Riviera Beach, Florida had a median home sale price of $225,000 of 886 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Riviera Beach, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to BlockShopper.com.

In 2020, there were 886 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $225,000 in Riviera Beach.

Top 100 home sales in Riviera Beach for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Kimberly Alexis Johnson and Justin Seth Girard2795 Lake Drive$3,710,000
Ambrosia of the Palm Beaches Real Estate LLC2675 Lake Drive 1$3,300,000
Red Rock Realty Group LLC2615 Lake Drive 1$3,100,000
Monica and Scott Sechler2700 2003a$3,000,000
Lafcar (trust), Michael Lafayette (trustee) and Heather J. Cairns (trustee)2700 1703a$2,965,000
Sharon and Ronald McAfee2700 2304a$2,950,000
Jeffrey J. Graciano (trustee) and J. Graciano Jeffrey (trust)5050 Ocean Drive 1101$2,840,822
Eliot Allan Muzzo 2041 Florida Family Trust and Eliot Allan Muzzo (trustee)2700 2101a$2,825,000
Wsh Realty Corp.5310 Ocean Drive Ph 801$2,700,000
Rui M Pires3920 Ocean Drive, Apt. 9B$2,350,000
Stephen Meyers5050 Ocean Drive 902$2,200,000
Jeffrey Katzell2700 Ph-1B$2,200,000
Juli and Charles F. Hyatt1150 Harbor Drive$2,116,853
Laura Montressa and C. Oliver Burt III1041 Gulfstream Way$2,100,000
Elaine M. and Gerald V. Delaney5050 Ocean Drive 1002$2,100,000
Lori and Nicholas Cristantiello1081 Fairview Lane$1,975,000
Shefa Realty LLC965 36th St. 1$1,720,000
Lucia and John F. Austin5150 Ocean Drive, Apt. 1901$1,700,002
Irina and Leonard Zhukovsky5150 Ocean Drive, Apt. 1401$1,690,000
Hyum S. and David J. Kim2700 2002b$1,650,000
Victoria and Darren Jachts3855 Ocean Drive$1,618,800
Park FL LLC2432 Park Ave. 1$1,593,470
Jerry E. and Candi D. Miller1051 Gulfstream Way$1,550,000
Jean and Thomas Eichner3920 Ocean Drive, Apt. 12A$1,550,000
Giselle J Geddes and Patrick D. Scullin2700 Ocean Drive 1903B$1,550,000
Rosemary C. and John F. Scollan1120 Powell Drive$1,525,000
Suzanne and Kenton Bowen2700 502b$1,525,000
Patricia Dale and Charles Rumbley3865 Sunset Lane$1,500,000
Bahama Grand (trust) and Andrew J. Krause (trustee)1101 Coral Way$1,475,000
Ronald M Hill Jr.1071 Coral Way$1,475,000
Susan M. and Robert A. Krause3905 Sunset Lane$1,475,000
Camila T. and William K. Perryman1151 Coral Way$1,452,500
Goetz Elaine Marie and Goetz William Gilmore Von1130 Powell Drive$1,435,000
Lester Colina and Dayana Martinez Trocones1130 Bimini Lane$1,425,000
Dwain E Asplint1091 Coral Way$1,425,000
Simon Borucki1171 Gulfstream Way$1,400,000
Harshaw (revocable trust), Ana Bacallao Harshaw (trustee) and Robert Charles Harshaw (trustee)2700 1704b$1,350,000
Noord Marc, Noord Maria, Noord Matthew and Noord Jennifer Vande2700 2105b$1,350,000
C. Oliver III and Laura Montressa Burt1110 Fairview Lane$1,340,000
Nancy S. and John D. Billington2700 705b$1,340,000
Marek Tiffany and Iwona Stawiarski Tiffany2700 1204b$1,300,050
Susan and Michael Boruchov2700 1405b$1,300,000
Gary W Collier3901 Ocean Drive$1,295,000
Kelly C Weston and Robert G. Kreusler1091 Gulfstream Way$1,290,000
Raymond A. Diaz5150 Ocean Drive, Apt. 1203$1,225,000
Destro Family Trust, Jill Ann Bowers-Destro (trustee) and Joseph Anthony Destro (trustee)1250 Bimini Lane$1,200,000
Laura and John Rhodes1110 Fairview Lane$1,200,000
Mark & Michelle Fiorini Joint (revocable trust), Michelle Fiorini (trustee) and Mark Fiorini (trustee)4000 Ocean Drive 1502$1,200,000
