Top 100 St. Paul, Minnesota home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for St. Paul, Minnesota in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 204 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $210,000 in St. Paul.

Top 100 home sales in St. Paul for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Esh Ventures LLC1074 York Ave.$2,400,000
1032 Duluth LLC1032 Duluth St.$2,400,000
Michael Richard and Danielle Jeske Anderson743 Goodrich Ave.$1,350,000
888 Birmingham LLC888 Birmingham St.$1,075,000
Reuben Stewart and Tara-Lee Harris110 Virginia St.$1,000,000
Jeffers Ponds Development LLC150 Water St.$900,000
Mrg Marshall Partners LLC1232 Marshall Ave.$725,000
Harrison D. Willcutts Jr. and Julia A. Livingstone833 Lincoln Ave.$689,000
Cara Hawkinson and David Lane1641 Scheffer Ave.$571,500
Patrick McDonough and Molly Shields2237 Edgcumbe Road$540,000
Oliver and Maura Ross1008 Portland Ave.$533,000
James and Diane Schrack1931 Lincoln Ave.$504,000
Emily M. and Calli R. Oberembt1731 Marshall Ave.$485,000
Estelle M. Brouwer667 Hague Ave.$460,000
Frank Morris Prawer and Mary Jo Unzelman1517 Portland Ave.$454,000
Tyler Armstrong277 Aurora Ave.$450,000
Sph Property One LLC2065 Jefferson Ave.$437,000
Dereje Awash586 Reaney Ave.$428,500
Kenneth Gorsegner and Katherine Little1396 Canfield Ave.$418,000
Samuel T. Dunn and Kathryn A. Southard1627 Niles Ave.$417,000
Philip Eckman2101 Selby Ave.$410,000
Elizabeth Klein and Paul Kwiecinski2212 Bayard Ave.$410,000
T & M Holdings LLC272 Prescott St.$399,000
Jacob Christian Schacker and Siri Liv Jorstad1203 Davern St.$397,000
Ryan Pfeiffer and Erika Shadduck1759 Laurel Ave.$396,000
Jeffrey and Tammy Sturm845 Hague Ave.$390,000
HP Minnesota I LLC1577 Sargent Ave.$379,100
John and Caroline Horner1822 Princeton Ave.$377,000
Cari Lynn Brian Andrew and Ireland Anyes Dawood Brian Andrew2175 Lincoln Ave.$373,000
Mark Van and Mary Van Domelen1920 James Ave.$362,900
2008 the Barton H. Schmidt Agreement Dated September 23 (revocable trust)1466 Fairmount Ave.$355,000
Jacqueline Romano1271 Niles Ave.$350,000
Micah Erickson and Laura Bunkowski873 Ashland Ave.$339,000
Ethan and Rachel L. Wieneke1700 Palace Ave.$332,500
Bafs Real Estate LLC1960 Lincoln Ave.$330,000
Alana Dixson and Adam Robinson572 Desnoyer Ave.$330,000
Homes By Witt LLC (doing business as c4d crew)572 Desnoyer Ave.$330,000
Berhane Hanson1603 Albemarle St.$329,900
Daniel J. Joyce and Kristen M. Lynch1673 Beechwood Ave.$329,000
David Gibson1748 Sheridan Ave.$315,000
Jeanette Bloss1055 Finn St.$315,000
Russell John Stumpf Jr. and Samantha Heuer168 Sixth St. 3405$312,000
Carter Investment Properties LLC2036 Iglehart Ave.$310,000
Piqi Xue and Han Zhong2566 Ellis Ave. 405$300,000
Joseph James Reisdorf and Kara Simone Kirkpatrick Schneider1127 Churchill St.$299,000
Homes By Witt LLC (doing business as c4d crew)43 Winter St.$285,000
Langano Housing LLC43 Winter St.$285,000
Joanna Bird1642 Blair Ave.$284,900
Adan J. Casas1330 Case Ave.$282,000
Joshua A. and Bethany C. Tanguay1250 Wellesley Ave.$275,000
Steven D. Becker605 Snelling Ave. 111$275,000
Sam Joseph Horsch1126 Blair Ave.$274,000
Fresh Properties LLC708 Hawthorne Ave.$270,000
Amanda Jo Richards1231 Niles Ave.$268,000
Amber Lynn and Rahul Roy2028 Berkeley Ave.$265,000
Der Vang and Noucheng Andrew Pha2168 Falcon Ave.$262,250
Jason T. Hedeen and Darcy Lynch901 Armstrong Ave.$262,000
Orion Sage Frey2097 Highwood Ave.$260,000
Poe A. Ywa and Tu Tu Paw2052 Larpenteur Ave.$260,000
AAA Hamline Properties LLC1536 Osceola Ave.$260,000
AAA Hamline Properties LLC1532 Osceola Ave.$260,000
Micah Johnson867 James Ave.$259,900
Sarah Hauser977 Goodrich Ave. 1$258,000
Samantha Skrypek946 Minnehaha Ave.$255,600
Maximilian Selim450 Fulton St.$255,000
Jose L. Lopez Ordaz468 Jayne St.$254,400
Alex Painter and Ana K Medina Castro519 Belvidere St.$250,000
1866 Marshall Avenue LLC1866 Marshall Ave.$250,000
Sara Schoenthaler756 Tuscarora Ave.$250,000
Justin and Madalynn R. Brendon1147 Lane Place$250,000
Karl R Meunier and Maria De Las Mercedes Ruiz Estevez819 Watson Ave.$247,600
Joseph Delisi and Jessica Briggs1503 Iglehart Ave.$247,000
Selby A. Moe, Laurie A. Moe-Greer and Daniel F. Greer254 Warwick St.$247,000
Jesse Aaron Frank1728 Rowe Place$246,250
Tyler Dale and Kristen Wahlberg1158 Randolph Ave.$245,400
Emma R. Pearl and Josh P. Czech389 Fulton St.$241,000
Kenneth Mogel1639 Chamber St.$238,000
Barbara and John Burkhalter967 Fuller Ave.$237,500
M. Montana Picard1434 Minnehaha Ave.$237,000
Marta and Casey Roser393 Ferry St.$236,000
Tijl Osborn Van Der and Haan Van Der Wege1383 Arundel St.$235,000
Chevron Louise Beasley1716 Idaho Ave.$235,000
Elizabeth Martinez Martinez and Thomas Ellingham Jr.78 10th St. 3409$233,000
Anja and Emanuel Espinoza1691 Rose Ave.$232,000
Tee Moo1314 Reaney Ave.$231,500
David Charles Nyman and Kelly Jeanne Nightingale444 View St.$231,000
Jerald J. McMurray1069 Lafond Ave.$230,000
Zachariah and Chelsea Scruggs1459 Pascal St.$230,000
Michael Coleman and Kaying Yang1549 Germain Landing$229,000
Van Hoa and Ngan Thi Thuy Bui and Thi Mai Pham682 Edmund Ave.$225,250
Emily Huro325 Charles Ave.$221,643
Yin Toe and Ma Tho1393 Woodbridge St.$220,000
Yeng Yang1611 Euclid St.$220,000
Sadie Wunder and Nathan Sather1549 Albany Ave.$220,000
Todd Walstrom786 Wheelock Parkway$220,000
Daniel Schaefer973 Randolph Ave.$219,000
Annette K. Modesitt1117 Flandrau St.$218,900
Robert J. Williamson II332 Maria Ave.$214,900
Quaashie Ali825 Hardenbergh Place$214,000
Ismael Hernandez867 Jordan Ave.$214,000

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