Top 50 Oglesby, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Oglesby, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 67 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $110,000 in Oglesby.

Top 50 home sales in Oglesby for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Svjs LLC1 Broadcast Lane$650,000
Bernard T. and Patricia A. Ernat461 2209th Road$345,000
Jjb Investments LLC10 Deer Park Lane$308,000
Cody Grandadam311 Second St.$250,000
Jay Michael and Ashley Swingel617 Hickory Ave.$240,000
Gary W. and Julie A. Zurinski202 Oakwood Ave.$215,000
James and Kathleen M. Payne2124 550th Road$215,000
Dale P. and Julee M. Corcoran318 Walnut St.$190,000
Tyler J. Knowlton and Chauntel Hauter6 Water St.$190,000
Lance C Siebertsp952 IL State Route 71$170,000
Kyle Videgar125 Glen St.$158,000
Robin Rose22 Tip Ave.$150,000
Jason T. and Stacie Pruitt124 Field Ave.$148,000
Michael L. and Linda D. Beard620 Hazen Ave.$147,000
James K. and Melody A. Stremlau1 Trexler Ave.$145,500
Shelbyville Properties LLC407 Swift Ave.$143,500
Joel R. and Susan Dee Miller331 Alice Ave.$143,000
Rose Ann Riva and Rose Ann Riva Revocable Living209 Oakwood Ave.$141,000
Michael E. and Linda M. Meagher223 Oakwood Ave.$140,000
Irene D. Claudnic431 Heritage Ave.$135,000
Phyllis M Fiedler230 Heritage Ave.$135,000
Kenny J. and Judith K. Siensa330 Heritage Ave.$129,000
Amanda S. Thompson336 Ave.$128,000
Richared T. and Linda A. Zywica438 Swift Ave.$128,000
Alex A. Erschen348 School St.$123,000
Maria G. Shapp319 School St.$120,000
Colten B. and Tori A. Tucker306 First St.$120,000
Kaywana C Giacometti and Jason L Meyers413 Fitzgerald St.$118,000
N P Dodge Jr.100 Oak St.$118,000
Conrad D Weiden100 Oak St.$118,000
Dominick E Safranski218 Florence St.$118,000
Cheyenne L Hermiston-Lopez229 Second St.$118,000
Jacqueline Risk118 Porter St.$114,500
Zachary M. and Michelle N. Kwiatek119 Porter St.$110,000
Austin M. Schwab and Destany C Hill309 Second St.$109,500
Paola Milus207 Bluff St.$87,000
William X. and Deborah J. Weygand603 Swift Ave.$85,000
Matthew S. and Alexis L. Moore434 Richards St.$84,000
Susan J. Bellino2213 Fourth Road$84,000
Mark Quincer634 Columbia Ave.$78,000
Brian Benckendorf2150 550th Road$77,000
Kristen Panicucci937 Jones Ave.$75,000
Wesley A. and Addie M. Kostellic812 Swift Ave.$75,000
Mallory Bima148 Third St.$74,500
Hilary Moyle118 Florence St.$69,000
Ethan Boyer171 Florence St.$66,000
Howard T.-Uttle310 Clark St.$65,000
Latisha Marie Nelson114 First St.$65,000
Cole Pearson435 Second St.$65,000
Andrea L Gerard109 Third St.$65,000

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