Rosebud (trust), David Keith Conn (trustee), Karen Rachel Burke (trustee) and Rosanna Honig (trustee)2700 1104b$1,200,000
Cheeky Docks LLC220 Shore Drive$1,196,000
Natalie and Paul Gagliano1205 Coral Way$1,162,500
Maria Rosa and Nicola Rossi5150 Ocean Drive, Apt. 1903$1,160,000
K & J Dream Homes LLC1090 Coral Way$1,150,000
Shelley A. Fuller5150 Ocean Drive, Apt. 1503$1,150,000
Cynthia K Egnatuk1110 Powell Drive$1,135,000
Amorim Pereira1221 Gulfstream Way$1,100,000
Elizabeth H. Julo (trustee) and Elizabeth H. Julo (revocable trust)4100 Ocean Drive 2003$1,081,250
George A. Johnnides1180 Coral Way$1,060,000
Puthenvittil Chandapillai and Abraham Mathew5380 Ocean Drive 9I$1,060,000
Christine C. and Jonathan T. Meyer4100 Ocean Drive C-12$1,060,000
Michelle and Daryl Hall5150 Ocean Drive, Apt. 1003$1,050,000
Scot E. and Patricia M. Karr5380 Ocean Drive 17J$1,040,000
Z3 Holdings LLC1090 Blue Heron Blvd. 1$1,020,000
Paula M Bohlayer and Christopher Ole Rodberg2300 Lakeshore Drive$1,000,000
Brenda Jo and Donald S. Griggs3920 Ocean Drive, Apt. 2A$1,000,000
John I. Torres4123 Leo Lane$1,000,000
Gregoria Asinas and Thomas Mohler4600 Ocean Drive 404$1,000,000
Gregory J Thomas5200 Ocean Drive 2002$999,900
John Guddsky1161 Singer Drive$975,000
Yvonne T Cruz and James K. Burch4600 Ocean Drive 1902$960,000
Whitney (living trust) and Dusty Whitney (trustee)5200 Ocean Drive 2103$950,000
Matthew Barrett Dobbs2700 1706b$925,000
Delores Brenda Neal5310 Ocean Drive, Unit 301$918,500
Simpson Ira Janita, Simpson Ira Carla, Juanita Simpson and Agent Custodian Iplangroup5380 Ocean Drive 10J$910,000
Diane C Riggi and James W. Smith Jr.2700 1406b$910,000
Christine L. and Brent R. Dilts5150 Ocean Drive, Apt. 1703$900,000
George F. White Jr (revocable trust), Beverly L. White (trustee) and George F. White Jr. (trustee)4600 Ocean Drive 1202$900,000
Rhonda A. and William Goodrich4000 Ocean Drive 1402$890,000
Anthony Casimano and Siobhan C Ogrady2700 205b$889,000
Deborah and Stephen Steckis2650 Lakeshore Drive, Unit 2106$868,000
Jessica H. and Lawrence R. Morgenthal5150 Ocean Drive, Apt. 403$860,000
Yvette and Michael Melby1161 Emerald Drive$855,000
Tyler R. Rueger5380 Ocean Drive 23I$850,000
Colette and John Michael Vargas4100 Ocean Drive Lph-3$820,000
Ron A. and Susan M. Melamud5200 Ocean Drive 1701$815,000
Dawn and Gregory Makowski5380 Ocean Drive 5H$810,000
A. Rodecker Julie (living trust) and Julie A. Rodecker (trustee)5540 Ocean Drive Ph-D$805,000
Robert Discolo5550 Ocean Drive 22-C$805,000
Lori and Joseph Purita5280 Ocean Drive 8A$800,000
Yuchen Su and Zhonghua Zhang5070 Ocean Drive 19-A$780,000
2300 Avenue S LLC2300 Ave. 5$780,000
Kathryn and Jeffrey G. Bailey5380 Ocean Drive 12D$775,000
Robin Matza (trustee) and Matza Robin (living trust)5280 Ocean Drive 11B$775,000
Carrabs Real Estate Ltd. Partnership1241 Bimini Lane$765,000
Sidney A. Stafford (living trust) and Sidney M. Stafford (trustee)4100 Ocean Drive 1002$765,000
Joanne and George Denardo5200 Ocean Drive 502$752,000
Donald W., Linda F. Snyder (revocable living trust), Linda F. Snyder (trustee) and Donald W. Snyder (trustee)5280 Ocean Drive 14B$740,000
James Orioli3000 Ocean Drive 35-H$740,000
Gina Sciame Toner3000 Ocean Drive 27-C$735,000
Mildred A. and Robert L. Schroeder4000 Ocean Drive 102$730,000

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