Top 100 Naperville, Illinois home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Naperville, Illinois in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 198 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $346,500 in Naperville.

Top 100 home sales in Naperville for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Project Naperville 808 LLC808 Route 59$3,400,000
McCapital Naperville LLC5 Naperville Road$3,350,000
Sawam Kirpal LLC1620 Pebblewood Lane$1,750,000
Wons (trust)540 Jefferson Ave.$1,520,000
1239 Oxford LLC8 Oxford Lane$1,400,000
Osaama Khan and Amera Siddiqui635 Wright St.$1,275,000
Christian H. and Shannon O. Hansen706 Wellner Road$1,270,000
Dan Ruhl605 Jackson Ave.$1,225,000
Brooke Thompson and William Charles Thompson Jr.445 Columbia St.$1,222,500
Jeffery B. and Debra L. Harper1122 Thunderbird Lane$1,200,000
Bryan Schultz1012 Elizabeth Ave.$1,130,500
Trac X Nghiem and Kulchitt Vilaichitt352 Sleight St.$1,000,000
Bruno Kolb and Kate Lavelle347 Redbud Drive$970,000
Mark Dixon and Ruth A. Rehfeldt226 Spring Ave.$952,500
Tamipan Group LLC8 Jefferson Ave.$810,000
David W. Gibson523 Benton Ave.$780,000
Eric J. and Kristian M. Stuedemann983 Kenilworth Circle$770,000
Joseph T. and Cara M. McKeown Welsh427 Wright St.$735,000
Rosambel LLC1311 Crab Apple Court$702,500
Xiaohang Yue and Wenlian Gao1012 Erb Farm Lane$657,000
Erica and Thomas Kritzer108 Bridgewater Court$652,000
Charles and Kristin Bossart614 Balmoral Circle$628,000
Christopher and Audra Santucci119 Brainard St.$624,000
Noland Langford520 Washington St.$566,500
Piyush Mittal and Khushboo Agrawal1024 Frances Court$548,000
Katarina Beyer and Joseph John Conway1350 Westmoreland Court$530,000
Sean and Sara Broihier638 Thornwood Drive$525,000
Luis and Katy Corrrea1425 Ambleside Circle$512,000
Laxmi Subedi1750 Penn Court$510,000
Terry McGrath and Cathleen Corso512 12th Ave.$500,000
Tara P. and Krishna Khatua439 Le Provence Circle$500,000
Brian Z. and Erin E. Turner847 Mobile Court$495,000
Benjamin and Crystle Hum912 Eddystone Circle$485,000
Benjamin and Erin Morton269 Winding Creek Drive$470,000
First Midwest Bank (trustee)1214 Cheshire Ave.$465,000
Brian D. Bolliger (trustee) and Nancy J. Bolliger (trustee)214 Benton Ave.$455,000
Ivan and Alena Matsiuk768 River Road$450,000
Randy and Brenda Stilson1613 Clarkson Court$450,000
Jordan and Roberta Callaway1341 Royal St. George$450,000
Jennifer L. and Prashanth Pathy1783 Chadwicke Circle$447,500
Feixiang XI and Yiyang Wei1325 Goldenrod Drive$446,500
Nicholas and Whitney Phend1132 Royal St. George$445,000
Matthew and Katrina Meckes1852 Syracuse Ave.$445,000
Liang Sun and Jing Yang1504 Del. Paul Court$444,000
Douglas L. and Molly Donovan850 Hilside Road$440,000
Jeffrey Dockendorff2 Golden Larch Drive$439,000
John C. Thomson Jr. and Tracy Suzanne Thomson1732 Chalmette Court$438,000
Trevor Pauling and Cassondra Galvez707 Thornwood Drive$435,000
George M. and Sandra L. Olney520 Prairie Knoll Drive$435,000
Thomas A. and Rachel A. Madiar1167 Book Road$433,000
Bun Chua and Chiauru Yen344 Prairie Knoll Drive$430,000
Joseph Turek and Sarah Turrk1145 Secretariat Drive$425,000
Shaohui Chen and Mi Luo1606 Valley Ridge Court$425,000
David and Anastasia Widmer1617 Kenyon Drive$422,500
Jeshal and Pooja Mooji901 Merrimac Circle$420,000
David E. Bodnovich1417 Foxhill Road$412,500
Lance Kasper1144 Hyde Park Lane$410,000
Klecatsky (trust)0 Blakely Lane$410,000
Giachetti (trust)1879 Bay Scott Circle$405,000
Christine Ann Johnson148 Tanoak Lane$403,000
Walsh Rentals 210 LLC210 Columbia St.$403,000
Nicholas and Ashley Iovinelli64 Drendel Lane$402,500
Charles and Andrea Reed235 Terrance Drive$400,000
Christopher J. Dupuis724 Loomis St.$400,000
Bradley and Andrea Benson508 12th Ave.$399,000
Robert D. Wooten and Lauren T. Engel217 Cortez Court$395,000
Parker and Lindsay Summers2022 Exmoor Court$393,000
Sean W. and Elizabeth A. Sartell875 Raintree Drive$392,500
Blaine E Kosek Jr. and Liliana Kosek724 Chateaugay Ave.$390,000
Joseph Kulick and Sarah Birdsall912 Elm St.$385,000
Brian L. and Kathryn M. Ehmann704 Citation Drive$385,000
Jamie Hickman1357 Stonegate Road$385,000
Andrew McCarty1684 Greene Ridge Drive$384,000
Kevin C. and Anne Christine Day1220 Bainbridge Drive$383,000
Matthew Korienek937 Elm St.$382,000
North American Mission Board O1012 Muirhead Ave.$380,000
Nick E. and Christina Porter710 Canyon Run Road$380,000
Christopher Litcher912 Genesee Court$379,500
North American Mission Board O924 Elm St.$378,000
Moazzama Safdar2144 Skylane Drive$372,000
Gabriel W. and Kimberly Sumner1771 Brookdale Road$370,000
Sadina and Ognjen Marjanovic1524 Killdeer Drive$370,000
Caf Jwc LLC925 Prairie Ave.$370,000
Grant White and Kathryn McCarthy611 Ellsworth St.$370,000
Luann and Gibran Rezavi1428 Ambleside Circle$370,000
Scott C. and Emily M. Wethy1473 Applegate Drive$365,000
Michael W. and Devyn M. Courtney1517 Terrance Drive$365,000
Sudeep Chand Jasty2428 Emerson Lane$365,000
Yadvendra Singh Rathore and Panika Rajawat2764 Whitehall Lane$365,000
Neelam and Ashutosh Aloor410 Prairie Ave.$360,000
James Trader1039 Knoll Drive$360,000
Benjamin A. and Alycia F. Tipton1123 Hannah Court$359,000
Eric and Sani Cha243 Bay Colony Drive$357,000
Muthukumar Subramanian2824 Whitehall Lane$352,000
Dwight H. and Leanne Holland1003 Langley Circle$350,000
Courtney A. Liptrot1811 Fair Oak Road$350,000
Henrikas Domskis and Rita Zemblyte1900 Chatham Court$350,000
Ryan and Kelli D. Carpenter92 Bunting Lane$350,000
Alonso A. and Mayra Sanchez214 Tupelo Ave.$348,000
Ahmed El Maghraby512 Staunton Road$345,000

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