Top 100 Sandalfoot Cove CDP, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Sandalfoot Cove CDP, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 460 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $236,000 in Sandalfoot Cove CDP.

Top 100 home sales in Sandalfoot Cove CDP for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Donna L. and Kimball K. Love22089 Martella Ave.$575,000
Lauren Jean Kontos and John Kontos Jr.22467 Martella Ave.$575,000
Heather and James Barnhart22119 Martella Ave.$570,000
Yelena and Lyudmila Davydova22313 Ensenada Way$550,000
Michelle L. and Cory J. Gindlesperger22433 Ensenada Way$547,599
Camila Zorrilla and Steven Blake Plaut22222 Martella Ave.$545,000
Jacqueline Suzanne Owens-Flynn and Sean Michael Flynn22221 Martella Ave.$544,000
Marissa and Joseph Furst22336 Boyaca Ave.$538,000
Valerija Heller and Marko Zivanovic9685 Vineyard Court$515,000
Tiago Reis Prado22275 Martella Ave.$475,000
Alexis A. and Elena A. Rodzianko22251 Sands Point Drive$475,000
Charlene and Michael Vizard9680 Vineyard Court$475,000
Sph Property Two LLC22385 Ensenada Way$472,100
Claudia Samanez and Jonathan Sanchez22352 Ensenada Way$470,000
Antonio Vitello22367 Boyaca Ave.$460,000
Cristian Andres and Lisa Anne Suarez22300 Ensenada Way$450,000
Robert A. and Carol Price22361 Ensenada Way$445,000
Natasha and Ruben Perez22908 Old Inlet Bridge Drive$436,000
Moab M. and Mauricio A. Calek22162 Ensenada Way$430,000
Builder Margaret Ann23307 Boca Trace Drive$420,000
David Michael Sasson8570 Old Towne Way$415,000
Susan and Jose Lopez9652 Vineyard Court$407,500
Renata Gould and Marcos Oleiro Jr.23237 Bentley Place$407,000
Alyssa and Jessie Steele23070 Floralwood Lane$405,000
Blanca Mabelina Nunez Huezo and Ivan R Flores23283 Cedar Hollow Way$392,000
Marie V. Vincent and Rocking Michel22933 Old Inlet Bridge Drive$390,000
Elizabeth K. and Timothy S. Miller8600 Old Towne Way$390,000
Felipe and Livia Serpa22721 56th Ave.$387,000
Wanda I Cruz22465 65th Ave.$387,000
Brandon Evan Harris8562 Dynasty Drive, No. 1$387,000
Denise Renee and Michael Jared Battaglia23247 Boca Trace Drive$387,000
Mark-Louis Ramon Fortune9050 Eighth St.$385,000
Brandon William Bear V. and Iovanna McDevitt23019 Sunfield Drive$382,000
Elena Madalina and Sorin Victor Popescu8382 Dynasty Drive$381,000
Vidya Chadee23265 Cedar Hollow Way$380,000
Eric Alexander Mercer8322 Dynasty Drive$378,000
Iliana K Grozdeva8315 Dynasty Drive$375,000
Wayne Martorana8914 Seventh St.$370,000
Stacy and Anthony Passanisi22701 Ninth St.$370,000
Anthony J Grassia22268 66th Ave.$370,000
Lorenzo and Kim Williams Ferreira9043 First Road$370,000
Ivan Bohorquez8563 Floralwood Drive$369,000
Cynthia Lissette Perez8375 Dynasty Drive$369,000
Fabienne Athus8559 Shawe Way$369,000
Sthefany Trivino Tovar and Valentin Miranda-Rivas8251 Cedar Hollow Lane$368,900
Michael McFall Mulholland8878 Harrods Drive$368,000
Alan J Schreckengost Jr. and Carolyn D Schreckengost8527 Dynasty Drive$367,000
Jaqueline Bomfim and John Ian Stirling23110 Floralwood Lane$367,000
Rotolo (irrevocable trust), Laura Rotolo (trustee) and Anthony Rotolo (trustee)8398 Dynasty Drive$366,000
