000
David Coortes and Bertha Alicia Botello Perez1005 Broadway Ave.$260,000
Jeffrey Latiker855 Joyce Ave.$259,000
Cihomara Rubio Arias10124 Medill Ave.$259,000
Luis Olivera and Anabel J. Fundora2018 18th Ave.$257,500
Javier Chavez Valdez10512 Montana St.$255,000
Ivan and Flor Rios1717 15th Ave.$255,000
Dipangiben and Gokul-Kumar Patel818 Rowlett St.$254,000
Jose Posos and Sandra Loredo3132 Sandra Ave.$250,000
Ada Alvarado2025 18th Ave.$250,000
Abel Kefleyonas1700 17th Ave.$250,000
Victoriano Mendoza817 Rowlett St.$246,000
Fabiola Ronces Castaneda, Denisse Vences and Guadalupe Ronces and Sonia Lopez De Gutierrez2300 Fairfield Ave.$245,000
Nestall Reyes2251 Emerson Ave.$245,000
Ma Guadalupe Alcazar Solorzano and Angel Barragan1547 22nd Ave. Hse$245,000
Elisa Mana and Mario A. Ramirez Marchan10210 McLean Ave.$243,000
Victor Ibarra and Maria Sanchez841 Alcoa Ave.$240,000
Alejandro Guerrero321 Andy Drive$240,000
Jonathan Casarrubias1301 20th Ave.$240,000
Yessica Vleazquez700 15th Ave.$240,000
Johnnetta Sturdivant1811 Ravenswood Drive$237,000
Christine Piemonte1649 24th Ave.$235,000
Imelda Reyes and Jose L. Reyes-Arias900 Joyce Ave.$233,000
J Carmen Presa and Miguel A. Lopez Garcia2240 Ruby St.$230,000
Norma Villarruel and Martin Villarruel Alvarez11533 Grand Ave.$228,000
Evelyn Feliciano1803 Riverwoods Drive$227,500
Aaron Pastrana and Christina Burda10142 McLean Ave.$225,000
Diana C Serrano2248 Ruby St.$225,000
Eric Orozco1407 Broadway Ave.$225,000
Arely and Eduardo Gonzalez161 Silver Lane$225,000
Jorge and Natasha Arroyo2055 Scott St.$223,000
Sara Ramirez and Mora Martinez1211 21st Ave.$223,000
Javier L Gomez1213 Elsie Drive$220,000
Gisela A. and Magdaleno Arteaga2203 Gustave Ave.$219,000
Hossein Montes1523 Broadway Ave.$219,000
Ofelia Ayayla1605 34th Ave.$218,000
Jesse and Laura Lopez2210 Hawthorne Ave.$217,000
Iryna Dovhan2108 Ruby St.$216,000
Lamar Hawkins1420 32nd Ave.$215,500
Gerardo Sierra9721 Palmer Ave.$215,000
Michael and Dominique Barone1214 21st Ave.$212,500
Germain Palencia3154 Rhodes Ave.$210,000
Jacqueline Nieto-Camacho and Artur T Nieto3006 Rhodes Ave.$210,000
Charlie W. Pulkownik1618 21st Ave.$210,000
Lanie J Rentfro1517 20th Ave.$209,000
Ivan Robles2204 25th Ave.$205,000
Gabriel and Ana Rodriguez11517 Grand Ave.$205,000
Stefany Pinto2948 Sandra Ave.$200,000
Giovanni A. Figueroa10617 Drummond Place$200,000
Franicisco J Rangel and Marisol Melesio10419 Palmer Ave.$200,000
Joseph R Portiera Jr.1809 20th Ave.$200,000
Eduardo Fuentes Mendoza2714 Melrose Ave.$199,000
Jose M. Lopez2018 Scott St.$198,000
David A. Lopez and Guadalupe I Arciniega2250 Gustave Ave.$197,000
Stephany A. Losada and Adriana Jaramillo Arcila2139 Scott St.$195,500

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