Top 50 Plymouth, Minnesota home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Plymouth, Minnesota in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 52 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $352,500 in Plymouth.

Top 50 home sales in Plymouth for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Ernest Wiafe and Anita Adjei-Wiafe16050 55th Ave.$732,500
Michael Anthony and Stacey Horton5715 Fountain Lane$619,000
Shannon Hart and John Peliska16805 12th Ave.$604,000
Christopher Allen and Alejandra Maria Orcutt16820 57th Ave.$595,000
Eric J. and Rebecca R. Galstad16345 39th Place$589,000
Erika Boutros and Kory Lindberg5255 Jewel Lane$582,000
Nils and Amanda Wahlander16210 49th Place$580,000
Subramaniyan Ramakrishnan and Lakshmi Rajarathanam16115 61st Ave.$575,000
Zhengtian Wu and Yitian LI4245 Lanewood Lane$530,000
Matthew A. Kunz and Julie A. Swan12940 46th Ave.$530,000
Dene Darylee Dampier and Donald Thomas Fabick3625 Yuma Lane$505,000
Luke and Melanie Dolezal15000 45th Ave.$493,000
Jacqueline Jordan and Jon Robert Anderson17625 30th Place$482,000
Bryce Daniel Riddle and Blair Ann Harrington10805 50th Place$465,000
Nathaniel Steven and Athena Mouw Seely3675 Urbandale Lane$465,000
Jeffrey and Jennifer Bishop2919 Troy Lane$453,000
Fatou Jallow5743 Juneau Lane$450,000
Nathan Ivan Zenker and Jennifer Michelle Fluhrer5135 Saratoga Lane$441,000
Anthony Loang and Erika Leen15820 50th Place$414,000
Ainesh Jha5069 Yuma Lane$400,000
Aaron and Abby Swandal725 Lanewood Lane$399,000
Jaclyn Frankenberger and Theodore Crowley3110 Walnut Grove Lane$388,000
Natalie Jean Nieves1110 Sycamore Lane$383,900
Kristina Kulp3930 Troy Lane$370,000
Stacey R. Walker3005 Kilmer Lane$360,000
Shane Mirkovich15325 41st Ave.$355,000
Lakeview Development Co. LLC4640 Holly Lane$350,000
Carol Farrr1915 Juneau Lane$339,500
Jared C. Persons11710 44th Ave.$338,000
Casey L. and Sarah M. Behl11615 52nd Ave.$330,000
Sph Propery One LLC15125 38th Ave.$328,000
John Grecula and Claudia Vold1024 Zanzibar Lane$325,000
John Olajide Bove17515 30th Ave.$325,000
Madeline C. Hall1620 Weston Lane$324,000
Raymond Shirley Holdings LLC17110 28th Place$323,000
Ruiqi LI12305 51st Ave.$320,000
Mark J. and Connie A. Fleigle11515 41st Ave.$310,000
John Leonard Baldwin Jr. and Adrienne Lynne Baldwin17750 38th Ave.$299,900
Kun LI14720 31st Ave.$297,500
Christopher Smith and Ashlee Styve13978 52nd Ave.$291,900
Isabella and Arkady Gusovsky4130 Lawndale Lane$285,100
Darrell J. and Barbara J. Kutchmarek14879 45th Ave.$277,500
Nicholas Andrew and Noelle Victor Roehl17740 Old Rockford Road$268,500
Rachel Kaye Halbur and Genki LLC3477 Pilgrim Lane$260,000
Bhonsle Sanjeev Balkrishna15136 40th Ave.$250,000
Daniela Tank17012 39th Court$234,000
Corey and Lisa Sisson645 Orchid Lane$225,000
Incorporated MS Relocation Services10410 41st Ave.$190,000
Jaime M. Scholzen15631 27th Ave.$178,785
Gary Albritton14520 18th Ave.$172,000

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