Lorminy Bernade and Camisize Anatasse Bernade and Louis Isemelia Anatasse Pierre23089 55th Ave.$365,000
Tia Allen and Ryan Thompson8895 18th Road$365,000
Antonio Carlos L Sardela and Carla Batalha8332 Butterfield Lane$365,000
Franklin B. and Ana I. Perdomo8155 Scenic Turn$365,000
Paul Raymond and Jennifer Odonnel Cyr8997 Sixth St.$363,000
Jeremy L Thomoson9363 Third St.$363,000
Tashana Morgan and Shawn Blankenship22731 55th Way$360,000
Liline Dormevil, Marie Pompilus and Kersize Antoine22197 58th Ave.$360,000
& Sylvia Reizian Kevork (revocable living trust), Sylvia Reizian (trustee) and Kevork Reizian (trustee)8563 Dynasty Drive$360,000
Sandra Migdal23330 Sedawie Drive$360,000
Amy K. Jorgenson and Robert L. Clementz22608 64th Way$359,900
Jhon A. Libreros8844 Thames River Drive$359,000
MV Desouza LLC22211 Sands Point Drive$356,000
Georgie Chery and Jerry Fleurinord8939 Seventh St.$355,822
Renata Luisa De Morais Almeida and Eduardo Coutinho Ramos9067 First Road$355,000
Jarid and Paschaline Murchie23067 Sunfield Drive$355,000
Alexis and Andres Febles23259 Boca Trace Drive$351,000
Jacqueline Vasudeva8886 Seventh St.$350,000
Andrea Iparraguirre and Mateo Velez22743 56th Ave.$350,000
Russell Brooker22667 64th Way$350,000
Estone Barthelemy and Wenshell Limage9197 First Place$350,000
Eric Lugo23061 56th Ave.$350,000
Lands End Realty Inc.23153 53rd Ave.$350,000
Sonia N Gonzalez Areizaga and Jorge E Molina8355 Garden Gate Place$350,000
Sandra Carla and Steven Robert Boyer8547 Shawe Way$350,000
Marcela A. and Wilson G. Baez22753 Royal Crown Terrace$349,000
Veronica and Michael Normand Lachance23043 Sunfield Drive$349,000
Michael Feingold (revocable trust) and Michael Feingold (trustee)9325 16th Road$348,000
Katarzyna P. and Mariusz P. Latas22733 65th Terrace$345,000
Jean Marie F. and Fritzman Luzincourt9275 18th St.$345,000
Sph Property Two LLC9067 First Road$343,000
William A. and Sonia Carolina Rojas23040 54th Ave.$340,000
Mary Miller and Nathan Petteys23280 Noel Way$338,000
Chetelie and Michelet Michel8829 Harrods Drive$337,500
Milena and Emilio M. Curbelo23247 60th Ave.$337,500
Cindy Raquel Quintana and Scott Malloy Riopelle23301 Sedawie Drive$337,000
Nga Nguyet Luong and Van C Vanh8727 Chunnel Terrace$336,000
Morteza Negahi8579 Dynasty Drive$336,000
Thomas Fitzgibbons and Marilen Maldonado8884 Sixth St.$335,000
Simone Campbell and Michael Chen8600 Floralwood Drive$335,000
Keith and Meredith McCormick22898 Royal Crown Terrace$335,000
Beatriz Duarte and Jose Paez22777 65th Terrace$335,000
Cathleen J Mooney and John William Mooney Jr.23290 Sedawie Drive$335,000
Ying Hong and Yehuda Dahari22901 Sterling Lakes Drive$333,000
Elaine C De Santana22766 66th Ave.$333,000
Jocelyne and Wilquene Hero22481 56th Ave.$330,000
Silva Eduardo Joao Da9035 Ninth St.$330,000
Felipe Oliveira Fonseca22779 65th Circle$330,000
Gloria and Paola Sanchez and Kevin Cusati9341 Second St.$330,000
Katrina Hassan-Nabih Madanat and Loai Haddad9298 16th Road$330,000
Jean-Louis Tervelens and Jean-Louis Yvelot8359 Dynasty Drive$330,000

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