Top 100 Tequesta, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Tequesta, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 220 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $385,000 in Tequesta.

Top 100 home sales in Tequesta for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Bella Properties of Tequesta LLC19000 Point Drive$5,000,000
W. Morton Jr Richard (declaration of trust) and Richard W. Morton Jr. (trustee)59 River Drive$3,600,000
Grace Jagoda and Earl Wade Chance18896 Point Drive$3,125,000
Anna R. and Christopher J. Guttilla199 River Drive$2,900,000
A. Robert D. and Laurie Anne M. Bailey20 Eastwinds Circle$2,188,000
Wanda Spears and Stephen Hoover Smythe7 Tradewinds Circle$1,770,000
Andrew D. Freed (trust), Sigmunde R. Freed (trustee) and Andrew D. Freed (trustee)425 Beach Road 6O$1,600,000
Mimi (trust) and Leean T. Hanley (trustee)16 Coconut Lane$1,527,000
Margarita C. and David Andrew Kulaski400 Beach Road 904$1,450,000
Rachel Kennedy and Raymond Baskett100 Beach Road 604$1,445,000
Double Birdie LLC100 Beach Road 1001$1,360,000
Raegan and Joseph P. Kelly28 Tradewinds Circle$1,348,000
Morli Fidler Josza24 Shady Lane$1,299,000
Susan M. and Jeffrey D. Pribor19 Bayview Road$1,200,000
Andrea J. and Varouj Abkian135 River Drive$935,000
Laura and Gary J. Haseley98 Golfview Drive$900,000
Ashley Heather and Thomas Rolf Koehler144 Country Club Drive$875,000
Mary Jo Snavely (trustee) and Mary Jo Snavely (trust)100 Beach Road 404$850,000
Remi Jenkins300 Beach Road 408$849,000
Tequesta 903 LLC100 Beach Road 302$840,000
Diane L. and Steven L. Bourque100 Beach Road 503$820,000
Henry E. Schmidt325 Beach Road 310$815,000
Tess Lynn and Richard Estone Owen III51 Pine Tree Place$800,000
Omena Investments LP113 Fairview$795,000
Colleen A. and Robert K. Williams4 Tradewinds Circle$782,000
Bryan William Palmer346 Country Club Drive$765,000
Peggy A. Kilian-Scharpf and Gregory V Scharpf100 Beach Road 903$750,000
Mary Muench250 Beach Road 208$730,000
Katy and Tyler Wackman144 Fairview$720,000
Lindsey T. and Michael H. Patterson11 Yacht Club Place$720,000
David Chastain567 Cypress Drive$690,000
Alexis and Stephen Michael Espey165 Magnolia Way$687,500
Gabrielle Carrera and Brandon Sloan58 Golfview Drive$660,000
Casey Cunniff603 Cypress Court$660,000
Bradley F Petersen and James F. Fuqua142 River Drive$637,500
Noreen Shouldis and Joseph Verdone3 Shady Lane$632,000
S. Kaitlin and Edward W. Guerin96 River Drive$629,000
Kimberly K. Dodd and Michael S. Anderson4 Bayview Terrace$628,875
Susan Follett and Leonard Mark Panella375 Beach Road 601$625,000
& Julianne Nagel Brian (living trust), Julianne Nagel (trustee) and Brian K. Nagel (trustee)7 Country Club Circle$619,000
Robert & Shelly Shaw (revocable trust), Shelly Dean-Shaw (trustee) and Robert A. Shaw (trustee)198 Golfview Drive$615,000
Amanda Folsom and Michael Robert Christie254 Golfview Drive$600,000
Joshua S. Ragali209 Golfview Drive$600,000
Jaime Converse and Roger Alfredo Estrada15 El Portal Drive$599,900
William J. Spreitzer244 Country Club Drive$590,000
Donna and Conrad J. Boyle275 Beach Road 103-C$590,000
