Top 50 Lakewood, Colorado home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Lakewood, Colorado in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 70 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $384,950 in Lakewood.

Top 50 home sales in Lakewood for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Ryan and Kelli Bennett14024 Dartmouth Ave.$779,975
Kory Austin Kelley and Samantha Joselle Recto Trinidad1052 Ammons St.$755,000
Chavez Jose W Lindley and Ana L Chavez2479 Chase Lane$735,000
Charles Emmer and Sundie Seefried13353 Alameda Parkway 302$700,000
Christopher R. Dermody2591 Simms St.$690,000
Stephanie Weinberg Tuder and Christopher William Stearns8564 Iliff Ave.$620,000
Daniele Danae Riopelle2595 Parfet St.$614,000
Wayne L. and Mary Murrelle Garrett1828 Lamar Court$606,500
Douglas and Christine Allen11228 Ford Drive$605,000
Constance L Lawrence and Paul Andrews1701 Ingalls St.$597,500
Jay Martyn and Samantha Matney401 Pierson St.$595,000
Christopher Joseph Kitzman9015 Second Ave.$585,000
Sarah F. and Douglas W. Dupont2530 Dover Court$539,900
Edwin and Carol Samberg1891 Marshall Circle$535,000
Cesar and Alexandra Leon and Leticia Anaya3140 Reed Court$530,000
David A. Lashlee3472 Otis Court$493,250
Jason and Pierce Rachel Israel13290 Dakota Place$468,000
Blewett Jenna R Anderson and Lance A. Bradbury764 Vivian St.$467,500
Scott and Heidi Algeo464 Parfet St.$465,000
John Henry and Kelly Paulene Gonzales7100 Ellsworth Place$462,000
Carol A. Stearns1677 Balsam Court$460,000
James F. and Earnestine Peiffer7435 Maple Drive$452,500
Mark Gorka867 Everett St.$450,000
Cara Edelstein and Suzanne and Spencer Hinton14409 Yale Place$448,000
Barbara and Gary and Martha Mesa12222 Dakota Drive$447,000
James and Deborah Kreuser69 Ward Court$435,000
Loc Nguyen and Hiep T Dinh815 Field St.$435,000
Drew Callejon and Andrea Flores1099 Johnson Way$425,000
Sheena S. and Chad B. Meyer9225 Jewell Place 110$425,000
Stacey Brianne Sutton Janning2565 Pierce St.$403,975
Orlando Villanueva5891 Fourth Ave.$403,000
Carl Chavez7494 Louisiana Ave.$395,000
Ihao Woo15 Dudley St.$395,000
Grayson Erhard and Amy Israel1121 Butler Way$394,000
Juan Carlos Moran Rivas and Marvin E. Flamenco1332 Lamar St.$390,000
Kristopher Moen1471 Ames St.$379,900
Scott Walsh12655 Bayaud Ave. 43$369,500
Michael Sigala333 Parfet St.$365,000
Joshua E. Thompson and Claire C Bohlen5704 Atlantic Place$360,000
Cjm Investments LLC1556 Welch Circle$347,000
Kayes Displays Prop LLC6925 14th Ave.$345,000
Chris Raymond Campbell3459 Ammons St. 4-3$339,000
Isaiah Espinosa137 Newland St.$337,000
Brian Blaze and Elizabeth N. Moschetti1889 Union Blvd.$325,000
Julia Fiorella and Maria Luisa Matute1786 Robb St.$290,000
Chad Andrew and Nicki Ann Bacon384 Estes St. C$275,000
Emiliano Romero1263 Flower Circle B$270,000
Heather Robbins10250 Jewell Ave. A$267,500
Joseph D. and Anna M. Brodski412 Wright St. 104$253,000
Lucius H Weeks1847 Quail St. 3$247,000

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