Top 100 St. Louis, Missouri home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for St. Louis, Missouri in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 364 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $124,950 in St. Louis.

Top 100 home sales in St. Louis for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
John Jeffrey Cras and Alissa Woel6229 Fauquier Drive$990,000
ABS (trust)6477 Westway Road$500,000
Fairway Enterprise LLC5200 Kingshighway Blvd.$450,000
Andrew McIntire911 Skinker Blvd.$443,000
Blase Frick5150 Waterman Blvd.$430,000
Jed B Drinen and Gant Bloom6022 Pershing Ave.$425,000
Jason and Anne Bridwell3842 Juniata St.$425,000
Carole J Ryczek6423 Devonshire Ave.$405,000
Richard Hudec and Erin Mattie4133 Botanical Ave.$405,000
Ryan and Jenna Jarvis1422 Cutter Ave.$400,474
Elizabeth Rupprecht and Timothy William Brinkman1809 Rutger St.$390,000
Clare Abkemeier and Ryan L. Young6060 Lansdowne Ave.$365,000
Kathleen Russell and Victor Javier Moreno3723 Juniata St.$347,600
Zachary Austin3320 Arsenal St.$340,000
Kevin Montes and Natalia Serra Rossi4620 Arsenal St.$337,900
Hud5922 Clemens Ave.$336,523
Cristofer Edward Shumaker2816 Missouri Ave.$325,000
Leah Pocoroba5219 Miami St.$325,000
Artemis Holdings LLC6320 Oakland Ave.$325,000
Tyler and Toni Ostmann6306 Fyler Ave.$325,000
Redrose Stl Acq LLC6044 Kingsbury Ave.$320,000
Stephanie and Phil Poletti3917 Utah St.$320,000
Joan T Tankou and Andrew J. Foreman3552 Crittenden St.$318,700
Benjamin Wayne and Sarra Latif3120 Lemp Ave.$316,000
Bernard E. Schweigert (trust)1362 McCausland Ave.$315,000
Mahalashmi and Ravi V. Bhogaraju4236 Shaw Blvd.$308,720
Richard and Sarah Swank2625 Armand Place$307,000
Amy and Sterling Viehoever3907 Shaw Blvd.$300,000
Corona Investments LLC3222 Pennsylvania Ave.$295,000
Bridget Lafolette4328 Maryland Ave. 2$295,000
Budding Renovations LLC4248 Maryland Ave.$292,300
Kathryn Harman4216 Shenandoah Ave.$292,000
Ariella Scott and Garrett Shedron6148 Simpson Ave.$290,000
Joel Slaton315 11th St. 802$288,000
Ryan Terence McBrearty6731 Neosho St.$285,000
Robert Russell and Shannon Dickson4244 McPherson Ave.$285,000
Benjamin and Emily Kruse4040 Connecticut St.$285,000
Kenneth L. Lieurance5014 January Ave.$280,000
Ryan K. Miller and Roshelle Chasse3009 Salena St.$279,900
Timothy Velton and Carly McAdams5333 Reber Place$276,000
Anthony K. and Heather L. Quartuccio2629 Oregon Ave.$275,000
Growth Development LLC546 Eiler St.$268,000
Jesse M. Hansen4243 Botanical Ave.$267,500
Colleen Dwyer5454 Walsh St.$267,500
Joshua Rothhaupt2315 Arsenal St.$267,000
John James Curry5446 Botanical Ave.$265,000
Daniel Michael Doverspike and Rachael Ray Lyon Lyerla4519 Oakland Ave.$265,000
Caleb Scott and Abigail Christine Winter2142 Nebraska Ave.$261,000
Jared W. and Chelsea L. Deimel6239 Marmaduke Ave.$259,900
Asha Perez4507 Grand Blvd.$259,900
Bj World Enterprise LLC4215 Neosho St.$257,500
Amanda Jeanne Sophia Rhodes5921 Pershing Ave.$255,000
Kirsten Tidd2869 Missouri Ave.$254,000
Edward J. and Emily B. Burke5142 Eichelberger St.$252,500
6616 Realty Holdings LLC4129 Oregon Ave.$251,000
Brian Rogan and Krista Beyer6833 Bradley Ave.$250,000
Ruby Melian Wu5774 Degiverville Ave.$250,000
Wendy Wagner and Sean Schaeferle2255 Jefferson Ave.$245,196
Derek Zimmermann and Toan Le1907 Congress St.$243,000
Michael P. Hensiek6009 Jamieson Ave.$241,000
Joshua Wells5014 Mardel Ave.$241,000
Allison Burg5620 Murdoch Ave.$240,000
Eric H Brunngraber1117 Dover Place$240,000
Michael F. and Ivonne Press3672 Castleman Ave.$238,835
Carman Noni Zaharia5610 Chippewa St.$238,000
John A. Adams III3504 Itaska St.$237,000
Jennifer Strong5855 Kingshighway Blvd.$234,000
Sirva Relocation Credit LLC2918 Victor St.$233,500
David A. Stoll2918 Victor St.$233,500
Jeanne Philips-Roth and Edward M. Roth5723 Holly Hills Ave.$231,000
Lhome 2019-RTL12011 Russell Blvd.$229,156
Amber Gray5253 Sutherland Ave.$227,500
Bram Boettge and Melissa R Kaatman3245 Lafayette Ave.$227,000
Alexander S. and Denise D. Lapez Desroches6601 Arsenal St.$226,900
Dragan and Bojana Knezevic Todorovic3649 Cleveland Ave.$225,000
Planet Home Lending LLC5169 Vernon Ave.$218,131
Daniel Doelling1311 Kentucky Ave.$218,000
Stubblefield Sexauer Properties LLC5431 Gertrude Ave.$215,000
John J. and Erica D. Guenther6962 Plainview Ave.$214,900
Caitlin E Beckett4366 Holly Hills Blvd.$213,000
Kyle Weaver6150 Grand Blvd.$211,000
Maria Paz Campos Santelices and Gerard P Erker5506 Walsh St.$210,000
HV Inv Mo II LLC5205 Nottingham Ave.$210,000
John Christina III and Katie L. McLaughlin5807 Finkman St.$205,000
Katie M. Belisle-Iffrig and Greg F Iffrig5561 Waterman Blvd. 1W$202,950
Barbara Press1909 Alfred Ave.$202,000
Kevin Michael Reyes4973 Potomac St.$201,500
David A. Matt and Caroline T. Gallaher5727 Lindenwood Ave.$200,000
Three Doors Properties LLC2828 Missouri Ave.$200,000
Erin Wiles7006 Hurst Court$200,000
Reinvent Realty LLC3930 Utah St.$200,000
David E. O'Neill and Mary Pamela O'Neill2817 Knox Court$197,000
Mayci Miller and Jordan E. Mendez5547 Sutherland Ave.$195,000
Robin G Wolfsberger and Jaryd M Wolfsberger5605 Rhodes Ave.$193,000
Angel and Adam Dybczak7718 Tesson Court$193,000
Robert Henry Fleet6941 Dale Ave.$190,000
Bgr Mo Properties LLC1214 Missouri Ave.$190,000
Julie Lancelle4307 Maryland Ave. 2N$190,000
Jordyn K Finke5729 Lindenwood Ave.$189,900
Tim Schroeder3841 Shaw Blvd.$188,000

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