Courtney Reimer216 Golf Club Circle$579,000
Sarah and Robert Lalli2 Oak Ridge Lane$575,000
Melissa A. and Samuel P. V. Braud69 Pine Hill Trail$575,000
Constance L Grasso501 Del. Sol Circle$574,000
Donald Murphy135 Country Club Drive$569,900
Jessica A. Duhon217 Golfview Drive$569,000
Jeanne M. Follett (trustee)375 Beach Road 602$565,000
Brenna and Kevin McWhorter235 Fairway$559,000
Fiona Elizabeth Spahr and Patrick C. Painter158 River Drive$558,253
Gabriella Perez and Steven D Austin15 Pine Hill Trail$557,500
Patricia Somera and Megan and Kyle Merritt97 Beechwood Trail$550,000
Mary F. and Stephen P. Marino240 River Drive$550,000
Kristen Ann Bennett and Matthew Eric Muller244 River Drive$545,000
Alison and Steven D. Fetzer147 Fairview$540,000
Rachel and David Garza89 Hickory Hill Road$535,000
Denise Guthrie42 Chestnut Trail$535,000
Jennifer Maffei117 Pine Hill Trail$535,000
Debra D. and Michael R. Coburn250 Golfview Drive$530,000
James A. McCarthy Jr.32 Yacht Club Place$530,000
Casey Family 401 LLC375 Beach Road 401$530,000
Margie and David Philo325 Beach Road 304$529,000
Theresa A. Chimerakis (revocable trust), Lee Chimerakis (trustee) and Theresa Chimerakis (trustee)136 Intracoastal Circle$525,000
Sunny Real Estate LLLP325 Beach Road 105$525,000
Tracy Lynn Blackmer200 Waterway Road 207$520,000
Lara M. and Christopher L. Facka601 Del. Sol Circle$520,000
Elyse Diane and Michael Andrew Clancy196 River Drive$519,000
Jupiter R E LLC240 River Drive$500,000
A. Idle Julie (trust) and Julie A. Idle (trustee)334 Fairway$495,000
Loretta MacKle200 Waterway Road 209$495,000
Allison K. and Luis Duarte44 Pine Tree Place$490,000
Rebecca Kamber and Michael Stavisky11 Pine Hill Trail$485,000
Teresa A. Wilkes100 River Drive$480,000
Justin S. Crane and Danielle Mousseau75 Cinnamon Place$475,000
Roberta H Freeman-Jurney and Garrett B Vonk250 Beach Road 402$475,000
Elisa M. and David M. Jirikovic65 Hickory Hill Road$468,000
Mark R. Ciarfella300 Beach Road 201$466,250
Tracy and Warren S. Cleveland219 Golf Club Circle$455,813
Robert A. Hoover and Lauren A. Book253 Fairway$455,000
Charisse M. and Jared Chassen138 Buttonwood Circle$455,000
Annette Sue Hearl-Thomas and Namey Norman Thomas Jr.391 Evergreen Ave.$453,000
Eileen and Paul S. Heuwetter36 Starboard Way$452,500
Barbara L. Lentz and Nicholas G. Lezama300 Beach Road 405$452,000
Sarah M. and William F. Sullivan325 Beach Road 302$449,000
Maria McGinn and Glenn Yagos548 Cypress Drive$448,000
Heather and Neil James Rinehimer231 Fairway$445,000
Brian Oconnor and Caroline Cloninger367 Riverside Drive$440,000
Tarek Morcos200 Waterway Road 204$440,000
Savanna and John B. Clark376 Church Road$435,000
Katie and Jovan Blineau23 Pinetree Circle$435,000
Tania Mara Benfield (trustee) and Mara Benfield Tania (revocable trust)225 Beach Road 504$422,500
Gary Adam Bulyar300 River Drive$420,000
Gary Player and Michele Throssell200 Waterway Road 208$420,000
Kasie Strausbaugh and Kyle Merical46 Chapel Court$415,000
Quint Thomas and Kelly Williams367 Evergreen Ave.$410,000

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