Top 50 Lombard, Illinois home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Lombard, Illinois in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 91 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $257,500 in Lombard.

Top 50 home sales in Lombard for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
MDC Box 1 LLC747 Butterfield Road$5,786,500
Dupage Lombard LLC1111 Du Page Ave.$4,964,000
Dupage Garfield LLC1136 Garfield St.$2,836,500
Grossdale Holdings LLC21 Ash St.$870,000
Cicero & Roosevelt Properties33 Roosevelt Road$860,000
National Residential S. (nominee)263 Charlotte St.$620,000
Matthew B. and Erin E. McGarry263 Charlotte St.$620,000
David and Lisa Greenfield512 Taylor Road$555,000
Eric Wilder and Kathleen M. Graver1121 Michelle Lane$427,000
Imtinan Ahmad and Bushra Imtinan653 Charlotte St.$385,000
Michelle Lynn Bauman905 Lombard St.$377,000
Geoffrey L Puls868 Hawthorne Circle$375,000
Kelly W. and Amanda J. Twomey328 Collen Drive$375,000
Brian and Joy Hallberg1411 Colony Court$368,000
Iram Enayet2 Le Moyne Ave.$365,000
Daniel De Lima109 Lodge Ave.$355,000
Matthew and Corinne Miller1111 Adams St.$350,000
Benjamin A. Barclay114 Martha St.$337,000
Takreem Khadija Basheeruddin and Wahaj Uddin Ahmed359 Buckingham Court$330,000
Caryn Ayarzagoitia297 20th St.$329,000
Joseph and Brooke Bingaman621 St. Charles Place$325,000
Zachary J. Schullo and Samantha E. Carlson225 Grace St.$325,000
Karen Waity315 Collen Drive$325,000
Lisa Ann and Kyle Fredrickson307 Sunset Ave.$320,000
Erin E Davis and Jeffry Langan Jr.216 Martha St.$320,000
Charles A. Reid380 Clarendon Ave.$320,000
Justin and Cassidy Harkrader516 School St.$309,000
Alexander M Frenzel and Alexandra P Nelson355 Kramer Ave.$305,000
Mohamed Althaf Hussain and Rasheedha Begum Mohammed Ibrahim346 Buckingham Court$305,000
David and Piyamat Mercurio580 La Londe Ave.$300,000
Jeffrey and Kathleen Slovick310 Main St.$298,000
Westfield 754 Inc.754 Maple St.$296,000
Harris M. and Qadri Sultana Lakhani1345 Lore Lane$288,000
Cindy Handwerker374 Fairfield Ave.$283,000
John A. and Erin M. Pereira375 Vista Ave.$283,000
Westfield 1006 Corp.1006 Maple St.$275,000
Kevin Michael Chika and Kelly Eileen Kedzior263 Craig Place$272,000
Kevin R. and Katherine Margaret Simpson309 La Londe Ave.$265,000
Myrna Aquisap2240 Grace St.$265,000
Matthew D. and Alicia D. Lomas355 Willow St.$264,000
Mark A. Francis and Angelica J Landa236 20th St.$262,500
Erik G. and Eilish P. Graunke345 Lombard Ave.$260,000
Martha and Gianna Gibbson709 Columbine Ave.$260,000
Dillon Bach20 Ash St.$260,000
Eddie and Basilio Robles136 Le Moyne Ave.$259,000
Chris and Lydia Liput707 Pleasant Ave.$257,500
Kevin J Kuta110 Chase Ave.$255,000
Roderick O Monis386 Kramer Ave.$250,000
Michael and Haley James220 Crystal Ave.$245,000
Edward V. and Kathleen Koeller1028 Charing Cross Road$243,000

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