Top 50 Elmhurst, Illinois home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Elmhurst, Illinois in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 90 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $387,500 in Elmhurst.

Top 50 home sales in Elmhurst for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
545 559 Spring Road LLC545 Spring Road$4,150,000
Benjamin and Kristina Cercone188 Willow Road$1,590,000
Rostyk and Marika Kavchak159 Fairview Ave.$1,340,000
Matthew L. and Neetha H. Martnes180 Willow Road$1,325,000
Thomas P. Dohan II and Erin M Dohan508 Stratford Ave.$1,190,000
Vivek Narang and Pooja Dalsania490 Prairie Ave.$1,165,000
Fischer 2008 (trust)475 Parkside Ave.$1,099,500
Stephen and Kali Renee Sheldon264 Second St.$1,085,000
Tomas M. and Dawn J. Chisholm204 May St.$1,001,000
David and Anna Julia Berg627 Sunnyside Ave.$965,000
Brian and Andrea A. Lewis235 Crescent Ave.$917,500
Nicole S Caley and Michael J. Shimizu622 Crockett Ave.$850,000
Sandeep and Rupal Dedania456 Emery Lane$810,000
John R. and Anne Sabatino257 Berteau Ave.$795,000
Christopher and Elisabeth Simmons402 Fremont Ave.$775,000
Thomas P. and Kathryn F. Duffy384 Prairie Ave.$765,000
Anthony and Samantha Morelli553 Kenilworth Ave.$760,000
Daniel G. and Elizabeth Kenneally168 Poplar Ave.$750,000
Joanne Rohn and Steve Luetger296 Van Buren St.$740,000
Anthony M Gonsalez and Elizabeth E. Lyons201 Evergreen Ave.$700,000
Blair Bartlett444 Hillside Ave.$700,000
Scott and Mallilia Bellgrau124 Diversey Ave.$662,500
Scott C Green and Ani E Mkrtschjan206 Indiana St.$660,000
Glynn M. and Sean P. Doyle416 Second St.$626,000
Richard L. and Mary Gannon Pittman111 Madison St.$599,000
David and Julia Smykowski223 Adams St.$590,000
Vasilios G. and Maria P. Toliopoulos450 Hill St.$585,000
Chicago Title Land Trust Co. (trustee)297 Fremont Ave.$560,500
Richardson (trust)148 Knighton Place$530,000
Brian Krauss and Patrice C Alsaden235 Addison Ave.$515,000
Zachary and Robyn Cox333 Alexander Blvd.$505,000
Joanne Carlson18 Manchester Lane$480,000
Brian P. and Meaghan Brady Livingston149 Avon Road$475,000
McDonnell (trust)135 York St.$465,000
Berardo Todd De and Anne Marie De Simone642 Berkley Ave.$455,000
Omar Oliveros Padron and Natasja Maya Cianci841 Hillcrest Ave.$455,000
Jennifer M Schachner319 Butterfield Road$452,500
Peter and Elizabeth Sheehan220 Clinton Ave.$450,000
Michael and Rebecca McCracken385 Elm Park Ave.$424,000
Steven Seber626 Swain Ave.$422,000
Daniel J. and Katherine D. Griffin675 Fairview Ave.$410,000
Gregory J Bartuch and Wndolynn L Andrews490 South St.$400,000
John P. and Ann V. Massanisso779 Kent Ave.$400,000
Martin Barron and Kerri Kennedy105 Melrose Ave.$393,000
Carrie W. Stone540 Saylor Ave.$390,000
Caleb A. Rush258 Third St.$385,000
Kevin M Sullivan850 Saylor Ave.$379,000
Laura Bajorek161 Lexington St.$375,000
RLS Industries LLC430 Alexander Blvd.$369,000
Nathan Parkins and Eleanor M. Herzberg609 Armitage Ave.$360,000

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