Top 50 Glen Ellyn, Illinois home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Glen Ellyn, Illinois in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 55 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $300,000 in Glen Ellyn.

Top 50 home sales in Glen Ellyn for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Frank A. Bednarz and Laura A. Scariano509 Linden St.$1,800,000
Daniel Joseph and Lauren Elizabeth Busch711 Revere Road$1,550,000
Daniel and Kelly Dobbins467 Taylor Ave.$960,000
Jonathan and Kelly Thielbar374 Anthony St.$805,000
Glen Ellyn Investors LLC460 Main St.$789,500
Todd Krumwiede and Nicole M Vitale738 Western Ave.$755,000
Jared L. and Shannon B. Hunt73 Brandon Ave.$755,000
Michael D. Arnold and Monica A. Wallace348 Brandon Ave.$705,000
Brian E. and Allison J. Sims656 Wingate Road$645,000
Vikas and Sheela Mahendra130 Montclair Ave.$640,000
Zubair Mohammed and Soofia Ahmed138 Ellyn Ave.$625,000
Changnon (trust)815 Revere Road$595,000
Donald W. and Julie A. Hollensbe678 Oak St.$570,000
John Watanasiriroch and Megan Howell780 Park Blvd.$565,000
Aldi Inc.6 Ellyn Court$530,000
Reolly (trust)399 Anthony St.$520,000
Raymond A. Krishock and Amber Haitjema274 Sheffield Lane$511,000
Tanya and Robert King125 Ott St.$493,000
Cartus Financial Corp.399 Anthony St.$480,000
Joseph P. and Sophia S. Kenney847 Ellynwood Drive$475,000
Bradley and Mari Ullrick991 Chapel Court$475,000
John M. and Linda M. Dickey235 Woodstock Ave.$449,000
Melissa Kolling and Scott Fonda780 Harding Ave.$445,000
Ewa Anikiej632 Harding Ave.$400,000
Dae Develoment LLC641 Hill Ave.$350,000
Julia M. Liebich and Carol Springer316 Taylor Ave.$350,000
Reva 424 Prospect LLC424 Prospect Ave.$310,000
Amber Castle Properties LLC215 Lorraine Road$300,000
Patryk M. and Katherine Jasionowski578 Dawes Ave.$290,000
Justin O. and Krystine Sumulong591 Maiden Lane$289,000
Christopher Doran and Claire Sheehan509 Carleton Ave.$285,000
Barbara Kwiatkowsky and Michael B. Farley351 Woodstock Ave.$270,000
Sergio Sanchez and Roxanna Huerta275 Milton Ave.$260,000
Ifraj Darrina Watts359 Duane St.$259,000
Jeremy J. and Shauna M. Kase659 Sheehan Ave.$250,000
Adela Matlija116 Lambert Road$247,500
Nicholas A. and Hallie A. Negrete1 Lambert Road$247,500
Adr Property Investors Inc.591 Coolidge Ave.$245,000
Patrick and Nancy Juarez465 Elm St.$240,000
Darrell Anthony and Rita Laverne Woods235 Park Blvd.$225,000
Amar and Krunali Patel940 Highland Ave.$220,000
Kendall Partners Ltd.0 Driveway$215,000
Edmund Lowrie and Jason Sheppard362 Marion Ave.$185,500
John J. and Dawn G. Pezl423 Ramblewood Drive$177,000
Dana Tabuci412 Sandhurst Circle$164,000
Todd H. and Kristine A. Ryne406 Ramblewood Drive$157,500
Lindsey Kuzma451 Raintree Court$144,000
Preston P Bruce and Lucero Sanchez356 Bloomfield Lane$135,000
Ilona Utrata504 Taylor Ave.$120,500
Shoaib and Fatima Meah188 Surrey Drive$115,000

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